Cat Dehydrated Food

Dehydrated Cat Food

Lets take a dive together into this pet food category:

Dehydrated Cat Food is always a fantastic selection for those looking for a lean, hearty and wholesome meal that provides tons of Protein and one that doubles as a snack.

Basics of Dehydrated Food for Cats

The meaning of Dehydration is what it sounds like, it is the method of reducing and removing water or moisture that is found in Poultry, Meats, Fruits, Vegetables, and Fish through a light heating source such as an oven and dehydrated over a longer period of time. This method is similar to that used in Dry Dog Food or Kibble and Jerky Dog Treats or even Soft and Chewy Dog Treats that feature a texture that is harder and yet chewy but not as hard as Dental Treats. While Dry Foods have a similar cooking process they don’t pack anywhere near as much Nutritional value per pound of food as they’re baked for a shorter period of time.

Dehydrated Foods are actually cooked initially prior to the dehydration process, the reason they’re cooked is to remove any and all unhealthy carcinogens or harmful natural chemicals, bacteria’s or food borne illnesses that are derived from raw foods such as salmonella or E-coli. By Pre-cooking prior to the Dehydrating phase lots of flavor is added before it cools down to size.

Benefits of eating Dehydrated Foods:

Well for starters many would agree Dehydrated foods are a healthier alternative to eating Raw Foods in fact Cat Foods that are dehydrated jam pack all those natural raw food ingredients into a way smaller version of what it was since it cooks down and retains the same nutritional value. In fact if you compare pound for pound in nutritional value say for example Wet Cat Foods or Raw Dog Foods to Dehydrated Foods the foods that are dehydrated provide 4 times the value in nutrients which make it perfect for travel and more convenient during servings therefore 8 pounds of Dry, Wet or Raw foods provide the same value as a 2 Pound bag of Dehydrated Foods so don’t get turned off when you read the weights on these bags. Think of a dehydrated food as a raw food without any added pesticides or chemicals that is basically frozen in time (Or heated we say) just cooked down and dried out in a chewier form. It’s perfect for pet travelers or those hikers since they’re practical and fit anywhere even in smaller travel sizes bags and luggage’s that pack a nice home-made to-go meal and they don’t take up any valuable freezer space in your house, they can be stored in any room temperature spaces or just about anywhere.

Dehydrated Foods are also completely safe for humans to consume (I’m sure most of us wouldn’t) than Raw Foods as hands may come into contact with foods during servings. There’s also another major benefit to dehydrated foods and that is they last for a very long time and don’t spoil! An unopened and vacuum sealed bag can technically last for over 30 years and when opened they last for 6 months to well over a year on average, that means less re-stocking and less back and forth to your local pet store.

Dehydrated foods are constantly becoming more mainstream due to convenience and are available in numerous flavors, health features and benefits that are great for Skin, Hip and Joint and many more benefits. They’re usually high in Protein, Vitamins and Minerals, Omega-3 and healthy Amino-Acids. There are just so many flavorful options to choose from and that all depends on their flavor of choice.

A little tip:

Like Freeze-Dried Dog Food when serving dehydrated food it’s often recommended to rehydrate for a couple of minutes prior to feedings by adding a couple of teaspoons of liquid or water, by doing such it breaks up the food better and makes it easier to digest and absorb nutrients during the digestive process. So go ahead and give it a try, it also tastes a bit fresher.