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Dog Potty Training Aids

Dog Potty Training

Bringing home your new puppy is both an amazing and daunting experience. Inexperienced dog parents might not be aware of the training that needs to be done with your new pup. While you may think that this is obedience training it in fact is dog potty training. Dogs don’t naturally understand where they can and can’t use the potty which can cause them to go wherever and whenever they want. When you first get a puppy, you should start potty training straight away. Since your dog won’t be able to go outside for the first couple of weeks to prevent them from picking up any viruses or diseases this means that they will need an area within your home for them to go potty. This is where dog potty training aids can help your dog understand the basics of potty training. Since dogs do not like to use the bathroom in their den otherwise known as dog crates it can be a powerful training tool to teach your dog the proper times to use the potty. Some of our potty-training aids are fused with pheromones to attract your dog this is meant to encourage your dog to go where you want them to. This can be used for both indoor and outdoor training to encourage proper places to use the bathroom. This can help your dog transition from using potty pads to using the potty outside. When your dog is finally able to use the potty outside confidently you will need something to pick up their waste and this is where dog poop bags are a necessity. While you can pick up your dog’s waste with tissues it isn’t the most sanitary way to do so since they absorb moisture it isn’t a great way to hold their waste. While plastic bags are commonly used to pick up their dogs waste it isn’t environmentally friendly. Our dog poop bags do both while sealing the odor inside the bag. Once your dog is more confident and can use the potty outside dog cleaning wipes are an essential pet product that can help clean your dog’s tushy after they use the bathroom. Sometimes this is needed since their waste can get stuck to their fur. Avoid the need to clean your dog in the bath by using a dog cleaning wipe. The use of dog potty pads during your dog’s initial potty training should be used since they won’t be able to leave the house. This will help reduce the need to clean up after your dog giving you an easier alternative than cleaning up the floor with harsh chemicals. Every dog will have an accident no matter how well trained they are for these cases dog stain removers can get rid of the stain without the harsh chemicals of other traditional home cleaners. Even if your dog missed their potty pad our stain removers can clean up the mess in no time without the extra elbow grease. While the use of dog diapers and potty pads aren’t glamorous, they are an essential dog product that millions of dogs use daily. These diapers and potty pads aren’t just for dogs in training they are also used for senior dogs who are having trouble with incontinence. These are commonly used when your senior dog or puppy has trouble holding it in, dog diapers are a necessity when it comes taking care of your puppies and older dogs. This gives your dog the freedom to express themselves without being penalized for something that is out of their control. Give your dogs a comfortable way to relieve themselves. At Pet Life our diapers can come in reusable and disposable dog diapers. While it is up to you to decide which would work best for your dog, we want to cater to every dog’s needs. To completely protect your home from accidents dog diapers can prevent your dog from making a mess when they get overly excited. While your dog might not urinate when they get excited this can happen because your dog is doing something called submissive urination. Dog diapers can also be used for dogs that are in heat which is the perfect time to use a reusable dog diaper. Reusable diapers are best used in this case since these are machine washable diapers they can be used again and again. If your dog uses the bathroom in their dog bed replacing your bed multiple times can be avoided with dog diapers as well.