Dog Freeze-Dried Treats

Dog Freeze-Dried Treats

While there are plenty of dog treats options available freeze-dried dog treats is one of the healthiest snacking alternatives for your dog. With freeze-dried dog snacks its easy to introduce raw ingredients and food for your dog’s diet. With prepackaged freeze-dried pet treats you don’t need to Re-hydrate the treats saving you time. The freeze-drying process removes the need to include additional preservatives in your dog’s food since the process keeps bacteria out by reducing the water content. Freeze-dried dog treats are a dried version of frozen dog food without the need of a freezer. One of the best parts about raw freeze-dried pet treats is that it is flash frozen in its natural state. This means that these dog treats haven’t been cooked, sealing in all the essential vitamins and all the nutritional values your dog needs. It is best to add water some water to their treats to add the moisture back in which after re-hydrating you end up with a lot more food in a smaller package. This will only take a few minutes to re-hydrate their treats where you can add some dog food toppers to the mix and add multiple levels of flavor to their meals.

Freeze-dried dog treats combine both the convenience of regular dog treats with a longer shelf life. Freeze-dried dog treats can be used during training to help retain what they learned. It can also be used as a topper to mix in with your dog’s food and it can be used if you are looking to transition your dog from a traditional diet to a raw diet. Freeze-dried dog treats come in a variety of textures to subdue even the unruliest of pets. While the most common use of freeze-dried dog treats is to add an additional snack in between meals people have been transitioning their dogs to completely raw diets across the country. With a wide variety of tantalizing flavors and textures that will make your dog’s wiggle in excitement.

Traditional Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Beef Freeze-Dried Dog Treats: When it comes to choosing a great dog treats beef is often the go to option. Beef freeze-dried dog treats continue to be the leader in flavors and textures for the best pups. Since beef is both a sustainable and complete source of protein it is the most commonly used ingredient when making dog treats. Unlike with traditional dog treats freeze-dried treats removes all additional fillers making it a great raw alternative for your dog. One of the best parts about freeze-dried treats is that it seals in most if not all the essential vitamins A, B, C and D that can be lost during the processing of other types of treats. This is all to help your dog maintain their healthy lifestyle.

Chicken Freeze-Dried Dog Treats: Since chicken is a staple in every dog’s life and diet freeze-dried chicken dog treats are a great way to introduce a raw diet to your dog. Chicken often has the most variations when it comes to textures and flavors without the compromises. These freeze-dried dog treats options are fused and rich in omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids and probiotics to keep their bowels and digestive tract healthy. This type of dog treats can include farm fresh ingredients like cranberries, broccoli, blueberries, carrots and healthy doses of calcium to keep their diets well balanced.

Turkey Freeze-Dried Dog Treats: Much like chicken turkey freeze-dried treats have similar vitamins and minerals in comparison to chicken. Where chicken and turkey differ is in their protein and fat content. It is often thought that turkey has more fat and less protein but in fact it’s the opposite. Turkey packs more protein per serving and is a leaner fat than the chicken alternative. That is why turkey has been a staple in the traditional dog diet and continues to perform as a healthy alternative to chicken freeze-dried treats. Turkey freeze-dried dog treats also offers limited ingredient options which includes only the most essential ingredients formulated for your dog’s health. Freeze-dried dog treats can also be combined with rich ingredients like organic fruits and vegetables enhanced with antioxidants and probiotics to support your growing pup.

Salmon Freeze-Dried Dog Treats: Most people now know the benefits of Omega 3 which salmon is known for. Salmon has great nutritional value in omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids that isn’t as prevalent in other treat options. Therefore, other alternatives have the need to include additives like salmon oil or coconut oil to increase the essential fat content. If your dog needs these essential fats salmon stands as king when it comes to proving your dog with the fatty acids, they need to lead a healthy lifestyle. Combining this type of freeze-dried treats with your dog’s wet dog food can help your dog get the raw essentials they need for all life stages.

Duck Freeze-Dried Dog Treats: Duck is often an overlook ingredient when it comes to choosing a treat for your dog. Duck freeze-dried treats provides your dog with another alternative to chicken and turkey. Since the freeze-drying process seals in all the flavors without any additional hormones, antibiotics or anything artificial in general. We believe that duck freeze-dried treats are as close to a natural wildlife snack that’s healthy for your dog’s diet that you can find and take on the go.

Exotic Freeze-Dried Dog Food

Rabbit Freeze-Dried Dog Treats: If you are thinking of transitioning your dog to a raw diet Freeze-dried rabbit dog treats is one of the best ways to transition your dog to a natural raw diet. Rabbits introduces new and wild flavors and interesting textures for your dogs to eat. Rabbit freeze-dried food is often made with single and limited ingredients that are sustainably sourced for your growing pup. Like quail freeze-dried dog treats, rabbit is often used a hypoallergenic protein that is easier for dogs to digest in comparison to meat, chicken and fish. This can help aid your dog who has problems with sensitive digestion. Let your dog be able to enjoy different types of foods and flavors without upsetting their tummy.

Pheasant Freeze-Dried Dog Treats: Our exotic food options are a great way to deal with dogs that are allergic to other food offerings. Pheasant is another great alternative for dogs who have allergies to more commonly accessible dog foods.

If you have a dog who has a special diet we also carry gluten free freeze-dried dog treats, grain free freeze-dried dog treats and even weight control freeze-dried dog treats to suit your dog’s needs. If you were thinking that your dog might not be getting enough protein in their diets freeze-dried dog food can help since it adds more food per square inch than wet dog food or dry dog food your dog will have all the protein they need to support their healthy lifestyle.