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A Guide to Choosing the Right Cat Bed

A Guide to Choosing the Right Cat Bed

Are you a cat parent and have been wondering how to get the proper comfortable sleeping unit for your little purring friend but can't seem to figure it out? Well, it takes a bit of search and consideration to find the perfect little bed for your best cat friend. Many people may not genuinely appreciate how picky cats can be.  

 It is possible to buy a fancy bed with the hope that your pet will love it, only to be disappointed when it ditches it for your couch or your bed. So, what do cats want for their beds? This article explores the different cat beds on the market and how you can pick the best bed for your cat. Read on to discover more. 

 Image Address: Petlife 

Why Do You Need A Cat's Bed to Begin With? 

Many cat parents may not have an issue letting their cats sleep on their bed or share their favorite spot on the couch, which is something your little feline friend might enjoy more. Research has shown that most pet parents allow their cats to share their beds when they shouldn't. However, while this is great for binding and connecting with the pet, it may not suit the person doing it. Why? One may ask. Well, cats may be the cleanest pets around because they have a habit of self-cleaning, but the truth is that they don't get all the dirt out.  

 What's more, no amount of domestication will prevent a cat from checking out the trash once in a while. What this means is that they risk bringing in detritus from their litter trays, not to mention the little stubborn fleas that stuck even after cleaning them with shampoo. To avoid such instances, one is better off buying the cat its bed to be safe. But how do you know that the cat bed you pick for your cat will be the one it likes to even stay in? It is not as complicated as it seems as long as you have the cat's interest at heart.  

 Think about its comfort more and focus on the essentials. Below are a few hacks that can help you make the right choice. But before we get into the specifics, you should never compromise on it helps to know that there are different types of cat beds that you may need to know. Depending on the cat's personality, one kind of bed may be better for it than another. It helps to choose the bed based on the cat's personality, enhancing the possibility of acceptance. Common types of cat beds include the following: 

  • Padded of Cushioned Beds 

 The fact that cats have different daily habits means that their beds may also differ. While there is no good or lousy cat bed, cushioned beds are indeed ranked among the premium cat beds you will find in the market. These are perfect for cats that love to curl up and sleep most of the day as it offers extra comfort. In case you realize that the cat rather sleeps on the couch or in your bed, then it probably loves the comfortable cushion. This makes it a perfect candidate for this type of bed. 

  • Pod Beds

 This is a type of bed made in the form of an egg shape. It is unique and perfectly suits cats that love being curled up rather than stretchy. Besides, it is made of wood or plastic with soft fabric inside for comfort. Observe your cat and find out if it is most comfortable when curled up or if this is the position it assumes most of the time. If so, then a pod bed would be perfect for it. 

  • Window Perches 

 As earlier mentioned, cats have different personalities that manifest in their habits. This may be peculiar, but a cat lover understands it more. For example, you may have a cat that would rather spend its time on the windows and even fall asleep there. In such a case, the cat may prefer its independence. The best you can do is make it a little more comfortable by getting a window perched bed. These beds will attach to the window and allow your cat to sleep at its favorite place. After all, it would help if you focused on making the cat comfortable. A comfortable cat is a happy cat. 

  • Furniture style cat beds 

 If you want to explore and be fancy because your cat would rather sleep on a chest of drawers or your lounge chair, then this is the category of cat beds for sale you need to check out. They come in different shapes and styles, giving you more options. If you want to pamper your cat, this should be ideal, more so if they love the type you choose. 


 Image Address: Petlife 

 The furniture-style cat beds come in different forms, including chaise cat beds, castle cat beds, tree cat beds, bed-style cat beds, and so on. All you have to do is imagine it and create it. A local furniture store can help you find the perfect little furniture cat bed for your pet. They are also easy to fit if you want the ideal size to help your cat sleep better.  

 Now that you understand what is likely to be on offer when choosing cat beds and loungers, you need to figure out the essential traits that each cat bed must-have. It does not matter what style or type of cat bed you settle for as long as it can match the following characteristics. 

1. Size Matters 

 One of the crucial needs when selecting cat beds would be the size. It is mandatory to buy a bed that matches the size of your cat if you want it to be comfortable. Every time you walk into a pet store to buy a cat bed, have an estimate or exact size of your cat in mind. I would say focus on getting an average size. You do not want a bed too small for it to move around, and neither do you want it to be too large that it is not cozy for the feline friend.  

