Cat Health

Cat Health and Wellness

Your cats health is always our number one priority. There are a number of cat health products that exist on the market today that are collectively designed to improve or prolong the lives of your cats whether through hygiene or proper intake of cat vitamins and supplements including pet medications. Proper hygiene in pets is known to play a major role in their long-term health that might not display immediate or visible health results but are instrumental to their well-being. Let's cover each of these categories together to help make sure you're making the choice.

Cat Dental Care:

Cats that are domesticated today reap all the benefits of modern science and technology with studies that didn't exist in years past that are able to properly highlight the current and long term benefits of having clean teeth. Proper hygienic care leads to a variety of health benefits as emulated through human studies. Most animals have teeth that play a role in their life expectancy. Cat Treats and Foods aren't prepared in the same ways their cousins are used to eating in the wild and therefore food particles at times are either crammed into crevices or are known to effect the structure of their teeth, including their breath.

Dental Cat Chews and Treats:

Cat Dental Chews and Treats that are designed to feed their cravings all-while assisting with the important removal of plaque, tartar and gingivitis that lead to other underlying concerns and issues all-while freshening their breath and whitening their teeth, They're available in a wide variety of cat loving flavors as they're delicious and configured in a way that is meant to get into spaces and crevices such as those designed with rivets. Many Dental Chews also offer added benefits such as those that assist with hip and joint support and those designed for heart health and improve their Skin and Coat. Plaque is known for causing diseases as plaque sits in their teeth many times after meals or hard chews and eats away at their roots and can cause long-term and other underlying symptoms. Plaque not attended to converts to tartar and then gingivitis resulting in both tooth loss and decay that may cause tremendous discomfort. Plaque is also known to cause of host of additional health-related concerns to their hearts, veins and even their lungs. Making sure they consume Dental Treats should be apart of their daily routine.

Breathe Fresheners and Dental Kits

There are many types of Cat Breathe Fresheners that exist on the market, some are designed as sprays and there are others that are also liquid in form such as water additives that help reduce plaque during hydration. Sprays are designed to zap out plaque. Pet Dental Kits are always the best choice, while manual and cumbersome these dog and cat toothbrushes are available in numerous sizes meant to get into their teeth more effectively and brush away their plaque.

Dental Cat Supplements:

Dental Cat Supplements are highly effective in not only eliminating Plaque, Tar and Gingivitis but are also known to assist with the reversing of plaque ingested in their bodies over time which is known to play a role in thickening of the arteries or the arterial walls or those in their veins. It's instrumental to attend to this best with a cat vitamin or supplement for their teeth. Supplements are also high in calcium that is essential for strengthening bones especially those located in their mouths.

Cat Toothpastes and Gels:

As addressed above, brushing is by far the most effective way in removing plaque, tartar and gingivitis however making sure we're using the right Toothpastes and Gels is just as important. There are a few options out there. There are a few options out there. Toothpastes are known to clean right away as pastes tend to create a larger foam in their mouths that fights off plaque and gels are kind of like of thicker fluoride-type of substance that is known to stick to calcium or bone structures in their mouths such as their teeth. Gels usually work better than pastes and are a matter of preference. There are also Enzymatic Toothpastes and Gels that basically rely on their natural enzymes in their bodies when applied to fight off plaque by creating a special chemical reaction. There are pastes with and without flavors that freshen breathe and they're both safe for ingestion. Gels also foam but less than a what a paste typically forms.

There are also 2-in-1 Cat and Dog Toothpastes and Gels that work very well. It's always a great to consult with your veterinarian to ensure you buy the right paste and gel. If you're looking for a great value there are Dental Kits that include pastes, gels and brushes however before purchasing a kit it's best to first ask if those kits with the included gels provide optimal cleaning. For those more picky about their teeth we recommend buying a toothbrush separate from gels and pastes.

Pet Water Additives and Rinses:

Water Additives and Rinses for both dogs and cats are always a nice way to promote proper hygiene for those cat owners that find it difficult to brush their teeth. It's always a wise idea to provide cat water additives in additional to dental treats. Treats get into those spaces with plaque fighting ingredients while water additives help rinse. It's the same as how we rinse with mouthwash after we brush and most cats won't even know they're drinking any additives since they're completely tasteless. They can be added to milk or water and are usually sold in a bag of mini packets making them great for travel.

