Cat Treats

Cat Treats

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Cat Treats

Many types of cat treats exist on the market, offering a host of dietary options and selling features for cats and kittens at all stages of their lives. It’s vital to ensure that your feline friend consumes only the best snacks around to meet their nutritional needs and satisfy their hunger cravings and appetites.  

Our staff handpicked the selection of treats to ensure they constantly provide the best ingredients in various food types ranging from fish to meat and poultry. Let’s take you on that journey and help you buy cat treats.


Crunchy Cat Treats:

Crunchy cat treats and biscuits are available in a blend of flavors and specially baked fresh and sealed for quality. Crunchy Treats make for a fantastic reward during training sessions, allowing cat owners to feed at any time of day. Our crunchy treats are available in savory flavors and provide the perfect tooth-to-bite ratio with textures ranging from airy to more complex crunching treats.


Cat Dental and Hard Chews:

Dental and hard chews for cats are perfect for rewarding your cat or kitten while providing a great deal of oral care. These chews are vital to ensure your cat has proper dental hygiene and help eradicate various problems and issues, including gingivitis and plaque that can lead to tooth decay and heart-related matters.  

Besides, dental chews also come in various textures and flavors with spectrums of nutritional benefits, ranging from skin and coat to hip and joint care and more. Hard chews are also great for developing jaw and chewing muscles.


Soft and Chewy Treats:

Most soft and chewy cat treats are incredibly soft, while others are somewhat moist and chewy. These treats are typically mixed with various ingredients using a glutinous mixture or something that binds and provides a smoother texture, such as apples and bananas. In addition, these tasty cat treats are placed in a low-heat oven at approx 200 degrees for many hours; the idea here is low and slow, ultimately drying out the water from meats, chickens, fruits, and vegetables.  

Soft cat treats pack more flavor than freeze-dried or dehydrated treats. Cats love these flavors as they’re the closest snack or treat, only behind fresh cat foods that are raw and wet. 

Soft cat chews typically have a lesser shelf-life period; however, they’re the most enticing and appetizing treat available, making them highly popular. These treats are an attractive alternative for a hard chew or summer treat. Furthermore, you can store these treats in a fridge or freezer to prolong shelf life, and they’ll still be delicious.


Freeze-Dried Treats:

Modern technology has enabled manufacturers to create a cooking or baking process called freeze-drying, prolonging shelf-life and retaining every bit of flavor. This process is the same as freeze-dried dog food. The freeze-drying process is a method wherein manufacturers wholly drain the water through sublimation (or crystallization), which crystallizes the food. In other words, this method converts liquid or water within the foods or treats into a gaseous state. Once the process is complete, the food is crystallized again, thus removing any excess water. 

Before the initial and secondary sublimation process begins, manufacturers fully cook the food to remove any bacteria and chemicals found in raw cat foods. The process is conducted very quickly, between the cooking and sublimation periods, compared to dehydrated cat foods that are heated over a long period. 

Cats and their owners love buying freeze-dried cat treats as they offer a similar feel to eating raw foods. These treats come with a shelf-life that can last years and don’t require freezer space.  

Don’t be deceived by how these treats are cooked down; they pack four times the nutrients compared to pound-to-pound with other treats like dry and wet cat foods. Furthermore, these treats are human-grade, easy to travel with, and can be used sparingly as a complete meal replacement.


Dehydrated Cat Treats:

Mmmmmm! These treats are nothing short of delicious. These little dehydrated treats for cats are highly appetizing and pack in many nutrients and flavors pound for pound like freeze-dried treats. Besides, these dehydrated treats are similar in texture to freeze-dried treats, meaning they have a more rigid texture than soft and chewy treats but softer than dental and hard chews. 

Dehydrated cat treats are placed in a low-heat oven at approx 200 degrees for many hours of approximately 200 degrees. Think of it as a sauna; most of us need to hydrate when we go inside or leave. The same goes for foods that are dried using this method. Liquids slowly leave the food source while ensuring the treat retains a light degree of moisture without burning it. 

