Prevue Hendryx Kitty Power Paws Sky Condo

Prevue Hendryx Kitty Power Paws Sky Condo
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The Prevue Hendryx Kitty Power Paws Sky Condo is a elegant and sophisticated multi-faceted playground for cats of all shapes, sizes, ages and breeds. With classy shades of blue and gray, the unit is sleek and visually agreeable with nearly any room in your home, saving your precious furniture from the consistent scratching and clawing of your lovable cat. The unit combines soft felt fabrics with durable jute rope and provides a padded day bed with a "U" shaped backing to make cats feel more secure and less vulnerable, while featuring three distinct scratching posts, two cozy, plush lined beds and a jumping platform so that cats can practice their natural pouncing abilities at different heights. The texture of the unit itself is very attractive to cats and will help to significantly reduce inappropriate scratching behaviour and safe your expensive furniture. The unit has a low spacial footprint and is well suited for homes without a lot of additional space.

Sku: RAQ-41649
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