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Why Do Dogs Spin Before They Poop?

Why Do Dogs Spin Before They Poop?

Why Do Dogs Spin Before They Poop?

Dog With Fidget Spinner On Nose

When you are introduced into the doggy dog world you will notice peculiar things about your puppy. One of the quirks is that they spin before they poop. We know that they do it but the question remains as to why they do it.

Not all dogs spin

There are always exceptions to the rule, but it is common in most dogs and it isn’t singled out to specific breed. While your dog is spinning it is doing several things. Your dog is cleaning the area, making sure that it’s a safe spot to go while marking their territory. Dogs do a lot when they are twirling around and if you notice your dog not doing so try to take them on longer walks around the neighborhood to see if they spin. If your dog is having issues with going to the bathroom outside dog training pads or diapers can help.

They Do It For Hygienic Purposes

Before you sit down and do your business you better make sure that toilet is clean. Dogs do the same thing while they are spinning. They stomp down the grass, dirt, & other things that can prick them while they are doing their business.

Dogs Also Do It For Safety Purposes

This is a trait that has been passes down since their wild ancestors. Going to the bathroom makes you vulnerable and checking out the area multiple times before going potty is not only encouraged it’s a means for survival. While they are squatting it is hard to ward off potential threats which can put them in great danger.

Scientific Reasons

The study suggests that while your dog is spinning it is aligning itself to the earth’s magnetic field. The study suggests after examining 70 dogs with 37 different breeds over a two-year period that they align themselves to the north-south axis. It is still unknown if dogs are doing this consciously or not. Dogs aren’t the only ones to align themselves with the earth’s magnetic field ducks also are known to follow magnetic poles when migrating.

Now that you know the reasons why dogs circle around before they poop make sure to give them time to go to the bathroom. No one likes to be rushed when using the restroom and if you need something to clean up the mess, we have dog waste bags to help clean up.

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