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What type of Dog Coats are good for the Fall and Spring?

What type of Dog Coats are good for the Fall and Spring?

What type of Dog Coats are good for the Fall and Spring?

Many of us that shop for dog coats and jackets during the winter season months tend to guesstimate how quickly the fall months tend to turn into winter and when the Spring weather starts to warm up. Oftentimes weather patterns are not so reliable during the Spring and Fall months with weather dips that range into to the 50's, 40's, 30's and sometimes lower which makes it kind of difficult when to start putting on a jacket that'll keep the body warmer or when to look for something lighter during those extended summer seasons. If you are just like everybody else, it's impossible to predict or forecast what the weather will end up being therefore it's important to make sure you dogs wardrobe is equipped with the right jackets that'll combat the Fall and Spring Season as well as having proper protection during the Winter months or below freezing Fall and Spring months. It's not always up to Punxsutawney Phil (lol) let's try not to always depend on that adorable little Groundhog!


Fall Jackets are much lighter than winter coats, they're less in filling and are breathable and don't fully cover or protect their bodies as it's unnecessary. We don't want to make our dogs feel uncomfortable by over-dressing therefore it's important to look to buy something that has a removable hood, heck there are even coats out there with removable legs and some with a removable outer layer such as the Dog Helios Lotus Rusher Jacket that actually converts into both a Spring and a Fall jacket making it perfect for those that want to have the flexibility for having something strong and heavy enough for the cold yet light enough for the Fall and Spring seasons.


It's also important to look for something with more free-range and less sleeves if possible. There are also dog yoga tracksuits out there that exist and are meant to cover their bodies lightly like a jacket would while providing complete range or motion or flexibility while protecting their bodies from the colder weather climates. Sometimes hooded dog sweaters do the trick but definitely be prepared as weather patterns are unpredictable and it's good to have an arrow in your quiver when those temperatures do drop suddenly especially when a storm hits. 






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