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Wet Dog Food

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Wet Dog Food

Finding the right wet dog food has never been more accessible. Pet Life leads the top-rated selections of the best-wet dog food for pets available from superstar brands, such as Blue Buffalo, Nutro, Weruva, and Natural Balance. Our bevy of options of foods ranges from Chunks in Gravy and Pate in texture to foods that assist with a host of health features and benefits.  

Healthy wet dog food offers an added layer of flavor and texture to satisfy even the pickiest eaters. In addition, our wet food also comes in various delicious flavors, making your pup enjoy flavorful and nutritious meals daily.  

Kibble can sometimes be harsh on your dog’s teeth and jaws, especially for older dogs, so we recommend adding some water to soften it up. However, if you're adding water, don't leave the food out for more than 48 hours, for the dryer the food, the longer they'll always last. Another reason why many pet owners opt for wet dog foods is they're easier to consume and digest than raw dog food. Besides, ingredients in wet foods are typically cleaner and fresher. 

There are various aspects where wet dog food differs from dry dog food, including the texture, taste, and natural ingredients with fewer preservatives. Healthy wet dog food also generally has a higher concentration of proteins that kibble lacks or has an insufficient amount. Wet dog foods for puppies, or those designed for newborns, contain higher counts or percentages of protein required for growing puppies. Moreover, adding wet dog food to your dry dog foods formulated for adult dogs can provide them with the additional protein crucial to sustaining their current physique. This also gives your dog an easier time digesting the food since dry food can cause distress to your dog’s intestinal tract. In addition, adding wet dog food in the mix can ease their bowel movements. This is especially true for senior dogs. They have a more challenging time digesting dry food, making it harder to alleviate themselves or go potty, causing ingestion and constipation. 

With all the benefits of eating proper portions of wet dog food, it’s easy to see why it’s a preferred choice for millions of Americans and consumers worldwide every year. With one of the largest selections of flavors and textures, even picky pups would enjoy the fresh taste of something closer from farm to table.  

Here is a complete list of the traditional and exotic food flavors to keep mealtime fresh for your dog. 


Traditional Wet Dog Food Flavors 

Beef Wet Dog Food: Beef is one of the most traditional wet dog food flavors and contains more protein than most other sources. Moreover, beef is a staple in a dog’s diet, so you don’t need to worry about your dog’s life stages when serving beef-flavored dog food. Most beef wet dog food offerings come with chunks of actual beef with gravy for added texture and flavor. While these are meant to cover the complete nutritional needs of your dog, adding dry dog food in the mix can help with their digestion than just offering wet dog food for puppies and adults. 

Chicken Wet Dog Food: Chicken is one of the top 3 most common types of dog food available. It has been a favorite of dogs for centuries and isn’t stopping anytime soon. Chicken wet dog food comes in meaty chunks of chicken in a savory gravy designed to keep your dog’s wanting more. Real deboned chicken contains quality ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, keeping your dog healthy while providing him with a natural wild diet. 

Pork Wet Dog Food: While pork is one of the fattier types of wet dog food, it also has one of the most considerable impacts on taste. Pork-wet dog food consists of fat that contributes to your dog’s health by giving him the proper omega-6 fatty acids crucial for healthy skin and coats. Moreover, pork often includes additional veggies like carrots to enhance the flavor, making pork wet dog food a staple in your dog’s diet. 

Salmon Wet Dog Food: Salmon is the first fish wet food type for dogs, but it is a solid contender when considering wet dog food for puppies and adults. While the other food options might have high omega-6 fatty acids, fish have higher omega-3 content. As humans, we ingest many omega-6 fatty acids and not enough omega-3 acids. This can be the same for your dog, so introducing fish food can help your dog get the additional nutrients not found in other foods. Moreover, Salmon is high in potassium and vitamin B12, which boosts your dog’s healthy lifestyle. 

Turkey Wet Dog Food: Turkey, although very similar to chicken wet dog food, differs slightly in its nutritional values. While turkey is thought to have higher fat content, it is a leaner protein source than chicken. Turkey also offers a higher concentration of protein, i.e., 28g per serving compared to 25g with chicken. Although turkey outperforms chicken in protein while providing less fat, both contain similar nutrients, such as vitamin B6 and other macro and micronutrients.  

One aspect where chicken has the upper edge is the niacin content, as it fulfills your dog’s requirements of 13mg niacin a day, crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Duck Wet Dog Food: While most don’t consider duck a traditional dog food option, it is just under pork, salmon, and turkey when it comes to flavors. Traditionally used as an exclusive exotic food, duck is now available for dogs craving more than just traditional food. Your dog won't cry “foul” when feasting on this protein-enriched wet dog food. Like the other options, duck-flavored dog food comes in either chunk of duck or a puree of duck meat, ideal for dogs with sensitive digestion. In addition, duck is slightly more exclusive than the other traditional wet dog food offerings and doesn’t have fillers, allowing for maximum nutrient absorption. 