Water Additives work by simply neutralizing the PH levels inside their mouths and their saliva and are mostly used for strengthen gums and removing bacteria more effectively than brushing at times.

Flea and Tick:

Fighting off those Fleas and Ticks by yourself is not only challenging but very dangerous as both Fleas and Ticks are known to cause lots of diseases if not properly tended to. Cats and Dogs alike are known to play in the yard, in fact they need outdoor times and it's impossible to check for ticks that exist in our yard, while there are sprays and oftentimes those with chemicals that can reduce the amount of ticks found in our yard, they're also extremely harmful and those that aren't chemically induced are known to be less effective therefore Fleas and Ticks alike are apart of their lives and something we must tend to before they bring those potentially and deadly fleas and ticks into your home or place of living and always creates concern among those who come into close contact with their pets by hugging, carrying around and petting often all important when developing a special bond with your feline cat.

There are a couple of options out there such as Flea and Tick sprays that are designed to remove ticks off of their coats before they go outside meant to repel ticks and those that are sprayed on their coats to kill any ticks on their coats and skin. Sprays are often effective options as they remove ticks effectively.

If you want an option for something that'll remove ticks during their daily bathing routine then we advise looking at Flea and Tick shampoo's that are beneficial to their coat and lather into their skin better. They're also a fantastic option for those that want to get into their hair fibers more effectively during the lathering process. Cat Shampoos and Conditioners are known to effectively get into their skin and great when used to both repels ticks and fleas following their bath or those that want to get rid of ticks on their existing coating. We recommend combing through their coats with a bristle brush or rake that helps get into their hair best, if you're looking for an easier rake or looking to go through their fur with a finer grooming tool than try sticking with using a Flea and Tick conditioner.

Another alternative to those that are searching for something more permanent in the intermediate periods your cat or dog is struggling to get rid of their ticks we recommend shopping for a Flea and Tick Cat Collar, these collars lay around the neck and emit a certain smell that are both non-toxic to cats and dogs that will get rid of ticks around the clock. These Flea Collars are available in both chemical and non-chemical form such as those made with essential oils that are safer for both dogs and cats. Both options work well. It's important to note that Insects are known to predominantly crawl towards the facial and neck areas or areas within the body where there's not as much fur coverage so they can tack onto skin more conveniently and effectively therefore collars that sit around the neck area are usually best placements for those that are looking to rid of those tiny little critters. Results from Flea Collars aren't immediate and can take approximately 3 to 4 week to completely eradicate ticks, we always recommend supplementing your Flea and Tick dog collar with Flea Shampoos and Conditioners and even Sprays before they head out into the yard to expedite the curing periods of a Tick Collar.

Ticks are extremely itchy and annoying for both cats and dogs and can even cause redness and very serious health concerns, if you notice or see visible ticks on their skins we recommend purchasing called a Spot On spray which is designed to kill that tick immediately, do not wait if you see something on their skin especially a tick or a insect that seems problematic to you. Spot on Sprays and such related treatments are designed to go to work immediately.

Cat Grooming:

Grooming your cat provides the essential hygiene needed for both their skin and their coat all while making owning a cat more enjoyable by smelling fresh and clean. Let's go through the varies types of cat grooming supplies and shampoos.

Cat Grooming Tools:

With so many options to choose from it's important to first identify the type of cat you own and pay close attention to their skin and coat and how they react to various liquids that can irritate their skin. Many owners at first oftentimes tend to test out a couple of grooming tool options out there before sticking to what works best.

Cat De-shedding tools:

There are Cat De-shedding tools for both cats with longer hair and those with shorter hair. For Cats and Kittens with longer hair the blades used to de-shed hair are longer as they penetrate deeper into their cats fibers and the opposite sized blades apply to those with shorter hair or those that cut their cats hair more often. Grooming tools used with cats are smaller than dog de-shedding brushes and tools with specially designed blades that are more proper when used with cats.

De-shedding tools come available in different designed such as those that are curved like a rake and less in width and there are those that feature a straight blade such as a de-shedding comb. It's just a matter of preference and we recommend testing out a couple of options at first both to see what works best. Many have opted to go with grooming gloves composed of a silicone material that is soft and easier on their coat, they're highly popular.

