Cat Dental and Hard Chews

Cat Dental and Hard Chews

Dental and Hard Chews for Cats are the perfect cat treats for those little furry nibblers looking to boost their Oral Hygiene while providing a healthy snack.

Dental Chews do more than just freshen breathe but they also help improve dental hygiene by removing Plaque, Tartar and even Gingivitis all-while helping whiten their teeth. They’re available in a wide-variety of flavors and some are even infused with mint with similar ingredients and flavors used in Dog Dental Chews.

Many find it more challenging when it comes to brushing your cat or kittens teeth over a puppy or dogs and it’s harder to to get them to sit still therefore dental treats are always highly recommended by veterinarians along with water additives over toothbrushes, pastes and gels.

Dental Cat Chews are available in an abundance of flavors ranging from Chicken to Beef and Fish for nice servings of protein and even Vegetables and Fruits for those on vegetarian diets in addition to numerous dietary health features such as GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Grain-Free and those on Limited Ingredient Diets. Their are also Dental Chews customized to their age whether Adult, Senior or Kitten and their Health Benefit whether for Hip and Joint care or whether Skin and Coat.

Dental Chews are mixed with certain ingredients and then quickly baked then lightly dehydrated in order to give them a specific hard-chew texture that gets into the crevices of their teeth and lasts longer which is perfect for soft and higher-impact chewers and biters. Cat Dental Chews are usually a tad softer than Dog Dental Chews since their jaws are a bit more sensitive.

A fun little tip:

These little treats make for a great training treat especially when added into their wet cat food or kibble to help entice eating. They’re hard but also soft enough that they can be broken in half or into a third when added into their dry cat food, the rule of thumb is 1 dental treats cut or ripped in 3 pieces per 4 ounces of food or so for a kitten and 2 pieces for every 6 ounces of serving for larger and Adult Cats and seniors.