Cat Cleaning and Potty

Cat Cleaning and Potty:

Proper Hygiene is always an essential component during pet ownership for both your house and your cat. Making sure your furniture always smells clean and remains stain-free makes cat ownership more enjoyable, nobody like a mess and while perhaps our furry pals don’t mind, most of us always want to maintain a clean, smell-free, or pleasantly fragrant home to walk into. Cats love to make messes like many of our own babies and children and even dogs therefore it’s always important to make sure you have the right equipment coupled with proper cat training. When buying or adopting a kitten or puppy, or even domesticated animals, many aren’t always trained and some don’t know the rules of the land at first. Therefore, it’s imperative to have all the right cat cleaning products especially during their adolescent stages of growth. Even trained dogs and cats cause both intentional or involuntary messes. Therefore, all the more reason to stay on top of them and pay close attention to their behaviors. Sometimes you can tell by following their adorable little footprint tracks.

It’s important to make sure to let your cats know who’s the top general in your house as they need to understand that while life is fun there are still rules that they always need to abide by. Here at Pet Life we try to make is as easy as possible to help provide you with the right training and cleaning gear to help combat those bad odors while making sure urine and fecal matter is always properly disposed of. It’s also very important to make sure you’re checking on the labels of many Cat Deodorizers. Stain Removers and Cat Litter brands and types made widely available as they can contain harmful chemicals and particles that might not always be suitable depending on their contents and the way they’re even processed, such as various Cat Litter options for cats with certain dietary restrictions as there’s always that chance they could be ingesting an ingredient that isn’t good for their bodies, or sprays inhaled with chemicals that can cause issues later in life.

Let’s go through each and every type of cat cleaning product out there so we can find what’s best for your feline friend.

Cat Litter:

There are dozens of types of Cat Litters made widely available ranging from Corn-Based to Crystal Cat Litters. Cat Litter is designed to help remove smells ranging from feces and urine. When cats alleviate themselves the release a pungent smell that many cat owners dislike and some are healthier than others while others are designed to last longer, there are others out there that are healthier and there are many pros and cons.

Cat Litter that is food-based such as Corn, Coconut, Walnut, Tofu Cat Litters are always great options for those looking for something for their kittens. Kitty Cat Litter is often one of the better choices out there since they’re 100% Natural, Compostable and Biodegradable and they’re safe to ingest while they also are typically dust free and some are even digestible and dissolvable. Others can be more costly and heavier in weight and that all boils down to their production process. Once we start adding Bentonite to this type of Litter among other chemicals such as those accompanied by fragrances and baking soda or powder, they become less healthy. Litters that are food-based typically have organic smells and all-natural fragrances, however they do require litter shovels and more shuffling around if you’re not looking to add bentonite.

Cat Litters that are Clay or Crystal-based are further processed with higher levels of both absorption and clumping abilities and aren’t as naturally derived. Clay is usually produced through a method called mining and gel or crystal litter is machine made. These types of Cat Litters while produced through renewable sources typically emit higher dust particles which can get into their lungs and are messier but last a lot longer and are heavier in weight. These forms of Cat Litters do feature either silica dioxide or Bentonite to assist with their ability to clump to feces and alleviate odors greater. Clay is also available without bentonite, but they do leave a mess none-the-less therefore it’s a matter of preference. If you want something that’ll last a month with less trips to the store than this is a great option.

There are also naturally derived recycled cat litters made available such as Pine Cat Litter or Paper Cat Litter made from Newspapers that aren’t granulated like Clay but shaped and compressed into pellets. Pine wood for example smells great naturally and clumps well while Paper that’s recycled clumps well but doesn’t absorb smells stemming from Urine as well as liquid tends to sink and is heavier than paper therefore requires more shoveling.

Then there’s Cat Litter that is seed based such as Grass Cat Litter that is 100% Natural and is sort of food-based that both clumps well, is lightweight but may not be the best choice for those cat owners that are more budget conscious as it runs on the higher spectrum of cost due to the process seeds are collected. Many Litters have their pros and cons and there’s no perfect solution out there as it’s a matter of what works best for you and your schedule whether you’re looking for something that’ll decrease the amount of trips to the store, or something that requires less shoveling or a litter out there that is best for their health with less dust particles or chemicals, or last perhaps something that will always smell well with fragrances or those with baking powder.

Litter Boxes and Accessories:

There are hundreds of manufacturers out there that produce cat litter boxes and accessories such as Kitty Shovels and Scoopers. Some are made of stainless steel and some are made from plastic, and they’re available in various sizes and color options for those that want something that’ll match their style. Let’s first start with the type of litter boxes made available also known as litter pans.

Litter Pans are basically uncovered Cat Litter Boxes. Some are re-suable and some are disposable. Some of them are made from foil while others are made of recycled paper and perfect for cat owners that want something really easy. There are others out there in the market that are lined with Baking Soda already that helps remove odors for those that buy All-Natural Food-based Cat Litter options without fragrances. That’s just a matter of preference as those help further fight off bad odors.

Non-Disposable Litter Boxes are available in both covered and non-covered options. Those that are covered are great for cats looking to establish their own private bathroom since cat’s love privacy, many kitten and cat owners like something covered as this helps establish their bathroom living environment or a place of recognition for them when alleviating themselves. For those that aren’t covered they’re typically made of plastic in an array of sizes, they’re usually most cost efficient and they do the trick. They’re also available in more shapes than those with covered options, ranging from oval, to rounded, squared and rectangular and some are designed with a dual-liner that’s inclined shaped that helps collect Cat Urine with grids at the bottom – these are typically best however there’s usually a cost attached to have that added function.

