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Cat Scratchers

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Cat Scratchers 

There are many cat scratchers on the market ranging from collapsible scratchers to premium-grade quality cardboard cat scratchers. While collapsible scratchers are perfect for traveling, cardboard ones are made of a thicker grade of corrugate to last longer. Then, there are tall cat scratching posts, often referred to as cat trees, which look like miniature tree houses and are double the size of a cat house. Besides, Jute and Sisal cat carpet cat scratchers can hang on doorknobs or be used as cat loungers or cat beds.   

Buying a suitable cat scratching device is imperative as they prevent your cat from scratching other surfaces in and around your home, including walls, wood furniture, and couches, while keeping your environment nice and tidy. No one wants to walk into their home to find out their Sheetrock or Drywall has marks on them, so it's best to be as cautious as possible. 

Hence, let's identify which cat scratchers work best for you and your feline friend. 


Premium Cardboard Cat Scratchers


Premium cat scratchers are on the top of our list, and there are many reasons for that. First, premium-grade scratchers simply last a lot longer as they use thick, durable cardboard with many rivets and crevice intervals that smooth out your cat's claws a lot better. While these cat scratchers are typically heavier, larger, and pricier than others, they're better. 

Premium cat scratcher comes in all shapes and sizes and often contains a plexiglass-like material on the sides that adds to its durability. In addition, these scratchers are covered with a fun and stylish print sticker, providing a modern look to better compliment your home and office space. Take a look at our Pet Life's Purresque Cat Scratcher, for instance. It features a decked-out sophisticated yet modern design with multiple lounging areas that cats love. Another advantage of using premium cat scratchers is that they are made of recyclable cardboard or corrugate containing corn starch joined together with non-toxic glue, making them safe to use. 


Basic Cat Scratchers 

Basic-grade cat scratchers are lighter and smaller than a premium scratcher but are more affordable. These scratchers use cardboard with a lesser corrugate count, meaning lesser scratching rivet intervals. 


These scratchers are usually more versatile and often offer other fun and playful games, such as a built-in ball teaser of lounging pads of some sort. Basic cat scratchers are ideal for pet owners looking to help their cats maintain their claws while satisfying the clawing urges. Since these scratchers are lightweight, they're typically flatter than premium-grade ones and aren't layered with top areas to allow your cat to hide and lounge. 

Many basic cat scratchers come with a bag of catnip inside, allowing owners to sprinkle in and around to entice their feline's natural urges. 


Collapsible Cat Scratchers 

These scratchers are perfect for those always on the move. They pop open like origami, and some even have inner lounge areas for cats to walk inside as a temporary home. Besides, these scratchers are lightweight enough for your cat to play or toss and bump them around.  

While collapsible cat scratchers are available in unique designs and shapes, they are foldable, allowing you to take or transport them anywhere. 


Carpet Cat Scratchers 

Carpet cat scratchers contain an all-natural Jute or Sisal material instead of corrugate or cardboard, making them highly durable and easily washable.  

The flat, lightweight design makes these scratchers highly versatile when it comes to fulfilling your cat's urge to scratch. The fabric itself provides nice and wavy rivet intervals that help smoothen claws. In addition, many carpet cat scratchers feature a jute rope that hangs on all doorknobs, allowing your cat to stand and get up while scratching as they love to do. 

Carpet scratchers are plush and double the size of cat mats. This is because they feature stitched-in mirrors, cat ropes, toys, bells, and even built-in teasers to keep your feline entertained. Some even feature a separate lounging area, limiting the floor coverage space.  

Carpet scratchers are very affordable and highly popular among cat owners. While they aren't as effective as your run-of-the-mill basic scratcher or premium-quality cardboard cat scratcher, they offer a more comfortable lounging with added play devices. We recommend owning one or a few of these alongside a corrugate cat scratcher. 


Cat Trees 

These cat scratchers are timeless pieces and are known for their durability. Cat trees, or cat pole scratchers, allow your feline to satisfy their instinct to scratch using claws and paws and help them establish their living spaces. 

Cat pole scratchers resemble a miniature treehouse in your backyard. They're heavy and provide multiple lounging areas and peak holes that can withstand high degrees of weight, making them a durable option. You can choose from thousands of styles depending on your living space requirements and room availability.  

Cat pole scratchers come in sizes that are perfect for owners with multiple cats. Besides, they offer cozy resting areas for a leisurely nap. Some pole scratchers resemble swing sets with built-in attachable roped toys, while some are more subtle. 

Singular cat pole scratchers are a great choice as they take up less space and are simple in design, allowing cats or kittens to interact with each other. 

Cat pole scratchers are an excellent investment as they prevent your feline from tearing into your house furniture and couches. They offer a nice feel and help your cats become comfortable with their living space. Moreover, cat scratchers are great for owners with busy schedules who are unable to entertain their cats at home constantly 

Cats love to hide all the time, and a large enough scratching post allows them to climb up and out from crevices and areas with small spaces to pop their furry little heads. It's always a wise investment.


People Often Ask:

Cats are natural, predatory animals, so they use scratching as a form of marking behavior or territorial communication. However, pet cats have limited access to the outdoors, so they find it difficult to satisfy their behavior or maintain their claws. Cat pole scratchers allow your cat to redirect its instinctive behavior, keeping her in a good mood. Moreover, scratching promotes increased blood flow to the muscles, thus increasing your feline's flexibility and alleviating anxiety.

Cat scratchers generally last anywhere between 6 months and 2 years, depending on the material and usage. Ideally, you should replace your cat scratching post if you notice any wear and tear or your cat no longer seems interested in using it.

Place the scratching post close to surfaces familiar to your cat. Try driving your cat's focus on the post by placing one of your kitty’s cherished feather toys or spraying some catnip. Ideally, you should applaud or treat your cat each time she scratches the post, as doing so will help your kitty start connecting to the pole with positive experiences.

Here are the fundamental qualities you should look for in a decent cat scratching post. Ensure the pole is tall and sturdy as cats like to extend their body completely while scratching. In addition, shop for cat pole scratchers with a rigid, stable material that won't shred or tear apart. For kittens who like biting and chewing stuff, go for a Chewy Cat Scratcher to satisfy their urge.

Most cat scratching posts are made from cardboard, carpet, sisal, and wood. Usually, poles made from cardboard and carpet are more affordable than sisal and wood. However, sisal is the best cat scratching post material. It is rough and holds up well to extreme scratching. Besides, the texture is excellent for your cat's paws.