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If you are a new dog owner or you have been one for many years you know that owning a dog is fun, but it isn’t easy. From bowls, toys, leashes and more pet owners spend hundreds if not thousands on pet supplies each year. While spending on your pooch you should know the 5 things that every dog owner needs.

Crates, Gates & Containment

While not all dog owners crate their dogs, it is a natural behavior for your dog to have a den. There are many benefits that outweigh the cons when it come to dog crates

  • Crates can help during potty training
  • Gives your dog a safe place to retreat
  • Crates can help reduce stress by comforting your dog
  • Will prevent destruction of property

Potty Training With Crates: Crates are one of the most important tools when potty training your dog. Since dogs prefer not to use the bathroom in their crates it can help with unwanted accidents in the home. This is where routine comes into place, a solid schedule where you take out your dog the moment their crate opens will teach them when to go potty.

Safe Space: While dogs are social animals if they are overwhelmed, they will retreat into their home for security. Having a crate gives them a place that if they ever feel threatened or scared, they seek shelter until it passes.

Crates Reduce Stress: In stressful situations your dog will be seeking comfort and generally their crate is the most comfortable spot for them. By developing these habits, it informs you the owner that your dog is stressed. Since dogs can’t communicate though speech reading their body language becomes an important aspect when owning a dog.

Prevent Destruction: When leaving your home for a few hours crating them will prevent them from causing unwanted property damage. It should also be noted that you shouldn’t leave your dog crated for extended periods of time longer than a few hours. This will cause additional stress and anxiety. The most common outburst of anxiety is when your dog rips their bedding.


Collar, Leash & Harness

If you own a dog, you will need to walk them. While there is a controversy which is better collars vs. harnesses you will need to choose one. While we recommend all three, we know that owning a dog can be expensive and cutting costs is needed at times. You will still need to choose an option since it is illegal in most states to walk your dog without a leash.



Toys are a necessity for both you and your dog. This is where you will spend and have the most time playing with and having fun with your dog. While having hundreds of toys aren’t a needed having a handful where you can clean and swap them is advised. Chances are if the toy looks like it is made cheap it usually is. Investing in a quality dog toys can prevent tearing, stuffing on the floor, and suffocation from small parts.


Water & Food Bowl

There are a lot of different dog bowls from automatic dog feeders to stainless steel dog bowls. While you can choose any type of bowl there are some which are easier to clean. You should wash their food bowls after every meal. You can do this less frequently, but you need to empty and sanitize it at least once a week. The same goes with your dog’s water bowl.


Dog Beds

Every dog deserves a spot to call their home. Crates do this well, but they aren’t inherently comfortable. You can usually fit a dog bed into a crate easily giving your pooch all the comfort they desire. Look for a dog bed that fits your dogs sleeping style. If you are having trouble picking a bed that is the right size and shape for you dog this guide should help you.

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