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Why it's important for Dogs to wear Jackets

Why it's important for Dogs to wear Jackets

When temperatures drop, dogs can also suffer from the cold, even if they have hair! So the question arises: should you put a jacket on your dog when it's cold?


We sometimes tend to think that with their hair, dogs are not cold. That's a common misconception, Dogs always feel cold and can suffer from it. Imagine walking barefoot on the bitumen, and think of their pads on the frozen ground.


Dogs should almost always cover their essentials from the bitter cold such as their extremities around the waist and neck areas. By adding coverage in additional areas such as the legs that can only help assist in proper cold prevention. Dogs are never immune to an illnesses such as pneumonia, bronchitis, or gastritis. So, wouldn't you put a jacket on your dog to protect it from the cold? In some cases medical and vet bills to correct these illnesses may cost more than the cost of a proper jacket you buy.


Why put a jacket on your dog?

We often wonder at what temperature do dogs sense they're cold and that all boils down to your breed and the amount of fur coverage provided. Many dogs show signs of being cold under certain conditions by trembling or by keeping their head down, the fact of the matter is that Dogs today are domesticated animals and are no-longer as adept to the wild instincts their ancestors and that is simply due to their immunity. The same can be argued to allergies developed in children, this could all have to do with the way food is processed and commercialized and in correlation to that point dogs are in many cases used to being domesticated and living in homes where temperatures are on average 72 degrees Fahrenheit, so imagine taking that dog and walking him or her outside where temperatures and conditions are freezing? While many still argue that wearing a jacket is unnecessary the argument is always up for debate.



Certain dog breeds are more vulnerable and sensitive to cold than others: this is the case with puppies, elderly dogs, small breeds ( Chihuahua, Pinscher, Dachshund, etc.) and naked dogs.


 Here's another fact about Smaller Dog Breeds and how that relates to the cold:

"Small breeds, in particular, need to slow down heat loss because the cold increases the risk of getting sick: either directly, by hypothermia, or indirectly, by weakening the immune system," explains Dr. Stéphane Tardif, behaviorist veterinarian.


Should you put a jacket on your dog to protect it from the cold?

So, should you put a jacket on your dog? The answer is yes. Contrary to what some people think, putting a coat on your dog is nothing ridiculous or futile as long as this action is justified. And when it is cold, it is a must have!


Dr. Tardif explains ..."Not all dogs have the same feeling and the same resistance to cold. If your dog seems to be cold, he trembles or refuses to walk when he feels the cold, you can equip him with a garment, the walk will be all the more comfortable".


How do you choose the right jacket?

Depending on the coverage and ration of fur you should begin your search in finding the right dog coat. Pet Life carries a plethora of options to choose from. After deciding the type of coverage you feel is necessary dependent on type of breed, fur coverage, where you live and the seasonality of the colder whether patterns and temperature ranges you should start asking yourself do I need to cover the entire body or solely the chest? do I need to buy a 2-in-1 convertible dog jacket or lightly fleece jacket? or in some cases will a sweater suffice? These are all up to the buyer but one thing is for sure, if you live in areas where temperatures exceed 40 Degrees you should probably look for a full body jacket for premium protection. In the United States even during Spring Season there are temperatures that can still develop conditions for snow. The more protected the better!


But then, how do you choose the right jacket to protect your dog from the cold? Many dogs - especially those who are not used to it - cannot stand wearing a coat, even if it protects them from the cold and makes outings more pleasant!


  • The first criterion for choosing one is your dog must be comfortable in it. He must be able to move in it. Proper range of motion is very important.


  • The jacket must be adapted to its size and morphology and must cover its belly properly. Some dogs like wearing jackets that are tighter around the belly as this helps ease anxiety, and some like to have lots of room. It's up to the dog.
  • It's important to note, for example, that there are jackets specially adapted for mastiffs and Greyhounds, which will, de facto, be different from those intended for Chihuahuas or Yorkie's. There are also "combination" jackets that cover the legs with removable layering's, we call those 2-in-1 jackets (Check out our Touchdog 2-in-1 Jacket).


  • You should also take into account the material of the clothing: we will favor a waterproof and padded dog jacket, but as light as possible to wear for the animal. As for hoods, they offer additional coverage around the ears. Perhaps searching for a Parka jacket with a removable hood provided greater options.


  • Choose a model that is easy to put on to avoid having to "fight" to put the jacket on your dog. If your dog has a harness, know that some jackets have an opening on the back provided to be able to attach the leash to the harness under the coat. There are also dog jackets with integrated harnesses. Still, other models even have a buckle, which avoids having to put a harness or a leash on the dog.


  • Finally, the jacket must also please you and match your tastes and your budget, even if it is the comfort of the dog, which must prevail rather than the fashion effect! Do not forget to gradually get your dog used to wearing this jacket, encouraging your dog and associating his body with the dog jacket and providing a reward might calm your dogs nerves. Rewards always work!



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