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Dehydrated Cat Treats

Dehydrated Cat Treats are an excellent choice for cat owners looking for a solid alternative to raw foods that provide the same health benefit with a treat that’s more compact in nutritional value when compared pound for pound.

Before we discuss the benefits of these treats lets dive into what they are. Cat and Dog Treats that are Dehydrated are placed in a low heat oven over a prolonged period of time, by doing so the cat food maintains its nutrients, vitamins and minerals but drains out fluids such as water and that in effect decreases its size in weight into about a quarter of the pre-dried weight. This returns a value of 4 times the nourishment when compared pound to pound with Soft and Chewy Treats and Dental and Hard Chews and Dry Dog Food, Wet Cat Foods and kibble.

Since the nutritional value is the same as dry cat food 4 times it’s size it’s the perfect travel treat that depending on the flavor can pack either a punch of Protein, Carbohydrates, Amino Acids, Enzymes and just about anything and all foods can be dehydrated for instance if you’re looking for a dehydrated vegetable or fruit cat snack for those looking to decrease their protein intake we’ve got it, if you’re looking for lean protein in Chicken and Meat for muscle building for we’ve got that and if you’re looking for Fish great for Hip and Joint health give those a try. They’re even available in blended flavors for those looking for a little pizazz in their dehydrated cat treats. These treats can even be sorted by diet type for instance those that only consume treats that are GMO, Grain and Gluten-Free to those with Limited Ingredient Diets.

Dehydrated Treats for Cats are also light and chewy and packed with protein, so easy to feed your cats with when you’re traveling on-the-go just about anywhere. They store easily and don’t require to be frozen or take up your precious freezer space and can be stored in any room temperature cabinet in your kitchen. They’re available in an abundance of flavors and health benefits and features and diets that fit your cats needs.

Lastly, these yummy treats are also long lasting and they preserve well and are typically sold in sealed pouches. When sealed properly they’ll last a while and they make a great training treat too. So give those cute little fur balls something they’ll really enjoy wherever you are.