Dehydrated cat treats are delicious as they pack in high levels of protein. For this reason, they’re typically blended, flavored, or spiced to suit your felines' taste buds, such as chicken and beef mixed with fruits and vegetables with any spice your cat enjoys. They’re chewy and high in nutritional value, making them highly convenient to take anywhere. The dehydration process ensures no need to add salt or sugar to retain flavor, making them high in all-natural flavor. Another reason for the dense flavor is the treats cook down to a quarter of their original size, condensing the flavors further in the oven. And guess what, these treats are human grade too.


Cat Jerky Treats

These deliciously flavored cat and dog jerky treats have a similar cooking process to dehydrated treats. Besides, the baking process remains the same except that these treats are saltier and spicier. Similar to dehydrated treats, jerky treats are usually tougher in texture; however, they are dehydrated and cooked for a longer time than dehydrated treats, so they pack in high nutritional value.  

Cat jerky treats are human grade with rich nutrients and the lowest moisture levels. They’re similar in toughness to bully sticks, making them an excellent option for developing stronger chewing muscles. However, these treats have higher sodium levels, so they are typically eaten sparingly as an enjoyable snack that your cat will love to chew on.  

As these treats pack in so much protein, most pet owners avoid feeding them with blended mixtures, such as beef jerky, chicken jerky, or straight-up fish, including cod, salmon, and Trout, with an added barbeque sauce or spice. 

A pet’s love for jerky extends to its owners. Go ahead and give these a try yourself without worry. We have everything your cat loves, be it chicken, turkey, or bacon. Remember that Pet Life only sources manufacturers that deliver the freshest and cleanest ingredients, an essential factor when buying some good old-fashioned jerky.


Catnip and Cat Grass:

Catnip is a natural plant or gardening source known to calm and chill your cats thoroughly. This type of plant, also called catmint or catswort, is naturally cultivated in Asia and Europe. While the plant is an attractant that cats keep getting drawn to, it is also used in some teas to help calm us down. 

Catnip is often dry and crushed, similar to the fresh spices we buy in our cabinets. However, some catnip brands offer fresh whole plant leaves that are absolutely breathtaking. Your cat can’t have enough of these catnip treats, and you can see the smiles in their little whiskers. 

It’s no mystical secret that felines love to calm down in namaste style wherever they are. You can make this enjoyable by sprinkling catnip on their paws.


Our Recommendation:

As humans, we always recommend consulting your local veterinarian to ensure your cat or kitten doesn’t have any allergies or dietary restrictions to certain foods and ingredients. Every food item is available in numerous diets, so it's crucial to consult a professional, ensuring that certain ingredients listed in foods don’t bring up any allergies. Always take caution in anything your feed your cats.  

We hope this short and quick little summary will help our shoppers make the best possible choice when purchasing healthy cat treats.


People Often Ask:

Cat treats are crucial to managing or modifying your feline’s behavior or encouraging good behavior. Moreover, these delicious treats are an excellent way to train your cat to learn something new or help her overcome fears. Treats keep your pets engaged in a specific task and motivate them to act according to your preferences.

Numerous cat treats are available on the market, from specially formulated to homemade cat treats. However, ensure that you only feed healthy cat treats containing vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for your feline’s good health. Moreover, these treats should be a minimal part of your cat’s diet.

There’s no specific answer for this. As a general rule, ensure the treats are in proportion to your cat's size. Besides, these cat treats should fulfill 10% of your feline’s calorie intake and shouldn’t replace the diet.

Ideally, you should only treat them during training or reward them for doing something good.

Most cat treats come with a resealable bag to prevent moisture loss or odors. Store such treats in a cool, dry location. Besides, you can store soft cat treats in airtight containers, preferably above the ground, to keep them fresh and tasty.