Summer Dog Shoes | Do Dogs Need Shoes?

Summer Dog Shoes | Do Dogs Need Shoes?

Do Dogs Need Shoes?

French Bull Dog Wearing Shoes

Summer is here it’s the time where we go on long walks with our dogs & bring them to the beach.  Now more than ever it is important to have a pair of dog shoes for summer. Having dog boots for the hot weather can save your dog’s feet from being burned by the hot pavement. These “paw protectors” have multiple uses other than shielding your dog’s paws. So, what are the best dog shoes for summer?

What kind are you looking for?

There are different types of doggy boots that can protect your puppy this summer. We personally have 12 different types of dog boots for summer and winter.

The Beach

If you are going to the beach frequently this summer, we would recommend getting a pair of dog sandals. Since they are an open toed shoe your puppies’ pads are protected from the heat while being extremely breathable. Cleaning out a pair of dog beach shoes like any pair of shoes can be a pain. However, our line of dog sandals is easy to clean. We wouldn’t recommend rubberized dog shoes for the beach because sand can get stuck in the crevice’s which can potentially cause irritation.

The Pool

The best dog shoes for the pool must be our rubberized dog boots. These dog boots are heat resistant and water-resistant which is perfect for the swimming pool. A bonus with these dog booties is that it covers your puppies’ nails preventing it from breaking your pool lounges. Having a pair of versatile dog shoes that can cool down your dogs’ paws while keeping them protected from the hot ground.  

The Park

Going for a long walk in the park with your dog is great but the hot pavement can burn your dogs’ feet severely. There are a few cases yearly where dogs have burned off their pads on their feet. If you are going to be running with your dog in the park having a lightweight mesh shoe is the perfect companion for your companion. If you are going for long walks or walking in a big city you wouldn’t necessarily want to have a pair of dog running shoes, instead having a pair of canvas dog shoes would be the better option. We think that they are more fashionable and can match your canvas shoes.


Each pair of dog shoes has its strengths and going with one is better than going with none. The protection of your dogs’ feet is the most important part. Regardless if you go with our brand of dog boots, taking care of your dog’s needs comes first. Take the time and do some research we just don’t want to see your pets paws being burned like this.

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Why Do Dogs Spin Before They Poop?

Why Do Dogs Spin Before They Poop?

Why Do Dogs Spin Before They Poop?

Dog With Fidget Spinner On Nose

When you are introduced into the doggy dog world you will notice peculiar things about your puppy. One of the quirks is that they spin before they poop. We know that they do it but the question remains as to why they do it.

Not all dogs spin

There are always exceptions to the rule, but it is common in most dogs and it isn’t singled out to specific breed. While your dog is spinning it is doing several things. Your dog is cleaning the area, making sure that it’s a safe spot to go while marking their territory. Dogs do a lot when they are twirling around and if you notice your dog not doing so try to take them on longer walks around the neighborhood to see if they spin. If your dog is having issues with going to the bathroom outside dog diapers can help.

They Do It For Hygienic Purposes

Before you sit down and do your business you better make sure that toilet is clean. Dogs do the same thing while they are spinning. They stomp down the grass, dirt, & other things that can prick them while they are doing their business.

Dogs Also Do It For Safety Purposes

This is a trait that has been passes down since their wild ancestors. Going to the bathroom makes you vulnerable and checking out the area multiple times before going potty is not only encouraged it’s a means for survival. While they are squatting it is hard to ward off potential threats which can put them in great danger.

Scientific Reasons

The study suggests that while your dog is spinning it is aligning itself to the earth’s magnetic field. The study suggests after examining 70 dogs with 37 different breeds over a two-year period that they align themselves to the north-south axis. It is still unknown if dogs are doing this consciously or not. Dogs aren’t the only ones to align themselves with the earth’s magnetic field ducks also are known to follow magnetic poles when migrating.

Now that you know the reasons why dogs circle around before they poop make sure to give them time to go to the bathroom. No one likes to be rushed when using the restroom and if you need something to clean up the mess, we can help with that too!

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Don’t Leave Your Pets In a Hot Car!

Don’t Leave Your Pets In a Hot Car!

Don’t Leave Your Pets In a Hot Car!

Golden Retriever in a Car

With the summer heat rapidly approaching the Northeast there isn’t a better time to remind drivers that you shouldn’t leave your pets in a hot car. Your pet can’t ascertain the situation and will often panic when in a hot car. The same is likely for small children where they can’t open the doors & in 95 degree heat the interior of a car can hit 129 degrees in as little as 30 minutes.