There are also Litter Pan Liners. These cat litter accessories are a fantastic solution for those that want something that’ll simply sit inside either your disposable or non-disposable cat litter box and like a hefty bag. They simply affix to the bottom your box and lift up and can be replaced with newer litter in a matter of seconds. These garbage-bag looking liners conform to the inside of the box and making cleaning a breeze and are generally sold in assortment packs, and perfect for those that want something they can place right into their trash without having to think about disposing.

Cat Stain Removers

There are a vast array of Stain Removers that exist on the market today. Some cat cleaning products are designed for multi-use on fabric surfaces such as couches, linens, cat beds and carpets, while others are designed to get stains out of hard surfaces such as tables, hardwood floors, countertops, stone, linoleum, vinyl and even concrete. Cats and Dogs alike are known to urinate, defecate and vomit on many objects and furniture both outside and inside the home. Aside for its awful odors urine is known to stain badly and exponentially stick to fibers, and if left untreated for a longer period of time they can leave a forever stain as the longer it sits the longer the probability a stain can become lifelong. Some sprays are scented while others are unscented while others are all-natural those are typically known not to work as well. There are also many Cat Stain Removers that are great for Multi-Surface use, those have certain materials or chemicals that help eradicate stains on everything.

It’s always important to buy something that takes care of both hard and soft surfaces, the reason for that is hard surfaces that are made of all-naturally materials such as hardwood can absorb stains and when you re-stain your floors perhaps in the future that color of stain will still remain apparent if left untreated.

There are also sprays designed to tackle specific issues such as urine and some are designed to remove stains from Fecal Matter. If you’re looking for cat cleaning products with added features there are also sprays that double as a disinfectant. If you found and you know what you like, stick to that brand or buy larger refillable cases that is sure to save you money.

Cat Deodorizers

Cat Deodorizing Sprays are specialty developed sprays that are known to stick to those odor causing molecules that are entrapped in the air and remove those smells. Some newer sprays offer a type of encapsulation technology that completely encapsulates and then helps eradicate those awful smells. Most sprays are known to have some form of chemical as most everyday housebreaking sprays do such as those with added Baking Soda.

There are also All-Natural deodorizing cat sprays that exist on the market today without any Enzymes for those more health-conscious cat owners. While these cat cleaning products might not provide as much efficiency, they provide a healthier alternative and some are also great in reducing and eliminating stains.

Many Deodorizers are not only meant to be sprayed on house surfaces but are also great for spraying on Cat Litter, we recommend using something more in the all-natural category on litter as cats often times lick their paws.

There are many Non-Natural Deodorizing Cat Sprays that are also great for eliminating stains specific to Cat Urine and their fecal matter. When making your decision on which sprays to buy it’s up to the consumer but it’s always a nice idea to familiarize yourself with the internal ingredients of what you’re looking to purchase.

Dog & Cat Candles and Air-Fresheners

Cat Candles are a great way to eliminate odors without having to spray on any hard and soft surfaces including Cat Litter. Incense also falls into this category and is generally the safest alternative to those that want something that’s extremely healthy that completely avoids spreading chemicals into the air outside of sprays that are all-natural without enzymes.

Candles that are designed for Cats and Dogs are often scented with fragrances that both dogs and cats love or don’t mind breathing in and usually use all-natural ingredients. Another alternative to candles that are Air-Fresheners that are in some cases sprays and are often gel capsules or gel-like substances that is dispersed or released into the air or fresheners that are pads that are placed on higher surfaces with a sort of felt-like texture that releases fragrances.

Cat and Dog Air Fresheners are great as they have little to no alcohol content and chemicals. However fresheners aren’t designed to remove stains or profile elimination from surface odors, while they’ll help cover that smell those smells still do exist in the air but make it more manageable. Candles are great as they’re typically inexpensive and widely available in an abundance of fragrances that make living with your cat or dog more pleasant.

Cat Wipes

Cat Wipes are commonly purchased by most if not all cat and dog owners today as they’re great for both cleansing and remove any naturally bad smells or smells that are derived due to their living environment. Deodorizing Cat Wipes get into those furry little fibers with a simple swipe around their coating or skin. Some cat and dog wipes are also great in removing tear-stains around the eyes or in other areas on their bodies such as paws and there are others that disinfect as they’re known carriers for surface-type diseases like us humans.

Deodorizing wipes are sometimes called bath wipes and are great when used for both dogs and cats, some are all natural without any added chemicals and some have alcohol content and non-harmful chemicals. Wipes provide the perfect solution for pet owners that aren’t able to constantly shower or bathe their pets. Pet Wipes are also available in a wide variety of fragrances ranging from Chamomile to Lavender, Orange and Lemon scents with unscented options and many wipes are further anti-microbial and allergy free.

Helpful Tips:

When deciding what cat cleaning products to buy, it's always wise to read the labels and do your research. The more knowledgeable you are the better. Always consult with your veterinarian and pay close attention to their allergies as there are fragrances and cat litters that are food-based and allergies can be something developed of something they’re born with.