Red Sea MAX NANO Stand - Black

Red Sea MAX NANO Stand - Black

Product Description

Your fish and corals will noticeably stand out with the Red Sea MAX NANO Stand. It rests your aquarium at the perfect 52" height for optimal viewing, feeding and maintenance. This stand features a modern and stylish design made with a built in marine spec laminate cabinet that is made with epoxy waterproof painted doors and a modern push open feature; followed by a soft-close movement element through carefully designed stainless steel hinges. This thin, rectangular shape fits perfectly in any space; small or large catching the eye of friends and family. Tuck away your sump and aquarium supplies nice and neat with this extravagant aquarium stand that will fit any 18" x 18" tank and is compatible with the Red Sea MAX NANO Tank (Sold separately).

Available in Black or White.
Sku: RAQ-23315
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