Aside from the potential risk of death chances are a bystander will break your windows to save your pet. Granted that the “Good Samaritan” laws only cover 14 states that grants civil immunity from the pet’s owner suing to recover the cost of damages. Knowing the law wouldn’t stop a good Samaritan from breaking your car window to save your pet. Avoiding legal fees and a broken window is more than a good enough reason to not lock your pets in a hot car.

If a bystander notices a dog or cat locked in a hot car call the police. Police are authorized in more states to break windows if need be to rescue the pet in danger. Police will normally look for the owner before attempting to break the window but in dangerous circumstances they will break on site. Police officers are allowed rescue animals in 21 states that allow public officials to rescue animals from unattended vehicles.

Before you travel this summer make sure you know how to take care of your pets on vacation. If your friend or a loved one is taking care of your pets make sure they do not leave them in a hot vehicle. Cracking a window, a little bit doesn’t help cool down the car. Make sure if you or anyone else is taking your dog with you for a drive to not leave them in a hot car alone.

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How To Take Care Of Your Pets On Vacation?

How To Take Care Of Your Pets On Vacation?

How To Take Care Of Your Pets On Vacation?

Taking an extended weekend off is more common in the summer. So how do you take care of your pets while on the extended vacation? Leaving for a weekend is a lot different than leaving for two weeks. There are different steps to take per each pet when leaving them alone for extended periods of time. Breaking each one into a separate category is the best option & if we didn’t cover your exotic pets this guide is a general rule for most pets.

Dog Owners

Being a dog owner is tricky when traveling since they need to be taken out almost daily. If you don’t have someone that is able to take your dog out for walks and general upkeep you might want to search for a dog sitter. There are plenty of options out there, but the cheapest options are closer to home like a niece or a cousin.

There are several smart home products that can take care of most tasks automatic water feeders, automatic food containers, smart cameras and more. There are even smart dog doors that lock and open when your pet gets within a certain range. While we don’t recommend leaving your dog at home alone with all the smart products that are available today you can leave them for a weekend especially if you have a smart doggy door and all the necessary smart dog equipment.

If you are leaving on vacation longer than two weeks, we would recommend putting them either in a kennel which is the last alternative or have family & friends take care pf your pets. Having a sitter is also an option where you can leave your dog with them but that may take a toll on your wallet.

Cat Owners

Cat owners have it easier than dog owners where you can leave it at home purely with smart products. If you have an automatic kitty litter box and automatic feeders, you for the most part you are safe. We recommend having a smart camera as well to check up on your cat every so often making sure that they are doing fine.

Cats are great animals to leave at home for extended weekends and even longer we do however recommend someone stops by every few days to make sure everything is working properly. Cats are more independent pets and can be left alone for a while without any repercussions. Taking your cat with you on vacation might also be an option where we covered it in an article here.

If you are leaving on a vacation longer than two weeks, we strongly suggest that someone follows up with them every few days. We also recommend having a few toys that they can play with by themselves.

Reptile Owners

It is hard to generalize all reptiles into this category, but we will try our best. For reptiles that don’t need to eat daily like snakes can be left alone for a week since that is their normal feeding cycle. For some snakes when they reach adulthood, they eat every 10-14 days. They do however need fresh water having still water is a problem which can be remedied by a water reservoir. You can make one yourselves if you are handy which can save some money.

If you have reptiles that eat daily like chameleons and bearded dragons it is a lot harder to leave them alone since they don’t have an automatic feeder. If you are leaving for only a few days, you can add additional crickets to their normal feeding cycle, and they should be fine without eating for a few days if they have clean water.

Most reptiles need high humidity which they have automatic misters to keep the humidity high. Having someone come in to feed your reptiles is important especially if they need to be fed daily. Since there aren’t many places to board exotic reptiles you would need someone to come in to feed your reptiles. This can be tricky to find someone confident enough to feed and take care of a snake or any other reptile. Making the necessary accommodations for your pet is crucial during long vacations.

Fish Owners

There are two types of fish owner’s saltwater and fresh water. Fresh water fish are generally easier to take care of. For the most part you can get a feeder which can last two weeks which you can throw it in and not worry. Since saltwater fish must have certain parameters met it can be harder to leave them for extended periods of time. For the most part saltwater aquariums can be monitored by smart products to increase the salinity and parameters to keep everything running smoothly. Fish have it the easiest of all the pets listed here and if you find yourself traveling often fish can make great pets for you.

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