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Top 7 Travel Dog Bowls to Buy In 2021

Top 7 Travel Dog Bowls to Buy In 2021

Traveling with your fur baby can be easy if you plan correctly. However, it can be your pet's best experience if you try to make everything comfortable for it. Understand that the dog may be scared at first but ensuring that you have a few of its favorite things such as toys, feeding bowl, or play bed can help ease its anxiety.

The trick with familiar things is that it makes the dog take its mind away from the journey for a few minutes, thus calming it down. Below are a few travel bowls you should include in your next pet item shopping.


Wallet Folding Waterproof Zippered Pet Travel Bowl


a dog enjoying his food in a dog food bowl



One of the best travel dog bowls you will find on the market would be the wallet folding waterproof zippered foldable bowl. This bowl is perfect for both your cat and dogs and makes it easy and convenient to carry their favorite meals. It is excellent for traveling, outdoor, and indoor activities that require moving about. It is waterproof, making it even more helpful when the weather is unfavorable and you get stuck in the rain.

What's more, you will love traveling with it since it is easy to fold and can go back to an inch size, if need be, making it safe and easy to pack. Many users also love the fact that this bowl lasts long enough, thus offering value for money. It's made from tough seatbelt material with a double-ply making it waterproof. What's more, it comes in various colors, making it easy to match your pet's other accessories. You definitely will enjoy owning this one.


Moda-Pure' Ultra-Quite Filtered Fountain Waterer


moda-pure ultra quite filtered fountain waterer



As a dog owner who loves their pet and would do anything to keep safe, your priority should be finding quality dog bowls. Unfortunately, this might be tricky as the market is flooded with varieties that one can easily get overwhelmed. Even so, the Moda pure ultra-quiet filtered fountain waterer is a great choice to consider. It is the perfect waterer for your cat and dog and one of the finest products from Petlife. This product is ideal if you have sensitive pets easily affected by the water they drink.

The bowl helps purify water from unknown sources, ensuring that your dog or cat only drinks clean water, especially when traveling. The last thing you need is making vet breaks in the middle of a vacation because your dog suddenly got sick. This unique watering bowl has a few features that make it ideal for traveling with your pet. Its capacity is big enough to hold enough water and needs fewer refills. It also comes with three replacement filters that you have to buy separately and are easy to assemble and use. Anyone with their pet's best interest will grab this one, especially if they regularly travel with the pets.


Couture Sculptured' Dishwasher Safe Melamine Pet Bowl


couture sculptured dishwasher safe melamine pet bowl


Everyone loves practical and cute-looking feeders, and the couture sculptured melamine pet bowl from PetLife is a winner here. It is an attractive and helpful feeder that your pet will get excited to see every time you want to feed them. Pick in your favorite colors, too, since it comes in many variants. You will also love that it is dishwasher safe, meaning that you do not have to struggle washing it. What's more, it is excellent for both indoor and outdoor usage. Simple but effective.


Dual Folding' Food and Water Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl


dual folding food and water collapsible pet travel bowl


If you need perfect collapsible dog bowls, the dual folding food, and water collapsible pet bowl is excellent. This incredible invention from PetLife offers any pet owner on the go a great option when traveling. It holds both food and water and is perfect for hiking, road trips, camping, and other fun, adventurous activities you may be bringing your dog or cat to. The bowl is waterproof and made of tough seatbelt material that guarantees longevity. Most people love it because of the ease and convenience of packing since it can collapse to a one-inch size, making it super portable.


Tumbowl' Slow Feeding Pet Bowl


tumbowl slow feeding pet bowl


This unique feeding bowl is great for pet owners who want their fur babies to go slow on the food while traveling. The best way to regulate this is using a great feeder such as the Tumbowl. The curved design is convenient for your dog as it offers excellent neck comfort while slowing down digestion. If you are unsure how long you will be out there and how easy it is to find the pet's favorite food, consider the slow feeder.


FRESH METAL' Large Anti-Bacterial Smart Food Weight Calculating Dog Bowl


fresh metal large anti bacterial smart food weight calculating dog bowl


The fresh metal bowl from PetlLife is another great feeding bowl you should consider when traveling. It is an automatic feeding bowl because of the digital scale included. Besides being an intelligent feeder, it has a removable inner bowl and is dishwasher safe, making it even more convenient. The outer shell has a microbial cleaning mechanism that helps keep out most bacteria and other disease-causing organisms. It is the perfect feeder for when you are setting out to explore uncharted territories.


Everspill' 2-in-1 Food and Anti-Spill Water Pet Bowl


everspill 2 in 1 food and anti-spill water pet bowl


The Everspill feeder is your go-to bowl if you own a jumpy and overly active pup. This creation from PetLife comes with a splatter guard that makes it anti-spill/splash. It is also excellent for slow feeders as it helps lower digestion thanks to the grid-like indentations. You can easily hand wash or put it in the dishwasher.


Final Thoughts

Finding quality dog bowls is not a difficult thing if you know what to look for. All you need to know is a few features that would work for you. Decide if you want something easy to pack, such as the collapsible bowls, or something more functional and practical such as self-cleaning bowls, or those with features such as anti-spill or even a slow feeding mechanism. Whatever you go for, you can be sure that Petlife has you covered.

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