Litter Box and Accessories

Litter Box and Accessories

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Litter Boxes and Accessories:

If you’re looking to shop for the right cat litter boxes and litter accessories, then look no further. Here at Pet Life, we break down various cat litter pans and accessories, such as litter shovels, scoopers, and even pan liners. Litter boxes are available in a wide array of shapes and sizes, so while the decision to select litter boxes might seem easy from the surface, it can often be challenging due to the plethora of widely available options. Hence, let’s go through some options to help you make the best well-informed decision.


Uncovered Litter Boxes:

Uncovered litter boxes are typically available in more shapes, sizes, and colors than the covered ones. They have low manufacturing costs, making them more affordable and available in disposable and non-disposable options.  

Besides, litter pans are designed to hold cat litter and come in varying height options. The more expensive litter boxes are dual-layered and designed with grids and an ejectable or removable slide-out tray at the bottom so that urine can pass through.


Covered Litter Boxes:

Covered litter boxes are great in maintaining the privacy that many cats desire while alleviating themselves through urination or defecation. Besides, covered litter boxes have limited size options than uncovered ones and often feature a heftier price tag due to molding and added materials involved during the manufacturing process. There are other more complex variants with added grids and slide-out trays at the bottom to collect cat urine. 

These litter boxes ensure privacy by creating an environment similar to living quarters or larger cat trees. By providing cats with their own private living space, cats may find it easier to relieve their bowels more frequently and smoothly without having bystanders. Moreover, many cat owners might feel uncomfortable watching their feline’s potty patterns.


Disposable Litter Boxes:

Disposable litter boxes are highly convenient for owners who aren’t in the mood to clean up feces and urine constantly in their litter boxes. These boxes are made of recyclable materials, such as tinfoil, cardboard crates, and crates made of recyclable paper (similar to those used in dozen egg cartons we buy). They’re extremely easy to use and provide instant clean by lifting the entire piece and disposing of according to the cycle of your cat litter. Besides, these litter boxes are inexpensive and often sold in case packs. Each litter pan is exceptionally lightweight and takes all the stress from taking out the garbage. 

The development of modern technology ensures that disposable litter boxes are surface-lined and feature odor-eliminating technologies with fragrant options. In addition, most disposable litter boxes contain baking soda, perfect for disposing of cat litter bags that seemingly don’t eliminate odors that well.


Litter Covers or Litter Pan Liners

These are lucrative alternatives for all cat owners with non-disposable litter pans made of plastic or metal and are looking for something convenient to help get rid of their pet’s mess seamlessly.  

Litter pan liners are special-sized plastic bags designed to go inside their litter boxes and around the outer lip. This makes it easy to remove all of the contents inside the litter box and dispose of the litter containing feces and urine instantly by tossing the bag right into the trash. Litter pan liners are a great time saver for those looking to eliminate hassle or decrease the time needed to clean the litter boxes.


Litter Accessories:

Buying the right litter accessories is critical to care for your cats’ litter properly. Most owners aren’t comfortable placing their hands inside the litter boxes and sifting around the clumping cat litter or urine; that’s just plain unsanitary. There are many little shovels on the market designed to sift around cats' feces, allowing you to keep the litter box clean and fresh while moving their fecal matter towards the bottom of their cat litter. High-quality, expensive litter shovels are steel-grade, and some even come with built-in cat and dog waste bag dispensers, while less costly shovels are often made of plastic. In addition, they often vary in length and width depending on the surface area. 

Litter shovels are available in both transparent grid and solid bottom designs depending on the type of cat litter they’re used in conjunction with.  

Granulated cat litters, such as clay or sand, don’t always require a grid bottom. It’s preferred to buy a little scooper with a grid or mesh bottom for cat litter featuring larger pieces, including pine or food-based cat litters, making it easier to sift through larger clumps.


People Often Ask:

Ideally, pet owners should scoop out the clumped litter every time their feline has finished relieving. However, if you cannot do so, we recommend scooping the box twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening, to prevent odor. Besides, you should change the cat litter entirely in a month.

Choosing the right size is critical when purchasing cat litter boxes. Hence, ensure the box is large enough for your cat to fit with some extra space to allow moving and digging around in it.

Always purchase a litter box that is larger than your cat when measured from their nose to the tip of their extended tail.

Cats like privacy when eliminating, so ensure placing the litter box in the less crowded area of the house. The location should be quiet, away from noisy appliances, and easily accessible. In addition, you can consider cat litter box furniture to offer a viable, attractive alternative if you are cramped for space.

There are tons of cat litter box options available, so selecting the best litter box is a matter of preference. However, prioritize the size and material of the box when picking one. We recommend selecting clumping natural litter boxes as they are eco-friendly and safe.

You can also opt for a self-cleaning cat litter box to eliminate scooping manually. These advanced litter boxes use a self-flushing or rotating mechanism to clean the litter, minimizing waste management.