Exotic Wet Dog Food Flavors 

These food types are great for changing your dog’s diet and can be an alternative to traditional wet dog food for puppies and adults. Remember that exotic dog food flavors should be used as a change-up in your dog’s meals and not completely replace them. 

Quail Wet Dog Food: Quail is an excellent alternative for dogs allergic to traditional dog foods like beef and chicken. It is also known as a hypo-allergen protein dog food, making digestion easier for dogs with sensitive stomachs. Moreover, quail is an exotic flavor and often made with raw ingredients, thus giving your dog all the nutritional value without the fillers.  

Some argue that quail tastes better than chicken; however, it's up to your dog to decide. 

Rabbit Wet Dog Food: Rabbit-flavored dog food is a great way to transit your dog to a limited ingredient diet. Like quail, it is a great source of protein for dogs allergic to chicken, fish, and beef. Besides, rabbit is used as a hypo-allergen protein for dogs, so it often forgoes adding additional fillers, such as corn, grain, and potatoes. This gives dogs a raw tasting dog food similar to what they normally would eat in the wild. 

Pheasant Wet Dog Food: Exotic dog foods are one of the best ways to deal with a dog allergic to the most common ingredients in dog food. Because of this, dog food manufacturers don’t include fillers, thus offering raw alternative food for dogs with allergies. Pheasant wet dog food is an exotic flavor that can help dogs with sensitive digestion. This wet dog food is free of artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives and often made into a puree or served with whole chunks of pheasant. 

Are you concerned about what ingredients are in your dog’s food? Our healthy wet dog food and special diet wet dog food have fewer preservatives and easy-to-read labels, thereby ensuring you’re feeding your pup nothing but the best. Our select wet dog food brands for puppies and adults are formulated for nearly every dietary restriction, such as organic wet dog food, gluten-free wet dog food, grain-free wet dog food, high-protein food, GMO-free dog food, and more. If your dog is prone to allergens, has sensitive skin, or has problems digesting the food, try giving him foods, such as limited ingredient diet wet dog foods. These dog foods are designed to aid pets with sensitive digestion.  

Not sure where to start? Choose between our popular options like Dave’s Pet Food, Iams, Redbarn pet products, and more at Pet Life. 

Remember that while some types of foods might be more popular than others, it doesn't necessarily mean they're more beneficial. All dogs are different, and their likings for food may vary depending on the breed, taste buds, and the need to stick to their dietary regimen. There are many options, and making the right choice isn't so easy. It's always a great idea to conduct your due diligence and consult with your licensed veterinarian to determine if your pet is allergic to certain foods or ingredients. Besides, this will help you determine what foods, vitamins, and minerals are best suited for your furry friend. So, ensure you buy wet dog food that suits your pet's unique dietary needs.  

There are also Dog Vitamins and Supplements that many pet owners provide to their pets who aren't getting sufficient minerals from the foods.  

Pet owners can identify if such is the case by paying close attention to your pet’s habits during and after meals to see any signs of movement. Besides, you can monitor the fecal matter or bowel movements from time to time.



People Often Ask:

Wet dog food has a higher moisture content than other dog foods, making it an ideal way to keep your pet hydrated. This puts less strain on your pet’s major organs, including kidneys and urinary tract. Besides, this food type is a palate pleaser for most dogs and can enhance the meal flavor when mixed with dry dog food. Wet dog foods are ideal for fussy eaters and can help tempt your furry friend back to his bowl. Be mindful to choose only the best-wet dog food available.

You can continue feeding regular food to older dogs but in smaller quantities. Besides, you can consider serving them with formulated diets lower in fat and calories, delivering a sense of fullness. Older dogs are more prone to constipation, so consider feeding them a fiber-rich diet. You can refer to a veterinary nutritionist to help you determine the proper diet.

Premium dog food brands ensure using quality ingredients from hand-picked, organic sources with higher nutritional values. This offers optimum nutrition with better digestibility and unparalleled freshness.

Younger puppies need more frequent meals. So, consider feeding them a minimum of four times daily until they are four months old. Reduce the frequency of meals to thrice daily until the puppy is six months old. After that, feed him twice daily for the rest of his life. Ensure you feed only the best-wet food for puppies with balanced nutrition, such as calcium, phosphorus, and omega fatty acids.