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About Us


PET LIFE, established in 2007 started out as a small purveyor of quality and innovative Pet Supplies, servicing local pet shops in New York and New Jersey. Over the years consumer demand has grown as our Brand’s influence continued to spread both Nationally and Internationally as the Premiere name of Pet Supplies. Our Brand is also made available at the Official Pet Life Online Store. Our Team of pet lovers work hard around the clock to set the highest standards of craftsmanship. We’re always grateful to our Brand Followers who put us on the map, and we’ll never forget that! Giving Back is what set’s us forward, every year we reflect that gratitude by helping support local Animal Shelters in New York and New Jersey, where it all began.


Pet Life is always dedicated to producing, developing and providing the most meaningful and innovative pet products to improve the daily lives of our pets across the globe. Our goal is to meet the #1 desire of pet owners, to find products that take just as good care of their pets as they do themselves. When you shop at the Official Pet Life Store you receive Free Shipping with an added Free Gift on orders over $50 with 1-Year Warranties on eligible purchases and Free Returns. Here at Pet Life we set the Bark!


Pet Life had launched in New York City in 2007 with 2 driven CEO's, low starting capital and a dream of becoming the leader in the Pet industry which later transcended and evolved into a reality. Pet Life first launched their collections in early 2008 with our very first shipments of outerwear, shoes for dogs (yup) and fashion-forward pet carriers operating in a residential office in a space no larger than 300 Square Feet and a 1,000 SF warehouse. After we've successfully begun the marketing of our brand our company had expanded to a 600 SF office in Brooklyn, NY with a 1,800 SF facility in New Jersey, we've then outgrown our facilities to a 2,500 Square Foot consolidated facility in Brooklyn, New York and as early as 2011 Pet Life has grown into a 4,500 Square Foot Privately Managed facility with an allocated space at a 3PL facility in Edison, NJ at an additional 5,000 Square Feet, in 2012 Pet Life had branched into a 20,000 SF facility in Edison, NJ with an additional 30,000 SF of space. Today Pet Life operates in and privately manages 2 - adjacent 70,000 SF facilities based out of Edison, NJ with a strong staff and the launching of 5 brands to date featuring Mid-Tier to Higher-End Fashion, Supplement and Tech brands. There's always a story with every business. We wanted to personally thank all of our dedicated consumers - the ultimate driving force of our success. With a little hard work, focus and the support of our customers we would have never made it here. The American dream is always alive and well!




Our mission is to expand our Animal Shelter support throughout the United States, after all this is why we do what we love and that's all about finding ways to give back and we can reach those goals with your continued support! We didn't get here by ourselves and that's something we remind ourselves everyday!

Pet Life's goals are never-ending as we strive to become the worlds largest online Retailers of Pet Supplies. We're right on that path and we KNOW we'll get there with the continued support of our loyal customers. Every year we seek to progress and relate our message to every customer. We care about the brands we build with blood, sweat and tears we're very focused in delivering the very best products to all our loyal customers that show support and appreciate the work that we do. We'll never stop! there's nothing more joyous than filling a void in the Pet Industry and putting a smile on each and everyone of our customers' faces. We're all about serving our customers and keeping our loyal fans happy. We love you all and we appreciate your commitment to our Brands. We know who you are and we truly care with the greatest of love!