Cat Shears and Scissors:

Cat Shears are specially designer scissors that are designed for cat owners looking to give their cats a much needed haircut at their own convenience. Some are made of plastic and there are others made of stainless steel or metal, those that are metal are pointier and owners need to heed more caution with and properly stabilize their cats. Some might also prefer those that are coated in plastic for those cat owners with kids or children around the home.

Cat's have skin that is extremely gentle and it's important to never use scissors designed for humans or those commercially purchased not to be used with animals such as cats and the reason for this is that cats have Mats which are basically entanglements in their hair that when pulled on or not washed properly properly to grooming can cause complications. Those commercially purchased for everyday use can accidentally cut into their mats and doing so is not only unpleasant to the cat but can cause extreme pain. When cutting your cat it's very important to make sure to have a barrier or a space between the areas your cutting and their coats such as hand or a pet comb. Their skin is very thin and they can even feel irritated when something point brushes up against their skin. It's also harder to groom your cat if they feel they've had a bad experience or pain during grooms so always be cautious.

Sometimes cats won't tell you that they're feeling pain and in some cases they'll flinch or wince, if your cat isn't groomed properly not only does this cause discomfort but your cats will look at grooming time as something they find unpleasant and they make it harder for you to stabilize your cat during grooming time. In addition to this, skin irritation is known to form which can cause internal or external bleeding of not cared for properly during grooms.

Cat Brushes and Combs:

There are a wide variety of brushes and combs for dogs and cats that are instrumental in proving your cat the best grooming experience possible. Each type of Comb provide different purposes and when used correctly make grooming your cat a breeze. Bristle Brushes will likely be the most gentle option around, bristle brushes feature soften bristle and are meant to groom their outer layer and are easier to use and help massage their coat during usage.

Slicker Brushes are also another great options for those that want something easier on their coats that are thinner in diameter and flexible which get into their hair fibers best. They're widely used among dog owners and are proven to be highly effective.

Cat and Dog Combs are similar to the combs used with humans, they're a great alternative to those that want something easier on their skin that are known to massage during brushes. Combs are used for styling and aren't necessary meant to get into their fibers and remove hairs that shed as effectively as rakes, slicker brushes and de-shedding tools however they're safer and they aren't pointy so they're more pleasant to use with animals such as a soft bristle brush.

Cat Nail Clippers:

Buying the right Nail Clippers and clipping their nails is of extreme importance as cats are known to clay through furniture and humans involuntarily. Routinely cutting and sanding down their nails is instrumental to their health and very important for those with younger kids or children around the home. Cats love to play and while Cat Scratchers are known to file their nails that's not always enough as they claw through many objects and it's best to make sure their nails are always properly clipped so that they don't scratch around, cats also love to scratch themselves as they're skin is very sensitive especially those cats with ingrown nails or those with cuticles or pieces of nails that can feel like shards of glass on your skin during playful times.

It's recommended to clip their nails at least once per week, if not clipped then we recommend sanding down their nails since the veins connected to their nails can cause tremendous amounts of discomfort if clipped incorrectly therefore, always make sure to clip carefully or sand down those nails. Nail clippers are often smaller in size, some are electronic and there are others that are manual and this all depends on your level of expertise. If you're a beginner or looking for something more cautious we recommend starting off with sanding down their nails regularly with an electronic device designed to be used with cats and smaller animals, some even include a light or a magnifier so you can properly see what your doing. If clipping nails is hard try taking your cat to a groomer or vet to handle.

Cat Shampoos and Conditioners:

Cat Shampoos and related conditioners are designed to keep your cats fur and coat clean at all times. Shampoos are available in a variety of fragrances and health features meant to both clean and provide a meaningful purpose. Bathing is an essential hygienic measure for every pet owner whether dog or cat. Properly bathing your cat is not such a matter of cleanliness -- although a good enough reason alone -- shampoo's are designed to remove any bacteria located in and around their bodies that exist, including pests such as ticks, and other harmful chemicals they could have came in contact with throughout the day. In many cases bathing is conducted prior to grooming with scissors to remove any knots or mats that exist, otherwise if you'd like to get rid of those knots right away without initially bathing we recommend going out or shopping online and purchasing a cat or dog de-tangler spray designed to remove knots and mats in their fur with a couple of spritzers.

