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Cat Balls

Cat Balls

Cats are a sucker for rounded toys that constantly keep their minds engaged as they chase and swipe at these cat balls from side to side in and around the house and yards. Cat balls are available in an array of materials ranging from tennis balls made of felt materials to balls that are made of nylon or even latex, rubber, TPR materials and Jute and Sisal especially. Anything that doesn’t puncture that’s durable enough to handle claws are always best.

Shopping for the right ball is always a fun experience as they love entertainment, some balls designed for cats are made of multiple materials. Looking for something made of Jute and Sisal is not only a great device they enjoy but one that also sharpens their claws during play and chasing fun. While Cats don’t necessary engage in a game of fetch as dog toys, these balls are available in all sizes, the smaller sized cat balls with gripping ability give cats and kittens the options of gnawing and carrying around with their teeth which is also great in developing a healthier oral hygiene and support.

Cats need to chase it’s in their hunting genes, and the closer they are to their natural habitat the happier and healthier they’ll be. It’s always important to instill movement as this offers a bunch of benefits that cat owners might not see at first. The move cats move the better it is to help increase their heart rates and cardio activities and they’re great for diabetic cats. Throwing them around and watching cats instantly interact is a pleasure to watch so be sure to buy the right ball toys.

It’s often recommended to purchase smaller felt balls for kittens over larger sizes as they gain more interaction and they’re easier to carry during play. Balls last a long time depending on their aggressive behavior and helps eliminate chewing on furniture and carpets inside our home. It’s a cheaper alternative than bulkier cat toys and puzzles but it’s important to constantly play with your cat to keep their minds engaged and getting them off your couch every once in a while.