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Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

Why Do Dogs Lick Their Paws?

Have you been noticing your dog licking its paws or your dog chewing on their paws excessively? There are plenty of dog owners that are concerned and wondering what they should do about it. Some dogs will lick one paw other dogs will start licking both paws constantly. If you notice that your dog has started licking its paws a lot, you should be worried.

If this type of behavior especially if it comes suddenly should be addressed by a veterinarian quickly. If you are noticing that your dog is licking its paws and limping it can be a sign of infection. Other signs of infections is redness, swelling, odor, and bleeding.

Possible Causes For Licking And Chewing Paws

There are many reasons why your dogs can lick their paws and start nibbling on their feet. If you are noticing that your dog starts to lick their feet in the summer most likely their paws have been burned, punctured, or your dog has a tick in between their paws. Having a pair of dog shoes for the summer can prevent punctures, burned dog paws, and ticks from getting in between your dog’s paws.

There are more serious cases where dogs will engage in obsessive paw licking. Serious cases include tumors, allergic skin diseases, auto immune, diseases, interdigital cysts, and other cancers. Allergic skin diseases are the most common reason why dogs lick their paws nonstop. There are a few different types of allergic infection in dogs yeast infection, fleas, ringworm infection, mites, lice, and bacterial infections only a properly trained veterinarian can tell you which one it is.

If you aren’t interacting enough with your dog during the day your dog might be licking their paws because of anxiety. Obsessive compulsive disorders in dogs are known to happen due to separation anxiety. If you have been anxious before nail biting is a common way to know if someone is anxious. The causes of dog anxiety are boredom, lack of exercise, and depression.

There are also dogs that lick their paws over a long period of time because they enjoy it. This behavior can often be seen by a dog licking their paws before bed. However there usually was an underlying problem that started it. Did your dog start licking its paws after grooming? Did your dog start licking their paws from an infection? These are some questions that your vet will ask you to find out the underlying cause of the behavior.

Dogs Licking Paws Remedies

Before we give you any of these at home remedies it is important that you contact your veterinarian first before changing their diet or applying at home remedies.

Coconut Oil: There are a few different at home remedies to prevent your dog licking it paws. Coconut oil is a natural is a natural inflammatory that can sooth your dogs irritated paws. Coconut oil is also a great way to sooth discomfort from dog eczema, allergies, yeast infections. You should be aware that ingesting large amounts of coconut may be bad for your dog’s heart health and coconut water should be avoided.

Aloe Vera: If you ever had a bad sunburn before you already know that aloe vera can help. This plant is a natural healing agent that can reduce redness and heat on the skin. If you notice that your dog is licking its paws causing it to turn red aloe vera is a great at home remedy. You need be aware that you shouldn’t purchasing aloe vera that has alcohol in it. Only purchase 100% aloe vera if you are using it on your dogs.

Colloidal Oatmeal Baths: This age-old remedy has been passes down through the generations because it works. Since oatmeal is nontoxic to dogs it is one of the best ways to reduce redness, swelling, and itchiness. If you have oatmeal at home, you can make colloidal oatmeal by grinding sugar free oatmeal into a powder. This is one of the cheapest alternatives to reducing itchy red dog paws.

Omega 3 and Health Carbs: This remedy fixes your puppy from the inside out. Having a balanced diet of carbs and omega-3 fatty acids can improve and reduce inflammation and digestion while promoting skin health. Current dog foods have little meat and are full of preservatives which can cause an allergic reaction. Swapping your current dog food for a fish based one will keep your dogs coat shiny and can prevent your dog from licking their paws.

Prescription Remedies: These are given by a vet there are a multitude of supplements, ointments, etc. Since there are a wide variety of treatments your veterinarian will decide which prescription dog remedy should be used.   

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