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Dog Jerky Treats

Feed your dog’s wild side. Pet Life is the perfect destination for the rugged dog who loves the taste of jerky. Reward your pup with and organic high protein dog jerky treats with savory blends of bacon and beef flavored dog jerky treats. Dog treats so good it can make an old dog learn new tricks. Got a picky pooch our gluten free dog jerky treats, grain free dog jerky treats & sensitive digestion dog jerky treats taste just as good for your pampered pup. We have dried jerky treats for every dog from chicken dog jerky treats to more unusual exotic meats like rabbit and pheasant dog jerky treats. Your dogs will howl in excitement and embrace their inner wolf once they get a taste of our treats. Afraid your dog can’t handle the ferocity and deliciousness of our wild jerky treats we also have soft dog treats, dog biscuits & natural dog chews for dogs who won’t join the wolf pack.

When you want to feed your dog’s wild side jerky dog treats are the perfect destination for the flavor nation. Jerky treats are perfect for the dog who loves the taste of the outdoors and a good treat from time to time. We have jerky treats for every dog from small puppies to senior dog treats and everything in between. Even picky pooches and treat connoisseurs will remember their wolf ancestors once they get a taste of our exotic jerky that leaves their mouths watering for more. Give your dog a taste of our wild jerky treats, it’s enough to make a good dog bad.

With our variety of flavors make sure you dog never gets bored. Don’t deny your dog these delicious treats even if they have allergies, we have organic jerky treats made for dogs who want a taste of our all-natural jerky.

Dog Jerky Treat Flavors

Beef Jerky Dog Treats: Our premium beef jerky treats for dogs offers human grade dog treats that your dog will refuse to share. Made with high grade beef without the use of antibiotics or added hormones get your dog the right type of all-natural jerky that he craves. For dogs looking to have addition flavors in their beef jerky we also have beef jerky with visible fruit pieces for a well-rounded jerky snack. With a probiotic advantage our jerky treats will keep your dogs going and coming back for more.

Bacon Jerky Dog Treats: Get your dog quality dog treats with bacon flavored dog treats. These strips of delectable pork are packed with flavor and are high in protein that your dog will love. With premium cuts of meat without the grains and artificial dyes you know what that your dog will only be receiving the best quality protein and natural flavors that will make them beg for more.

Chicken Jerky Dog Treats: When it comes to choosing the best jerky, chicken jerky dog treats are packed with flavor and proteins that leads the pack. Our chicken jerky treats are produced with organic chicken containing basic ingredients with no added sugars. Our chicken dog treats can come either air-dried or cooked to perfection making sure that every bite is just as good as the last.

Rabbit Jerky Dog Treats: When looking for an exotic type of jerky look no further than rabbit jerky dog treats. Rabbits are a high protein wild meat that help support muscle growth and bone development while being grain free. This is made with real rabbit and a variety of fruits and vegetable to help savor the flavors of our rabbit treats. Rich in vitamins and fiber to help support your dog’s digestive system while giving them the perfect treat to chew on.

Salmon Jerky Dog Treats: these strips are high in omega 3 fatty acids while giving your dog a delectable treat to remember. These salmon jerky dog treats are packed with intense flavor made with premium cuts of salmon without grains and artificial ingredients. Ensure that your dog is getting the proper amount of quality protein with our dog treats.

Specialty Diet Dog Jerky Treats

Gluten Free Jerky Dog Treats: Know that your dog is having wholesome dog treats without containing gluten. Gluten can cause your dog to have itchy skin and an upset stomach that is seen similarly in some humans. Reduce the need of antibiotics by reducing your dogs grain intake with gluten free dog jerky treats. By using slow cooking techniques our treats strive to keep the high-density nutrients in your dog’s jerky treats from a single source of protein.

Grain-Free Jerky Dog Treats: Make your dogs wag more and bark less with our grain-free dog treats. Combining simple ingredients with delicious meats, fish and poultry make sure your dog is getting the right nutrition without the grain. This high protein snack provides the essential vitamin and mineral in each strip formulated for your dog. Provide your dog with the ultimate healthy dog treats.