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What Makes Cats Sleep So Much?

What Makes Cats Sleep So Much?


Where is your kitty now? If you're reading this content on a laptop or tablet, there's a strong possibility it's trying to snuggle right on top of the screen. If Fluffy isn't around, it's probably dreaming or waking up from their 9th cat sleep of the day. Cats are known for their love of the couch, but there's more to this luxury than meets the eye. Do you have any idea that cats sleep for 16 to 20 hours per day on average? 

The first thing to know about cats is that they are most active between dusk and dawn. It means they sleep most of the day and become active when the sun is down. If you're taking a new feline home for the first time, this might be pretty shocking. Your cat will investigate and get into mischief right away, generally when you are fast asleep! Your cat, on the other hand, will be winding down for a full day of slumber as soon as the rest of the world wakes up for action. 

It is no secret that getting enough rest or sleeping is their top priority in the world of cats. But how much do cats sleep, and why do they sleep so much?  

Cat’s Sleeping Patterns 

Most of the cats are active at night, especially the kittens. Their species is known as crepuscular, which means that they come out more active at dawn and dusk. The fact that other natural predators prefer to hunt at night or during the day explained it. 

Most of the cats are active at night, especially the kittens. Their species is known as crepuscular, which means that they come out more active at dawn and dusk. The fact that other natural predators prefer to hunt at night or during the day explained it. 

Newborn kittens sleep 24 hours a day and grow while nursing and sleeping on the premium cat beds. The amount of sleep required by a kitten reduces as it grows older to an average of 16 hours per day. In the senior years, the cycle starts all over again. 

A cat's behavior is highly adaptive, and many animals will change their sleeping habits to spend more time with their favorite individuals. They'll also change naptimes to accommodate feeding schedules. 

Reasons Why Cats Sleep So Much 

We have enlisted below seven reasons why your cat might be sleeping throughout the day. These reasons will also tell you whether or not your cat's sleeping pattern is normal.

1. Your Cat Could Be Nocturnal

One of the fundamental reasons your cat sleeps throughout the day is that it is up at night hunting mice. Ancient cats were primarily nocturnal. The domesticated cats, on the other hand, have a schedule just like us. They sleep with us during the night and hang out with us during the day.

Your cat, on the other hand, might be sticking to its old roots by functioning as a predator at night and sleeping off the excess energy during the day. 

2. They Could Be Sleeping So Much to Conserve Energy 

 You already know that cats are predators. Just like the other predators, they, too, conserve their energy by sleeping or resting. They save up their energy to do most of their hunting. Generally, this sleeping pattern of the cats is not a cause for concern. 

3. Cats May Not Be Always Sound Asleep 

Another point that you may consider why your cat is sleeping too much is how they sleep. When you think your cat is fast asleep on the comfortable cat beds, they could be napping. In this state, your cats tend to get all the rest that they need. But at the same time, they could be alert enough to wake up in a moment.   

When you see their ears twitching and rotating towards any noise, you must know that your cat is in light sleep. Even they will keep their eyes open a tiny bit. Surprisingly, even when you see your cat sitting upright, it could slip into dozing mode. 

4. They Love Sleeping On Comfortable Pet Beds 

Everyone, even your cats, needs a comfortable area to sleep and lounge. They want a bed where they can feel secure, warm, receive a good night's sleep, and be alone whenever they want. In a day, they sleep for 15 to 20 hours, after all! So, if you give them comfortable cat beds and loungers to sleep, it would be only a matter of seconds when they doze off to sleep.

Take a look at where your cat prefers to sleep when choosing a bed that they would love. A full-surround bed, such as Pet Life's 'Nestler,' may be the best. It is a high-grade plush and soft rounded pet bed. A luxurious sleeping cushion may be preferable if they want to sprawl out on your sofa or bed.  

Some cats prefer to have their necks and heads relaxed and cushioned. If that’s the case, a bolster bed can be ideal for them. Know that your cat's sleeping preferences could change as they become older. According to the vets, if your cat is a Birman or Siamese, you may want to skip the gorgeous wool bed since these breeds can chew on.

5.Your Cat May Be Uncomfortable or Sick 

 Any change in the sleeping pattern of your cat could be a sign of trouble. If your cat is sleeping too much or too little, it would be best to contact your veterinarian. Excessive sleeping could indicate disease or pain, whereas frequent waking could signify a problem like hyperthyroidism.  

When cats are sick, they become less active and hide. Your cat may be in discomfort if it spends most of the time high up in the cat tree or lying on the bed.  

Is the cat overweight? Then it may be unable to move around much and may prefer to rest because moving about becomes painful. Obesity in cats is a significant issue resulting in joint pain and endocrine problems that require lifelong therapy. Consult your veterinarian to examine your cat's overall health if you can't quickly feel his ribs. 

The Bottom Line 

According to the professionals at a renowned animal center, you should only be worried when there is a drastic change in your cat's sleeping pattern. Rest assured, if you find that your cat's sleeping pattern is normal as it should be, you must not be worried. You can get those comfortable cat beds for sale online, and you know your fluffy will love it.  

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