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Dog Dental & Hard Chews

Your dog uses their teeth as much as we do whether its chewing up on their dog toys or dog treats taking care of your dog’s teeth is a top priority. While an estimated 56% of dogs are obese over 80% of dogs have some stage of periodontal disease by age 3. A dog’s mouth is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and taking care of your dog’s teeth today can prevent future tooth decay and gum disease. While dog dental care is a necessity dog dental and hard chews can be used in between brushing to keep their teeth sparkling. Dog dental chews can also help with a variety of other health factors like digestive health dog treats, brain health dog treats and breath care dog treats. Since dogs are prone to building up plaque and tartar around their teeth and gum line dental care products, treats and hard chews are all necessary to keep you pup smiling proudly.

Since your dog uses their teeth for most of their daily challenges their teeth chew through multiple dog toys, dog treats and even their own dog beds. Taking care of your dog’s teeth and gums are essential. Pet Life offers top brands to keep your pets teeth sparkling. While brushing your dog’s teeth it is essential to use products like Greenies in between brushing which can help prevent addition plaque and tartar from building up around their teeth and gums. These essential treats offer a great way to help keep their teeth clean in between professional cleanings. Dog hard chews also prevents the dreaded dog breath which can be a sign of periodontal disease. These treats can also help with a variety of other factors including their digestive health, dog treats for sensitive stomachs and skin and coat health which keeps your dog healthy.

With a large selection of treat flavors your dog will never be bored while cleaning their teeth. Dental care should be started at a young age to help prevent tooth decay and diseases which are preventable with weekly brushing and dog dental treats. Take a look at our vast selection of flavors available.

Bacon Dog Dental & Hard Chews: Choose the right bacon dental treat for your dog’s health. Avoid the nasty chemicals and preservatives other dog treats offer. Clean your dog’s teeth while they eat! These treats are perfect for young pups that are teething showing what they can and can’t chew on. Train your dog to follow your commands easily with these treats made for the best dogs!

Beef Dog Dental & Hard Chews: Small dogs crave big flavors and beef dental dog treats are no slouch when it comes to delivering great flavor. Leave your dog’s begging for more of these delectable and healthy treats designed to keep your dog’s teeth healthy. Beef is a great source of essential vitamins like iron and zinc which is important for growing bodies. These dental bones will keep your dog playing for hours as a wholesome natural treat that’s easy to digest.

Bison Dog Dental & Hard Chews: Let your dog explore their wild side with our bison dog dental and hard chews designed with their teeth in mind. These mouth water wild chews are created with wild proteins and packed with vital nutrients and mouthwatering flavors delivering an unparalleled treat that will make your dog go wild. These dog dental treats are made with real meat and are made with limited ingredients reducing the need of fillers for your dog to enjoy.

Chicken Dog Dental & Hard Chews: Clean your dog’s teeth while they eat our delectable chicken flavored dog dental treats. Clean their teeth quickly and effectively by removing excess plaque and tartar buildup. With our fully digestible treats rinse the bacteria away without any added salt, sugars and artificial flavors that can be found in other dog treats.

Mint Dog Dental & Hard Chews: One of the best ways to get rid of bad breath is with mint. Our mint dental dog treats are specifically formulated to clean your dog’s teeth while they chew. With natural mint leaves infused into the treats you can expect fresh breath from your dogs without the worry of additive colors and gluten if your dog has a sensitive stomach. Encourage your dog to help clean their teeth with the use of mint dental hard chews.

Dental chews are extremely important in providing a nutritious snack while providing oral care for your dog, they help clean teeth all while providing fresh breathe and combating and fighting both tartar and plaque. It's instrumental to a dogs health as both plaque and tartar can cause an array of internal health problems over the course of a dogs life. Many if not all Veterinarians highly recommend searching for the right dog dental chews that fit your dogs lifestyles and dietary needs. It's no mistake that dental chews for dogs are sold in countless retailers as they provide more than just hygiene but in fact there are an array of health benefits. There are countless of dietary restrictions that humans have and that's no different than those experienced by dogs therefore make sure you're carefully reading the labels to make sure they're for the right breed size and life stage and provide the right vitamins and minerals needed.

Dental and Hard Chews for dogs are very similar in their baking or cooking process than Chewy dog treats. Soft Chews are baked for a shorter period of time whereas with those that are harder in structure they're dehydrated faster and on a higher heat that gives it a more solid texture. Dental and Hard Chews provide special enzymes that assist with their saliva's ability to break up plaque in their mouths. When plaque isn't properly tended to it converts into Tartar which causes Gingivitis that in effect turns into tooth decay and an array of oral problems. A simple dental treat or two per day is said to work better than water additives and rinses and some might argue they work better than gels although pastes are considered to be the gold standard. Properly brushing their teeth is instrumental to their health however it's challenging and that's another reason why chews are so popular and they're completely delicious and they're so good in flavor and taste that many dogs prefer dental treats over many other treats around on the market.