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What are the Benefits of Dog Toys?

What are the Benefits of Dog Toys?

As a pet parent, getting your dog a toy is one of the most important things to do. It is not enough to walk your dog alone. Many dogs have destructive habits, which do not require an elaborate solution. It is not surprising as puppies are typically energetic. When they are left alone without any tangible thing to do, such destructive habits show up.

As a result, dogs need to play, have fun, and do other activities that will expend their energy. Even when you don’t have time to take them on a walk, they need a form of distraction to sap their energy. In the same way, toddlers need toys to keep them busy; there are newborn puppy toys that can keep them engaged and help them have fun. Besides, it is an essential element of their growth and character development.  

In addition, it is safe to compare puppies to kids in terms of behavior from birth. But, puppies develop their teeth on time, so they look for something to gnaw at. You can easily prevent them from chewing at different objects and destroying furniture and cushions with a toy. Typically, puppies are curious and explorers, allowing them to instinctively run, jump, play, bite, and attack. With dog toys, a pet parent can distract and engage them, thereby controlling any destructive behavior that might want to emerge.

There are many reasons why you should consider getting a toy for your dog. Toy gives a series of benefits that goes beyond catching fun. Here are some advantages: 

1. Correct Behavioral Issues 

Most dogs have an abundant source of energy and get bored quickly. Without the proper stimulation, this can result in destructive behavior, as they need to expend such energy. Toys provide a channel to avoid these behavior issues.  

Dogs need exercise in different ways, and pet toys provide the perfect opportunity to train your dog to behave. This is better than leaving her to create her fun, which might not go well with you. A bored dog will be excessively active and distracted. You will see this manifest through different behaviors like disobedience, chewing, running around, chasing things, backing and digging, etc. However, with dog toys, you can expose them to a series of fun.  

2. Dog Toys Can Prevent Anxiety

Anxiety develops in humans, majorly when we are idle. When we have nothing tangible to do, that's when the mind can fixate on different issues where it has no control. This is also true for dogs. Leaving a dog that has separation anxiety alone is a recipe for disaster. Such a pup will fret about the situation and engage in all kinds of destructive behavior. 

However, keeping such a dog occupied with a toy can distract their brain and prevent the boredom from graduating to destructive behavior. Food puzzle is an excellent distraction for such a pup.  

3. Serves as a Source of Exercise 

In the same way, humans need exercise; dogs require training for good health too. Exercise has been proven to be fun, rewarding, flood the brain with serotonin (the feel-good hormone), maintain a good weight, and prevent the onset of some disease. However, not every dog owner has the time for constant exercise. Yet, this is an essential requirement of keeping your dog sane. 

Dogs need a different amount of exercise, depending on age, weight, activity level, breed, etc. A Huskie, for instance, requires nothing less than 4 hours of training to remain healthy and happy every day. Getting an excellent interactive dog toy can provide ample exercise hours. Even though it might not be intense, such toys do a pretty good job keeping them active and busy. 

4. It Keeps Their Teeth Clean 

Dental hygiene is essential for dogs, not humans alone. However, with regular brushing of the teeth, there could be some hard-to-reach places within the dog's mouth. Dog toys made of rubber and rope toys can help with this. 

As the dog bites on the toy, their thread serves as a tooth floss for the pup, helping clean the teeth. Such toys are suitable for massaging their gum and eliminating food particles stuck within. This ultimately eradicates harmful bacteria from forming on the teeth.

5. Prevents Dementia in Older Dogs 

Even humans have a high tendency to develop dementia without the proper mental stimulation. Speaking of which, senior dogs also deal with memory loss, dementia, and other mental issues common with old age. Interactive toys, however, can help prevent mental degradation in such older dogs.  

Interactive toys stimulate the brain, ensuring the dog thinks and tracks its brain to take care of some problem. It ensures the dog engages the brain to achieve something. Using the brain keeps it sharp, active, and in good condition, even till old age. Providing your dog with toys can provide an easy way to keep their mind alert and energetic for a long time.

6. A Form of Companionship 

Dogs can get lonely, especially when you are extremely busy and are left alone. Yet, leaving a dog all alone is not good. Even if he does not have separation anxiety, it increases the chances of character disorder.  

In cases like this, the toy can become a comforting tool, the same way a toy soothes a child. Toys are typically precious to a dog, and they derive pleasure in looking after them and spending time with them. A durable dog toy for summer, for instance, will withstand wear and tear, holding up to all forms of use.  

Toys can make your dog happy and healthy, giving him a better ability to cope with periods of your unavailability. It is easy for such toys to help them develop the mental challenge they need to survive and keep their behavior in check. As long as the toy is strong and made of durable material, it will stand the test of time.

7. Toys are Essential for Intelligence and Mental Stimulation 

There are intelligent dog breeds that thrive on mental stimulations, in addition to physical stimulation. Such species need to keep their mind active with sophisticated activities. As a result, they will be better off with toys that offer a mental challenge.  

Puzzle games that dispense treats after completing a task successfully, for instance, is a terrific one. Such toys are great for training and stimulating their mind.  


There is more to dog toys than catching fun. It prevents a cheap way of instilling good habits in your dog and getting rid of character disorders. Getting your four-legged friend a toy is one of the best things you can do.  

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