Which Dog Toys are right for my Fido?

Which Dog Toys are right for my Fido?

There are literally millions of toys made by hundreds of manufacturers all across the world therefore many find it challenging in today's day and age to find the right toys that fit a specific need. There also also numerous types of toys that make it even harder when it comes to narrowing down your selection from Rubber Dog Toys to toys that are Plush, to those that are floating and those composed of TPE or TPR materials that are like-rubber but lighter in weight. So let's take a mini dive into finding which dog toys are right for your furry little pal.


The first and most important thing to always gauge when shopping for toys is to first understand the aggressiveness of your dog and ask yourself if you're looking for toys designed to take out their aggression or toys designed for entertainment or for cognitive behavioral development. For more aggressive dogs it's always important to shy away from buying something that they'll likely tear through such as plush toys, even if manufacturers state their plush toys are durable and while there are many that are, that doesn't mean your dogs teeth won't tear right through them, you might want to look for something that is more durable such as Rope, TPR or Tough Rubber. 


For Non-aggressive or hyper dogs it's important to shop for something that'll tone down their hyper-activity at times by looking for more cognitive building puzzles or interactive toys that'll tire them out so they can get some rest. In such cases you might want to shop for a toy that's more designed for fetching such as a tennis ball gun or a Frisbee. These toys are great when bonding and providing much needed exercise so they're not just running around in the yard finding something to do. Interacting with toys and their owners is a way to build upon both their physical and mental health since dogs love to be constantly entertained. There are also summer floating dog toys that are great when playing around the pool.


Dog toys are not different than toys used for children, like children their minds and their needs are quite the same, the only difference is that with dogs it's not always to read their minds and communicate as easily therefore it's important to pay attention to their body language and make sure their minds and bodies are always engaged. and last, always remember to rotate their toys from time to time. Toy rotation is important so that your dog doesn't get bored. They feel appreciated as do children when receiving new toys or toys that are cycled out every now and then.


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