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What to look for When Buying A Harness For Your Furry Friend?

What to look for When Buying A Harness For Your Furry Friend?

Taking your puppy for an evening walk can help tire them out and provide some much-needed fresh air. However, it can be a source of frustration if your dog pulls on the leash. A harness can help restrain the dog by evenly distributing the pulling force across its body, making it easier to control.



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Dog harnessing can also be necessary when you are out in the park. Investing in a quality dog leash will not only keep your pet safe but also make walks more enjoyable for both you and your furry friend.


Why and When Is Harness Necessary?

Sometimes, you may wonder if you need a leash before taking your dog for exercise. Why not use the collar your pup always wears?

Collars are essential dog accessories, but a harness becomes vital when you want complete control over your pet. Some dogs can pull hard on their leashes, and this can cause a collar to break, choke or even hurt the dog.

A harness for dogs makes it easier for you to control your pet when they start pulling on the leash. The device helps prevent choking and injury to your pet's neck, spine, or trachea.

You can use a dog harnesses to stop your pet from jumping on people or other animals. When visiting a public park or a friend's house, you can use the harness to keep your pet in control and prevent them from causing trouble.

Security dogs also need harnesses to help with their work. Police dogs, for instance, are typically fitted with bulletproof and stab-resistant vests and a harness. This safety gear will protect the dog while performing their duties, and they also make it easier for them to apprehend suspects or pursue criminals.

Apart from that, a harness can help prevent your dog from running away. The device can attach to a seat belt, which will keep the dog safe in the car. A harness also stops the dog from distracting you while driving.


Types of Dog Harness

Dog harnesses come in different types. Your harness choice can determine your dog's safety and how much control you have over them when out and about.


1. Body Harness

This harness covers the entire body of the dog. It usually fastens with a buckle or clip. This type of harness is best for dogs still learning how to walk on a leash, as it gives you more control over them.

The body harness also prevents your pet from slipping out of the collar, which can be dangerous if they run off or get into a fight with other animals. It is ideal for dogs that pull too hard on the leash, as it will distribute the force evenly across their body.

The body harness is one of the most common dog harnesses, and it is easy to find an option suitable for your pet. When choosing this type, look at how secure the fastenings are. You do not want a buckle that might snap under strain.


2. Neck Harness

A neck harness is a dog accessory that goes around the dog's neck and attaches to the leash. It can also be used together with a collar.

The neck harness is not as popular as the body harness but can be ideal for certain dogs. For example, dogs that do not pull on their leashes can use a neck harness without any problem.

A neck harness is ideal for walking dogs learning to walk on a leash. The device is simple and easy for them to get used to.


3. Step-in Harness

A step-in harness could be the solution you need for the dogs that hate restrictions. The name of this dog accessory comes from how it is worn.

This type of harness can be put on by stepping into it. Then, you will need to pull the straps back over the dog's body and secure it. This process is quick and will not take long, making the step-in harness ideal for dogs that hate having anything tight around their necks.

The step-in harness is also perfect for excited dogs that like to jump on people. When you are out on your walks, your pet will be much more contained than when wearing a collar.


4. Safety Harness



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Safety harnesses are the best choice for people who love traveling with their pets. This type of dog accessory will attach to your car's seat belt, securing your furry friend in place.

The safety harness is also great for dogs that like to run around in the car. You can focus on driving without worrying about them by keeping them restrained.

The safety harness is a simple device but could save your dog's life during an accident. Always ensure you buckle your pet in when using this type of harness.


What Do You Look For In A Harness?

When you want to shop dog harnesses, it is prudent to find one that helps you achieve your goal and make your furry friend safe. So many details determine what type of dog harness you will buy. It is vital to have every information right to avoid disappointments and regrets.

Here are a few vital points you need to consider:

1. Size Of The Harness

The size of your harness is crucial in ensuring your dog's safety. Buying a harness too tight or too loose can be dangerous for your pet. For instance, a tight one can cause your dog to suffocate.

On the other hand, a loose one will slip off easily and become useless. You can determine the size of harness you need by measuring your dog's chest and neck.


2. Type Of Harness

There are different types of harnesses for you to choose from. Each type of harness has its advantages and disadvantages. Knowing the right one for your furry friend is crucial in picking the best dog accessory.

