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Dehydrated Dog Food

Dehydrated dog treats are very similar to freeze-dried dog treats however, the processes of drying is different in each. Dehydrated dog treats are made with real food and raw ingredients similar to the freeze-dried option while also being minimally processed. This means that the process that dehydrates your dog’s treats doesn’t need to have all the additives and additional preservatives that are found in standard dog treats. With dehydrated dog treats you know that you are getting quality ingredients that support their healthy lifestyles. With treat options like digestive health dehydrated dog treats, and sensitive digestion dehydrated dog treats you know that you are getting quality dog food that can support your dog’s appetite and specialty diet.

While there are many alternatives to choose from dehydrated dog treats are a great and health version of dog treats that shouldn’t be overlooked. So why should you feed your dog dehydrated dog food? The answer lies in its convenience. Since it offers more quality protein and ingredients for a healthy dog it should be a first choice when choosing treats for your dog. Dehydrated dog treats combine fresh and wholesome foods found in a raw dog diet while giving it the convenience of a standard dog treat. In comparison to other treats alternatives dehydrated dog treats is made by heating up the ingredients slowly cooking the protein while not compromising on their nutritional values. In comparison to standard dog treats dehydrated dog treats have a longer shelf life than traditional dog treats. This makes it more convenient and can save you time and some extra change on their dog treats. If your dog has a hard time eating dry dog treats you can rehydrate your dehydrated treats to make them easier for your dog to chew.

Traditional Dehydrated Dog Treats

Beef Dehydrated Dog Treats: Beef is the optimal choice when it comes to making dog treats. Currently beef dehydrated dog treats have the most variety, flavors and textures. Since beef is a sustainable and common ingredient in dog treats its rich in protein while having enzymes that benefit your dog’s health. Beef is such a widely adapted high quality protein that is rich in essential vitamins like vitamins A and vitamins C that is retained better than traditional dog treats through the dehydration process.

Chicken Dehydrated Dog Treats: We all know that dogs love chicken. Our dehydrated dog treats are so good that your dog will be rolling over trying to have another treat. While we do offer raw dehydrated chicken dog treats, we also carry dehydrated dog treats that include nutrient rich fruits and vegetables to round out your dog’s nutrition giving them a well-balanced snack in between meals. Drop the hormones and antibiotics and fillers that can be found in other treats alternatives. Dehydrated dog treats gets rid of the artificial preservatives and additional coloring making it a perfect choice for a healthy pup.

Duck Dehydrated Dog Treats: While most people view duck as a delicacy your dog’s views it the same way as well. Duck is often overlooked as a healthy alternative to chicken and turkey. Once your dog has a taste of duck there is no going back. Now that duck dehydrated dog treats are more widely available it has made a splash into the more mainstream dog food market which can help round out your dog’s nutrition plan. Since duck is also viewed as a hypoallergenic type of protein you dog will have no problems digesting these delicious treats and will ease your dog’s tummy while giving them the proper nutrition they need.

Salmon Dehydrated Dog Treats: Since salmon is a great source of fatty acids particularly in omega 3 fatty acids it is a great choice when thinking about the right dog treats for your dog. While most of the other offerings are high in omega 6 fatty acids salmon is a natural source of omega 3 fatty acids which other dog food alternatives are lacking in. This leads to dog food manufactures needing to add in either salmon or coconut oil into their treats whereas salmon naturally has those fatty acids. Introducing different types of dog food and treats is recommended to round out your dog’s diet giving them a variety of taste but also giving them essential nutrients, they can be missing out on. Omega 3 fatty acids are known to help with lowering blood pressure and reducing the likelihood of heart attacks.

Exotic Dehydrated Dog Treats

Rabbit Dehydrated Dog Treats: When it comes down to exotic dog treats like rabbit dehydrated dog treats is a wild alternative to the standard beef, chicken and fish alternatives. Like all the others it is a great source of protein that is minimally processed and made with limited ingredients. With the dehydrating process it helps preserve the nutrients while enhancing the flavor. Since rabbit is considered a hypo allergenic type of dog food it gives dogs who have allergic reactions to standard dog treats an alternative snack that is great for their overall health. This means that our rabbit dog treats skips adding corn and wheat and other byproducts giving your dog a wholesome and healthy meal.

From the standard chicken, beef, and turkey to more exotic flavors like venison and goat make snack time more enjoyable than just eating standard dog food. Fill up your dog’s pantry with all kinds of his tail wagging favorites like dog food mixers & bully sticks that will keep your dog coming back for more. If you have too much food already we all know that your dog can always use some more soft dog treats and even some flavored dog toys to make even playtime a delight.