Dog Candles Air Fresheners

Dog Candles & Air Fresheners

As a pet owner you aren’t oblivious to the way your dog smells. Instead of walking into your home and smelling your dirty dog feel like you are walking into a pleasant day spa with our assortment of dog candles and air fresheners. While you may be thinking that using a regular candle will work just as well to cover up your dog’s odor it doesn’t. Traditional candles and air freshers aren’t breaking down the specific enzymes and odors being produced by your dog they are masking them instead. This is where dog candles come in by not overpowering the scent with a stronger one but by breaking down the odor and enzymes at a molecular level. The same can be said about dog air fresheners and essential oils that can be used to deliver a blast of freshness when needed. What’s great about these candles and air fresheners is that they come in a wide variety of scents from traditional ones like vanilla and coconut to festive ones like pumpkin spice and gingerbread scents for every occasion. While your dog brings tons of joy to your home, they also bring a ton of odors and smells with them as well. While we love our dogs there is no denying that taking care of them while keeping your home smelling fresh is a difficult task. Your dog will get dirty whenever they step outdoors, and they are picking up new odors tracking it though your home daily. The odors cling to carpets and furniture and anything with a cloth like material. Dog deodorizers can help remove what dog candles and air fresheners can’t. These deodorizers and dog stain removers clean up the source of the odor causing bacteria that lingers by removing stuck in stains that are left being in your carpeted and hardwood floors. They have fast acting solutions to clean and prevent your dog from using the same area again. To remove additional odors that have clung to your dog using dog shampoos and conditioners that have been formulated to clean your dog of odor causing bacteria should be done. Bathing shouldn't be done more than twice a week for dogs since it strips them of their natural oils. If your dog is clean but you are still having trouble keeping them clean from dust and dirt using dog wipes can help clean any unwanted odor that can be cause from mud and dirt clinging to your dog. These include dog eye wipes and dog ear wipes to clean in those hard to reach places on your dog that cause odor. With dog candles and air fresheners you don’t have to worry about these odors any longer. If you are having trouble getting rid of the odor try fighting it at the source with dog deodorizers where these are made to fight odor causing bacteria that will cling to their dog beds, dog carriers and even the slobber on their dog toys. Since it is safe to use on multiple types of materials you won’t need to worry about harsh chemicals because they are made with natural materials that are safe for both you and your dog.

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