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Summer Dog Shoes | Do Dogs Need Shoes?

Summer Dog Shoes | Do Dogs Need Shoes?

Do Dogs Need Shoes?

French Bull Dog Wearing Shoes

Summer is here it’s the time where we go on long walks with our dogs & bring them to the beach.  Now more than ever it is important to have a pair of dog shoes for summer. Having dog boots for the hot weather can save your dog’s feet from being burned by the hot pavement. These “paw protectors” have multiple uses other than shielding your dog’s paws. So, what are the best dog shoes for summer?

What kind are you looking for?

There are different types of doggy boots that can protect your puppy this summer. We personally have 12 different types of dog boots for summer and winter.

The Beach

If you are going to the beach frequently this summer, we would recommend getting a pair of dog sandals. Since they are an open toed shoe your puppies’ pads are protected from the heat while being extremely breathable. Cleaning out a pair of dog beach shoes like any pair of shoes can be a pain. However, our line of dog sandals is easy to clean. We wouldn’t recommend rubberized dog shoes for the beach because sand can get stuck in the crevice’s which can potentially cause irritation.

The Pool

The best dog shoes for the pool must be our rubberized dog boots. These dog boots are heat resistant and water-resistant which is perfect for the swimming pool. A bonus with these dog booties is that it covers your puppies’ nails preventing it from breaking your pool lounges. Having a pair of versatile dog shoes that can cool down your dogs’ paws while keeping them protected from the hot ground.  

The Park

Going for a long walk in the park with your dog is great but the hot pavement can burn your dogs’ feet severely. There are a few cases yearly where dogs have burned off their pads on their feet. If you are going to be running with your dog in the park having a lightweight mesh shoe is the perfect companion for your companion. If you are going for long walks or walking in a big city you wouldn’t necessarily want to have a pair of dog running shoes, instead having a pair of canvas dog shoes would be the better option. We think that they are more fashionable and can match your canvas shoes.


Each pair of dog shoes has its strengths and going with one is better than going with none. The protection of your dogs’ feet is the most important part. Regardless if you go with our brand of dog boots, taking care of your dog’s needs comes first. Take the time and do some research we just don’t want to see your pets paws being burned like this.

Have any interesting news or articles we are glad to hear it feel free to contact us or comment!

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