Cat Wet Food

Wet Cat Foods

Cats are very selective eaters with smaller digestive systems than dogs and always require a balanced meal with a highly consistent nutritional value. Our selectively curated options are available for both Cats and Kittens in all sizes and life stages including Seniors and Adults. As we age our diets change however wet food remains as a constant key essential due to the importance of consuming Raw Foods they do naturally love.

Healthy canned cat foods are available in an array of preparations and textures and in flavors, diets and health features. We want to make sure you always make a well informed decision when choosing the right foods that adapt to their lifestyle and behaviors.

It’s always very important to feed your cat wet food on a daily basis, it’s always wise to check with your local vet to consult about their daily intake and feeding portions that range depending on age and weight. As a rule of thumb for adult cat food feedings they consume about a Can consisting of 3 ounces for every 3 pounds of weight and it’s important to ritually include dry cat food in your feedings.

Let’s talk about Special Diets:

Depending on Lifestyle, Genetics or how our cats are raised it’s important to get a feel for which wet foods your cats are drawn to. If we talk about genetics and cats in need of loosing weight, we recommend shopping for healthy grain free canned cat food options. Grain free cat food completely cuts out the unnecessary carbohydrates found in grains that are commonly available in the form of corn, wheat, barley, rice and even oats. If you’re looking to decrease muscle we recommend our Low Protein Wet Cat Foods and our High Protein Wet Cat Foods if you’re looking to beef up on muscle tone and add strength which is imperative for Older and Senior Cats especially Cat Foods. Many Cats have Sensitive stomaches that increase when age and therefore we recommend shopping for cat foods with Sensitive Digestion that are typically great for cats and kittens in need of LID or Limited Ingredient Diets.

Cats are known as Carnivorous and Raw eaters and hunters just like their larger and Wilder cousins, their Tigers, Panthers and Jaguar brothers and sisters. This means they naturally need to consume lots of meat, poultry and fish. Therefore, if you’re looking for something closer to Mother Nature, we recommend looking for healthy canned cat foods higher in protein with diets that state: No Corn, No Wheat, No Soy, especially Raw Cat Foods that are wet and sure to bring out their inner natural cravings. Another good option to add meat into their diets are Dehydrated Cat Foods and Freeze-Dried Cat Foods. Maintaining freshness is also very important when feeding your cat food high in Protein and that is why it’s always a great option to purchase Canned Cat Foods. Canned foods like the Tuna us humans eat are not only delicious but maintain years of freshness and don’t technically expire.

Now let’s dive into Health Features. When filtering for the right foods it’s always important to take note of what your vet always recommends. For older Cats it’s important to look into buying foods that help build Immune Support, Muscle and provide Hip and Joint Support with ingredients High in Energy and that offer Urinary Tract Support. For all Cats, Kittens and Seniors or Adults they can all benefit from cat foods high in Vitamins and Minerals, cat foods great for Skin and Coat health and Fibrous cat foods that are great for Heart Care. We also offer Diabetic Cat Food options for cats in need of weight loss.

Wet Cat Foods are typically purchased in Cans, Pouches and Bags and in textures ranging from Pate, Stew and Chunks in Gravy with Minced, Shredded, Grilled and Flaked options. If you’re shopping for healthy canned cat foods that are less cooked and higher in proteins, we recommend Pate, Stew, Shredded and Chucks Wet Cat Foods. If your cats have stomachs that are more sensitive to digesting foods too-high in protein, then we suggest browsing our selections of cat foods that are more cooked when prepared such as Grilled, Flaked and Dry Cat Food options.

When shopping for flavors that’s all a matter of preference, we all know that cats love fish and they’re always atop the list of cat loving foods, cats love Tuna and Salmon and all types of fish foods such as Cod and even Seafood and Chicken. The types of wet foods you choose to feed your cats are all up to preferences, needs and their interests. Buy wet cat food online to test out and time their feedings for about a week. If you see their intakes increase, then it’s always a wise suggestion to stick to those categories of food. But, one thing is important, and that is to constantly introduce your feline friends to new and interesting foods so long as the selected foods fall within their dietary needs.