Trigger Systems Ruby Cube Sump - 20"

Trigger Systems Ruby Cube Sump - 20"
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Trigger Systems sumps combine function, efficiency, and visual appeal into robust and high quality filtration systems that are hand-crafted in the U.S.A. All Trigger Systems sumps are fabricated with rounded, flame-polished acrylic, including a full top support brace that adds sturdiness and durability. Equipped with locking sock holders, protein skimmer chamber, dedicated refugium section, and a return pump section all separated by baffles specifically designed to eliminate mirco bubbles.

Key Features:
  • Probe holders
  • Locking filter sock holders
  • Adjustable water height (E Elite & C Cube models)
  • Dual platforms (S Sump models)
  • Ruby red coloring to prevent unwanted algae growth in other sections
Ruby Series sumps are constructed with crystal clear and ruby red acrylic for impeccable style and to prevent light from producing unwanted algae outside of the refugium section. They also include a built-in probe holder to keep probes securely in place.

Ruby Sump 20C Specifications:

Dimensions: 20" x 20" x 15"
Drain/Skimmer Section: 11.63" x 12"
Front/Refugium Section: 19.5" x 7.25"
Return Pump Section: 12" x 7.63"
Total Water Volume: 24.3 gallons
Skimmer Water Level: Adjustable from 7" to 9.5"
Filter Socks: 1
Sku: RAQ-4430
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