You can pick the best dog harness for your furry friend according to the event or activity you will be using it. For example, a harness suitable for walking your furry friend may not be ideal when traveling in the car.

For example, a body harness is the best type of harness for a dog that pulls on its leash. It will distribute the force evenly across their body and prevent harm to your dog's neck. Also, a body harness is perfect for dogs that jump about when walking outdoors.


3. Style Of The Harness

The style of your dog harness is an essential factor that you should consider when buying one. There are various styles of harnesses on the market. Your choice will determine how successful you will get in harnessing your pooch.

To determine the best harness style, you will need to think about what you and your furry friend are most comfortable with. You can also pick a style that complements your dog's personality.

One of the best styles you may consider is a harness with a backpack feature. It will make it easier to carry your furry friend's supplies when going on a walk. For instance, you can pack the dog's identity, health record, and vaccination certificate in the backpack.

Another popular choice is the mesh harness because it is lightweight and breathable. It will be perfect for dogs that like to exercise in hot weather. When going out during summer, a mesh harness is the best choice for your furry friend.

It will keep them cool and prevent overheating. Minimize the use of this harness style when it is cold outside because it will not keep your furry friend warm. If you have to use it, consider some dog jackets to keep them warm.

Also, choose between a buckle and a clip-on harness. A buckle harness will have a strap that goes around your dog's neck and another one for its chest. It is easy to put on and take off. However, it can be a choking hazard for dogs that try to pull away from their owners.

A clip-on harness has two clips that attach to your dog's collar. It is perfect for dogs that do not pull on their leash because it can release the clip. It is also easy to put on and take off.


4. Material

The material used for making the harness affects its durability, usability, and price. You will want to determine if the material you buy will last long to avoid frequent purchases. Also, some materials are not suitable for all weather conditions.



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For instance, a nylon harness is perfect for rainy days because it is water-resistant. However, you must avoid using it during summer because it can irritate your furry friend's skin.

Another suitable material is leather, perfect for cold weather because it is heat-resistant. It will also last longer and does not require a lot of maintenance. Leather comes in different colors and styles, making it a popular choice for dog harnesses.

Durable dog harnesses may be expensive, but you will get your money's worth in its lifespan. You will not need to replace it often. The material used for making the harness also determines how easy it is to clean.

For instance, if the harness is made of leather, you will need to condition it regularly. Otherwise, it will become rigid and uncomfortable to use. The material used in a harness will also determine how easy it is to manage your dog's shedding.


5. Price



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The pricing of a dog harness relies on the quality of the product. An expensive harness may not necessarily be perfect for your furry friend, and a cheap one may offer you value for money. But, generally, better-quality items tend to be more expensive.

When buying a harness, you should consider how much use it will get. If your dog is constantly pulling on it, a harness made of durable material will be perfect. However, if you only use the harness occasionally, you may consider a cheaper one.

Production cost, handling and shipping fees, and other associated costs also affect the price of a dog harness. You may be able to find discounts when buying online, but you should consider the quality of the product.


How to Buy a Harness for Your Dog?

When you know the type, design, material, and price you want in a harness, it is time to buy one. But how do you go about purchasing the perfect one?

The best way to buy a harness for your dog is by trying it on them. It will help you determine if the harness is properly fitting and comfortable. That will require you to visit a local store with your dog.

Another thing you can do is to measure the circumference of your furry friend's chest and neck. Measurements will help you to find the perfect harness size. Also, look for a harness with adjustable straps to get the ideal fit.

You can also find online reviews of dog harnesses to see what other pet owners think of the product. Most people are honest about their experience, and it will help you make an informed decision.

Another advantage of buying a harness online is that you can get discounts. You can also find a wider variety of designs and colors. However, not all online stores offer free returns, so be sure to check the store's terms before buying.

Apart from that, you would not need to spend too much on gas driving around to find a harness. The delivery services should not cost you much.



A dog harness is perfect for managing dogs that pull on their leash. It will ensure they do not hurt themselves when they pull or run. It will also make it easy to manage your dog's instincts, such as chasing and sniffing everything during a security operation.

When buying a harness, you should find a durable one, which is comfortable, and fit well. Also, consider the price and whether you can find discounts online. Buying a harness should not be difficult, especially when you know what to look for.

Also, remember that not all harnesses are perfect for dogs of a specific breed—research well when finding the right one for your furry friend. You can also ask friends for recommendations.

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