Cat Dental Care

Cat Dental Care

Cat Dental Care:

Using cat teeth cleaning products is one of the most important daily hygienic routines one can offer that does way more than just provide fresh breathe which great for their mouths alone but also assist with the removal of harmful Plaque in their teeth that if left untreated converts into Tartar and then in-affect converts into Gingivitis which eats away at the gum line permanently causing tooth decay and all forms of discomfort that some felines and dogs can't always communicate with you, thereby secretly living with these conditions in their mouths. Proper brushing is no different in pets as it is for humans. Let's go through some cat teeth cleaning products to better help service you into making that right decision.

Cat Toothpaste and Gels:

Let's start out by talking about Gels and Toothpastes. Toothpastes are specially developed to foam a lot during brushing which is meant to clean the surfaces of their teeth and in many cases feature whitening agents that also protect enamel and those that protect the surfaces of those tiny bone structures. Pastes and Gels also feature special Enzymes that are meant to destroy bacteria in their mouths that cause bad breath and plaque by fighting it at the source before they become issues later in life and in-such needs to become apart of their daily routines. There are also All-Natural Toothpastes for dogs and cats that feature naturally derived plant-based ingredients that serve as all-natural teeth cleaning agents. There are many minty flavors that pastes are made with and some are even flavorless.

Gels are like Flouride they're similar to pastes but thicker in texture meant to last longer and sit on their teeth to sort of encapsulate the enamel which offers longer-lasting protection. Some owners apply gels on their pets mouths and gums and allow their tongues to move around the gels and clean their teeth and some use a toothbrush. Gels are also decent alternatives to those that are unable to brush their pet's teeth as some animals and their owners may find it discomforting and too challenging. Brushing time should always be a fun time for them to enjoy so that they'll be less tense during future brushing, the same for when using cat or dog grooming tools, it's important they understand grooming to be a fun and exciting time, perhaps try rewarding them with a little dental treat before or afterwards so that it turns into something they enjoy.

Pet Water Additives:

Water Additives for dogs and cats are a fantastic way to promote healthy gums, fresh breathe and help remove germs that cause buildup of plaque. Simply pour this odorless and fragrant-free liquid into their water-based cat fountains or dog bowls and that's it. They're completely safe for ingesting and they act as a mouthwash and in many-cases provide calcium that strengthens bones. Water Additives feature a specially developed Enzymatic liquid that naturally fights off plaque and tartar and that enzyme is meant to kill out that bad bacteria all-while freshening breathe and even whitening their teeth. There are some debates regarding how effective they are and if additives can replace brushing or gels, many do agree that they're one-step down from Pastes and Gels in effectiveness however some times combining Dental Chews with Water Additives are best.

Pet Toothbrushes:

A Pet Toothbrush is similar to those used with humans, they range in size depending on breeds and life-stages. For those pets with sensitive gums it's best to use brushes with added rubberized or silicone bristles that massage their gums gently during brushing. The rule of thumb is the larger their mouths are the larger the brush they should be using. If you have a human toothbrush handy those might also work if they're similar in bristle-texture, we're not trying to sell you anything, it's really a matter of preference and they're free.

If you're looking for something easy and seamless especially for those who are beginners or want something cheaper than we'd recommend going with Pet Dental Kits that include a brush, toothpaste or gel and some even include water additives and rinses and sprays.


There are a host of Cat Dental Care products that exist on the market today and it's important to note that they're extremely popular due to the fact that today's foods and mixtures are more demanding on their teeth as opposed to what dogs and cats used to eat out in the wild, therefore it's more than just for hygiene but rather an essential everyday component. Compressed cat foods and dog treats especially hard chews and even dog jerky treats and dehydrated cat foods are known to get into those small little crevices and cracks in their teeth. While those foods are delicious and highly nutritious they need to be maintained as do tables with food on plates on tables. Think of proper tooth maintenance as a waiter at a restaurant, if the table isn't tended to you get a buildup of customers, which isn't so good for business. Plaque in essence are like customers whether waiting or sitting at the table and if you don't remove those plates (Hence Plaque) they cause a mess.