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Why are Shoes for Dogs so essential?

Why are Shoes for Dogs so essential?

Why are Shoes for Dogs so essential?

There are many skeptical shoppers and often those who wonder why dog shoes are so important and why they're worn for other purposes other than style. Dog Boots also known as dog booties are super cute but if you read more about the benefits and properties they offer you might be inclined to buying a pair or properly understand what they're used for. All dogs have different feet and they're all different in both size and shape and the same can be attributed to their feet and paws therefore knowing and understand the type of breed of dog you own will help make shopping for shoes a whole lot easier.


First and foremost it's important to note that there aren't necessarily one-size-fits-all shoes, dogs have different paw sizes, ankles and legs depending on their breed types and the thickness of the skin located on their paws vary therefore, it's a very good exercise to first analyze their paw structures. It's also important to note the age of your dog before you go out running to buy a pair. Older dogs are more prone to having both ankle and foot issues and walk less often than younger dogs and puppies, so you should always choose wisely.


Shoes and even socks should always be apart of their wardrobe and not because they look amazing, their are a myriad of benefits that they offer. Winter Dog Boots for instance are specially designed to protect their paws from the freezing frost-bite conditions on streets and sidewalks that typically occur when walking on snow and ice. Freezer burn isn't something to take light, it can be painful and cause nerve damage to their paws. The same can be said for shoes designed for the summer, many dogs that go out for walks on sandy beaches and the street are prone to experience discomfort when walking on either hot asphalt or hot weather-like surfaces that don't repel heat well caused by the sun and can also cause nerve damage especially with certain breeds that have sensitive paws.


That's not all, older dogs especially dogs in recovery and those that spend time domesticated in your home are prone to slipping on surfaces, shoes and especially dog socks are manufacturers with tiny rubberized micro-grips that are designed to improve traction to prevent slips and falls. There are also boots that feature High-Ankle support for many dogs with ankle problems and issues.


What we like to suggest is to take your time and measure their paws, always look to buy a pair that offers a bit of additional wiggle room and those that have adjustable straps and take into account their paw and leg structures and their age. Lastly, when shopping try to find a reputable manufacturer or retailer willing to accept returns as in many cases returns do occur as it's not always the right Cinderella shoe, having the freedom to return or exchange is a must when it comes to buying shoes. That's why we stand by our Free Returns and Exchanges and will further offer to pay return shipping if the shoe doesn't fit. That's always a major plus!

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