 In other words, knowing your cat's sleeping patterns can help identify the perfect size. However, avoid the mistake many cat parents make when buying a kitten's bed. Unless you are sure of buying another bed when it grows and fully matures, get a bigger bed for it as long as it is not an exaggerated size. The type of bed you settle for may also influence the size you pick, so it helps that they go hand in hand. 

2. Is the Bed Heated? 

 You know your cat better and probably understand why it picks the spots it does to sleep in. One of the biggest reasons is because it is seeking out a warm and comfortable place to rest. In case you find it curled up in warm corners of your house, then this should be a characteristic that guides you to choose a heated bed for it. On this one, there are several variations depending on the heat source. Some beds are heated electrically, while others require a microwave to heat.  

 Others are designed to trap and conserve the cat's heat, ensuring it stays warm all through. A heated bed may be necessary, significantly if you have arthritis, no matter which one you prefer. If your last vet visit indicated such symptoms, you might want to find a specific bed that will help keep the cat comfortable. Fortunately, different beds are designed to meet this particular need, so they should not be difficult to find. 

3. Seek to Provide Comfort

Cats tend to themselves way too much. So, they will always find a way to ensure this happens even if you do not prioritize it. Speaking of which, it is not surprising to wake up and find your cat in your bed or have it in the laundry basket, just because these are the most comfortable spots in the house. Since this is not what you want, an alternative would be to find a bed that is equally or even more comfortable than the spots it often chooses. Note that a box may not help so much. 

4. Create an Illusion of Security 

 Image Address: Petlife 

Choose a hooded bed or cover to some extent if you notice that your cat is the scary type. Sometimes, the cat needs the assurance that it is in a safe space and no harm will come to it. Have you ever wondered why kittens tend to hide in some dark and sometimes dingy alleys when they are lost? Yes! They are only trying to protect themselves from external harm.  

If your cat is scared and unsure of its surroundings, providing a covered or hooded bed will help keep it safe until it can come out on its own. Help your cat to trust you by showing it how protective you can get. 

5. Care Instructions 

 Just as you wash your bedding regularly to keep it fresh and clean, the cat's bed should be washable. When buying one, confirm that the bed you choose is easy to wash and clean when needed. Preferably go for beds with removable outer covers since these are easy to clean any time. One gain that comes with washing the cat's bed regularly is that you cut down on the potential of bacterial infection and minimize any odors coming from this space.  

 Forget about getting eye-catching and fancy if it will only end up becoming a headache to maintain. Instead, choose something practical and easy to wash. 

6. Bed Material 

 Cats are clean not because they do not like dirt, well it could be, but mostly because of how sensitive they are. Usually, they are among the most allergic pets you can keep. Remember that they will also be spending a lot of time on the bed, so they will likely suffer more allergies if the bed material is a trigger.  

Go for pet-friendly beds whose construction had the cat in mind. Advisedly, stick to natural materials such as wood, wool, cotton, among others. Also, note that the fabric the bed is made of should be breathable and resistant to dirt and moisture accumulation. The pet's comfort is compromised when there is excess moisture. What's more, it could be a trigger for mold and mildew buildup, which is hazardous for the pet and everyone else in the house. 

Image Address: Petlife 

On the same note, the fabric material should be firm and durable enough to stay in place. When it is loose or weakens to the extent that it comes off, the cat may end up chewing the pieces till the bed is no more. The fabric pieces it swallows could be dangerous to its health, hence ensuring this does not happen. Since this could sometimes happen accidentally, monitor closely whenever the cat uses its new bed. If there are any signs of strain, then you should replace or fix it immediately.  

In case you opt for the heated bed, be careful about the heating system used. It should be pet-friendly and safe. One way to confirm this is not listening to the salesman alone but also to check that the bed and heating system used have been lab-tested and approved by relevant authorities. Only then will you be sure that you are getting the best product for your cat. Fortunately, most quality brands in the market have adhered to this policy and only sell products that match your pet's comfort and safety needs. These include: 

  • The Bright Pet House - Hush Puppy House from Pet Life(It is a collapsible house that comes with cooling and heating features for maximum comfort)  
  • The Touchcat Molten Lava Kitty Cat Bed House and Lounge  
  • Touchcat's Exquisite-Plush Premium Kitty Pet Cat Bed  


Final Thoughts 

Finding a cat bed for your favorite feline cat should be pretty easy now that you have a few suggestions to work with. Focus on giving your cat maximum comfort and security when shopping around for excellent cat beds. Your budget may be a contrast, but the truth is that there is a bed to fit each cost category as long as you are willing to research. Do not settle for anything but the best for your cat. 

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