Shampoos are known to combat a host of coat and skin related issues. For instance those are known to have lots of skin allergies there are over-the-counter Hypoallergenic Dog and Cat Shampoos, in addition to that there are also Medicated pet shampoos for those that are suffering from dandruff or flakiness and dry-skin. One of the most popular shampoos that exist on the market are Flea and Tick Shampoos that are designed to remove pesticides such as Fleas and Ticks that are harmful to their skin and can cause many underlying diseases especially itching. Unlike Flea and Tick Sprays and Collars that exist, shampoos are designed to get into their hair follicles and lather and are better designed to remove Fleas and Ticks since we normally hug, kiss, carry and play with our dogs and cats it's so important those bugs don't come in contact with owners and their children since some are considered to be deadly and they track those critters in and out of the house constantly.

For those that want to steer clear of chemicals and are looking for something pure there are All-Natural Pet Shampoos without any chemicals with natural ingredients used to fight off illnesses and nuances such as highly popular Oatmeal Pet Shampoos. Oatmeal is known to reduce itching and redness naturally. If your pet suffered from cuts. burns, bruises or continuous itching there are also Aloe Vera Shampoos for Cats and Dogs that work very well and do the trick.

There are also shampoos designed to brighten up or darken up their coats to promote better coloration and provide much needed nourishment to their fur coats such as Black Shampoo for dogs and cats with black coats and other shampoos meant to decrease, slow down or reverse the signs of aging on their fur by brightening those fading colors. If you're looking for something to combat itching aside for Flea and Tick there is also Aloe Vera Pet Shampoo that is great for burns and cuts that provide natural healing properties. It's important to always read the ingredients or consult a vet and pay attention to any visible irritation found on your cat during applications when bathing.

Cat Wipes:

Like Shampoos for pets, Cat and Dog wipes provide a much needed cleaning that is both convenient that are designed to provide an instant fresh burst of smell or cleaning on the outside of their fur and coats. It's very convenient and they're inexpensive and are great when used in the interim between grooms or used to freshen up just about anywhere.

Wipes are available with a number of coatings to combat various skin conditions such as wipes used to remove tear stains around the eyes without alcohol content and those that feature alcohol to sanitize their skin and their bodies. There are Hypoallergenic pet wipes and those with Aloe Vera for skins and burns and those are even great for calming made with Chamomile, Lavender and so on. If you're looking to steer clear of chemicals there are all natural pet wipes free of chemicals found in fragrances, the options are abundant.

Cat Vitamins and Supplements:

While we all know that cat's always need proper nourishment in their bodies there are many that suffer from vitamin deficiencies or those that don't get enough of a specific vitamin in the foods they love therefore we need to make sure they take their vitamins and supplements that are all-natural without any form of chemical enhancements.

Cat and Dog Supplements aren't regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) since they're all-natural therefore there aren't any known listed chemicals since they're completely derived or extracted from plants, fruits and vegetables. We do know that certain plants or fruits contain vitamins and when compressed into a pill form or chewable tablet they provide precisely the nourishment of vitamins they lack in other foods they consume. When you get into their stages in life, the older they get the more they'll need to consume cat vitamins and supplements that are essential for their aching knees and joints. There are many forms of supplements that are designed for that purpose such as Hip and Joint Supplements for Dogs and Cats that are usually higher in calcium and Omega 3 oils that are fantastic for joints and Heart Health.

There are also a ton of cat vitamins and supplements designed to aid in Immune Support, Digestive Aid, and Respiratory Health such as added health features and benefits designed for their Kidneys, Nerves and their Livers and especially cats that need to take something for Hairball Control and those kittens that need to take something such as a Milk Replaces. For those with dietary restrictions there are even vitamins and supplements that are GMO and Gluten-Free. There are also Dental and Hard Chews that are also supplements that provide the nourishment they need while cleaning their teeth and providing fresh breath.

Cat Supplements are also available in Pill, Liquid, Paste and Gel, Hard-Chew, Chew-able and even Powdered Forms that can be added to food and water that also double as food toppers and mixers. Aside for the forms they're available in let's talk about flavors; there are countless flavors out there that exist in all forms such as Chicken, Beef, Liver and Fish flavors such as Salmon, Cod, Tuna, Mackerel and they're available in mixtures. If your Cat or Dog is Vegan or Vegetarian there are supplements composed of Fruits and Berries in addition to those with Vegetables with plan-based protein options such as those derived from Tofu among other all-natural protein sources.