Dog Raincoats

Dog Raincoats

Dog Raincoats

Rainwear for dogs is an essential wardrobe for dogs that a lot of pet parents skip on. The best dog raincoats are available in lots of fabrics that are both waterproof and water-resistant. Usually, most waterproof dog rain jackets provide less breath-ability but are designed to do one thing and that is to keep the wearer dry.

Keeping Dogs Dry

A lot of regions of the world receive endless rainfall. In some cases, the rainy season can continue for days, weeks, and even months. Therefore, dogs can bring in unwanted mud and dirt in your homes and require a bath. The last thing we need is a scene in Beethoven where a golden retriever shakes off all that moisture in and around our homes. Therefore, let's try to keep our dogs as dry as possible till they are ready for a bath.

Lightweight Dog Raincoats

Waterproof Dog Raincoats are available in both lightweight and medium-weight fabrics. These range from the ones made with PVC materials to those that are naturally impermeable such as ponchos. They are more cost-effective. However, ponchos don't usually cover the legs (Well.. ours do!). Medium-weight dog raincoats are usually inner-lined. These are even reversed with fleece materials and fabrics that make them great for wearing during the Fall and Winter Seasons. Oppositely, those that are lightweight and PU or Waterproof coated are designed for the Spring and Summer months.

There are countless features that pet raincoats offer such as those that are reflective and those that have removable hoods that double as Spring and Fall jackets and those that provide adjustable legs and further protect their legs. It's always a better idea to look for rainwear for dogs that offers more coverage in areas that are prone to excessive rain and further look to buy either a dog umbrella and waterproof dog shoes so they don't track in dirt into your home.

People Often Ask:

The zippers used in the rain jacket along with the waterproof inner materials ensure that your pet’s belly does not get any moisture. You can use an adjustable dog raincoat for rain protection of your dog.

There is a leash slit on a lot of our raincoat products. The slit allows you to use the raincoat on your dog when you are looking for a dog raincoat with a harness opening. Some have a removable hood so you can use a harness on it easily too.

Pet Life offers rainwear for dogs of all sizes. Under any raincoat page that you love for your dog, you’ll find an option to check for sizes. You can find the right small dog raincoat for your dogs in there.

While raincoats are great to have your dog’s body protected from rain, you’ll still need to make them wear water-resistant dog boots to protect their feet. It is something that we recommend to a lot of dog owners.