Dog Bowls and Feeders

Dog Bowls and Feeders

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Dog Bowls and Feeders 

When adopting a new dog, there are a few things you need to get started. Among all the things, dog bowls are the most important since they will be eating and drinking out of them for the rest of their lives.  

There are many different dog bowls and feeders on the market. Choosing the right one can be tricky. At Pet Life, we take the guesswork out by categorizing dog food bowls depending on life stages, thus helping you quickly find the right one for your puppy.  

Moreover, we offer dog bowls and feeders in almost every color and size available, allowing you to choose from numerous options that suit your style. Let’s dive in. 

Dogs, just like their ancestors, wolf down their food without a second thought. However, this habit is bad for their stomach and prevents them from enjoying their favorite food.  

Portion-controlled dog feeders are ideal for controlling their fast-paced eating habits and ensuring healthy digestion. These large dog bowls are good for promoting healthy eating habits while allowing aggressive eaters to have normal-sized portions. You can use these types of feeders with various dog treats, giving your pup hours of fun while being rewarded.  

Automatic dog bowls and feeders can dispense an exact amount of food at any given time to ensure your dog is eating on schedule. Besides, these automatic dog feeders can dispense up to 25 pounds of dog food, thus preventing the need to pick up your dog’s bowl every time you need to feed them. You simply load the food and set the timer and amount of food to be dispensed.  

In addition, drinking fresh water is equally essential to keep your dog healthy. Automatic cat and dog fountains are a great way of ensuring that your pet always has fresh drinking water available. These fountains come with filters and cartridges to clean out harmful bacteria, providing your dog with clean water without having to change their water daily. Also, travel dog bowls with water fountains prevent you from cupping your hands to give water to your fluffy friend while traveling.  

The best dog food containers are foldable and take up minimal space while storing. They are often used during camping trips, road trips, and extended stays during family functions.  

If you are unsure how much food to give your dog, you can get a digital/automatic dog bowl to take the guesswork out when measuring. In addition, automatic dog bowls are great when feeding overweight dogs as it helps you monitor the correct amount of food you should be giving to your dog.  

Furthermore, some dogs have issues swallowing their food, especially older ones, when their dog bowls are placed on the floor. Elevated dog bowls fix this problem by adjusting the bowl height, thus correcting their posture and helping in digestion. Some of these bowls are designed to suit your dog’s increasing size as it goes through various life stages. 

With so many different types of dog bowls available, choosing the ideal one can be difficult. However, selecting the right dog bowl type isn’t the only challenge. Selecting suitable material is also a major factor when purchasing the right dog bowl. The best dog bowls are durable, but each material covers a specific need for your dog. Here is a breakdown of some of our most popular dog bowls to make a choice easier. 


Stainless-Steel Dog Bowls  

These are one of the most common types of bowls used everywhere. The material is durable and machine washable and offers a clean-looking sheen. Moreover, stainless-steel dog bowls are rust-resistant and non-porous, discouraging the growth of bacteria. These bowls also contain fewer chemicals than the standard plastic bowls, making them the most optimal choice when choosing the right one. 


Plastic Dog Bowls  

Plastic dog bowls are cost-effective and easier to produce, making them the most popular option. These dog bowls don’t rust or break like ceramic and melamine dog bowls and are great for indoor and outdoor uses. Moreover, plastic bowls offer a variety of other features that standard stainless-steel bowls can’t. Plastic bowls are easier to shape, giving them a slight edge in usability over stainless steel.  

The only drawback of using plastic bowls is that dogs can likely chew and break the plastic, unlike with stainless-steel bowls. 


Ceramic Dog Bowls 

Ceramic bowls combine the benefits of a stainless-steel and plastic dog bowl, making them a great addition to any home. With ceramic dog bowls, you have numerous color options to choose from, similar to plastic. However, unlike plastic, your dog won’t be able to chew through this bowl. Besides, these dog bowls are heavier, preventing your dog from moving them around the house.


People Often Ask:

Dog bowls are an essential product for every dog owner as they offer a safe, effective way to feed your pet, which is crucial for its growth. Besides, dog bowls are perfect for owners concerned about their pet’s diet or looking for healthier ways to feed dogs when traveling.

A dog bowl is a critical product since your fluffy friend will eat and drink out of it several times throughout his life. Hence, it’s crucial to purchase the right one. When shopping for dog bowls, you should consider several vital factors, including the cost, safety, style, durability, purpose, and ease of cleaning. Moreover, always ensure the bowl meets quality standards and is dishwater-safe and BPA-free.

Selecting the suitable size bowl depends on your pet’s size, breed, and eating habits. Often the ideal size is approximately four times the volume of food served at each meal. Remember that the dog bowl should allow your dog’s snout to lick or grab the food comfortably. Moreover, ensure the water bowls are larger than food bowls.

Elevated dog bowls are raised off the ground, providing more comfort to your pet while eating. In addition, eating from a raised bowl improves posture and relieves stress on the joints. Elevated dog bowls are an excellent option for fast eaters. Eating in an upright position slows down the pace and makes it easier to swallow food.

Pet bowls are among the most contaminated things in the house, so it’s critical to clean them thoroughly. You should scrub and wash dog bowls in hot, soapy water every day. Water bowls should be washed every couple of days. Moreover, ensure you sanitize them once a week to prevent any contamination.