Red Sea Salt - 175 gal

Red Sea Salt - 175 gal
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Red Sea Salt is the ideal mix for fish, invertebrates, soft corals, and low-nutrient SPS reef aquariums. Red Sea Salt is created by blending natural solar evaporated salt (NaCl) harvested from the waters of the exotic Red Sea Reef together with other fine elements resulting in a homogenic and balanced salt mix that is as close to real reef water as possible. Each individual crystal of the harvested salt contains 45 of the minor and trace elements present in reef water and together with the other added components of the formula, guarantees natural levels of 57 elements, even in small water changes. Due to the unique production process, Red Sea Salt does not contain higher than natural levels of heavy metals and therefore does not contain organic binders. When mixed with RO water, this formula exactly replicates the composition of Natural Seawater, creating an ideal environment for healthy reef and marine life.

Reef Foundation Elements at Salinity of 33.5 ppt
  • Ca - 410 ppm
  • Mg - 1230 ppm
  • Alk - 2.8 meq/l
  • KH - 7.7 dKH
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