top 7 savory cat treats your feline will love

After a hard day at work, chances are you’re looking forward to playing with your furry friend. Your bonding time with your cat will usually include a few delicious treats. Cats are highly food motivated and typically ready for treats when their teeth have grown in, and you've weaned them onto solid foods. The top cat treats are delicious and helpful during kitten training and as a reward for good behavior.


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If you’re training your feline and dream of a day when your cat will shake paws and jump through hoops on command, it’s essential to choose a delectable treat your cat is willing to work for. Besides, delicious treats make your pet’s life more exciting.

If you love to pamper your cat and lavish it with treats and affection, your feline will love these top 7 savory cat treats:


1. Northwest Naturals Freeze-Dried Raw Turkey Neck Freeze-Dried Cat and Dog Treats - 4 count Bag

When you think of healthy treats for your feline, you probably think of natural ingredients, and Northwest Naturals contains just that. This cat treat features freeze-dried raw turkey neck. Cats are carnivores and need meat to remain healthy. Poultry is one of your best bets as it offers high amounts of protein and other nutrients your furry little friend requires in its daily diet.

These Northwest Naturals cat and dog treats contain only a single ingredient. And the gluten- and the grain-free formula is perfect for pets with food-related sensitivities. The treat is palatable and easy to feed your pet. The dried turkey necks come in convenient pieces so you can treat your pet while training it. It comes in a four-count pack that's portable to travel with. The soft texture lets you use these treats as a food topper. You can easily crumble them over your pet’s food to boost the nutritional value and make the food tastier.

The Northwest Naturals cats and dog treats are freeze-dried using high-pressure processing. The process takes out the moisture and locks in the nutrients and flavor. This makes it an ideal, relatively safe choice for those who would like to feed their cat raw or fresh food without being exposed to the disease and contamination associated with handling raw meat.


  • Four whole turkey necks
  • An all-natural, single-ingredient raw treat for cats and dogs
  • Grain- and gluten-free treats for cats with sensitive stomachs
  • Easy to break into pieces
  • Ideal as a food topper or whole treat
  • 83 Calories per ounce
  • Freeze-dried using high-pressure processing
  • Available in 6. oz bags


2. Tiki Cat Soft & Chewy Tuna Cat Treat

Reward your feline friend with premium cat treats that offer him the protein he needs for daily energy. This Tiki Cat Soft & Chewy Tuna cat treat offers an enticing soft and chewy texture. With no fruits or vegetables, the low-calorie recipe is just a meaty flavor, making it a perfect reward for pets. The soft and chewy texture makes it easy to chew for cats with sensitive or small mouths, such as kittens or seniors with dental issues.

The tuna flavor of these Tiki cat treats is sure to entice even the pickiest eaters. And with only three calories each, you can indulge your furry friend as often as you want without feeling guilty. They’re great as meal toppers, training treats, or everyday rewards. These Tiki Cat Soft & Chewy Tuna cat treats are a top choice for pet parents looking for something delicious, rewarding, and highly nutritious.


  • The first ingredient is Natural tuna
  • Small soft, and chewy cat treats packed in tuna flavor
  • Low-calorie recipe – only three calories per treat
  • No fruit or vegetables
  • Free of artificial colors and flavor
  • Great for cats of any size or breed


3. ProDen Plaque Off System Crunchy Bites Salmon Flavor Cat Dental Treats - 3-oz bags

Feed your cat’s craving for fish while cleaning its teeth simultaneously with ProDen Plaque Off System Crunch dental bites. These cat treats provide an easy complement to ordinary oral hygiene.

Made from specially selected algae and other 100% natural ingredients, ProDen PlaqueOff helps support your kitten’s gum and dental health and helps freshen the breath while tasting so yummy. These fresh-breath treats lean almost entirely on the “crunchy texture equals clean teeth” premise. The porous texture allows the tooth to penetrate it, delivering a quick, effective clean to reduce tartar buildup and remove plaque. The salmon formula contains apple fiber, coconut oil, potato starch, lecithin, etc.

You can add these bites to your feline’s food each day or give them as a rewarding treat or motivation during training.


  • Crunchy treats to support your kitty’s dental health
  • Freshen your cat’s breath while cleaning its teeth and reducing tartar
  • Available in 3 oz bags
  • 3-8 dental bites daily
  • Made with natural ingredients with a crunchy texture
  • Gluten-free and gluten-free for little furry friends with sensitivities
  • Excellent to use as treats while training your cat


4. The Granville Island Pet Treatery The Happy Moo'D Food Dehydrated Beef Liver Dog & Cat Treats - 3.17-oz bag

Keep your furry best friend in a happy mood with these Granville Island Pet Treatery dehydrated beef liver treats. For those looking for a meat-based treat to satisfy their furry friend’s cravings, the Happy Moo'D Food Dehydrated Beef Liver is a great choice. Beef liver is one of nature’s most concentrated sources of Vitamin A and contains B vitamins, boosting eyes, coat, and immune health. Research has found that beef liver is low in fat and cholesterol and makes for a particular cat treat.

Made with a single ingredient, these beef liver treats are rich in pure protein and offer a full meaty flavor that drives your feline crazy. These Granville Island cat treats are an excellent alternative to raw foods with the same health benefits. Dehydrated cat treats come in perfect travel sizes, so you can help your pet maintain healthy levels of protein intake. They’re light, chewy, and easy to feed your cats on the go, whether traveling or anywhere. Besides, these dehydrated snacks don’t require freezing or taking up space in your fridge.


  • Made from a single ingredient – beef liver
  • It contains no artificial flavorings, fillers, or preservatives
  • 100% all-natural human-grade beef sourced from Canada and inspected for safety
  • Low in fat and cholesterol
  • Rich in B vitamins and vitamin A
  • Dehydrated on the heat for over 20 hours to remove moisture and preserve them naturally
  • 48 calories per treat
  • Suitable for cats and dogs
  • Available in 90g bags


5. Get Naked Cat Grain-Free Treat Kitten Healthy - 2.5 Oz

Delight your kitten with the delectable, chewy Get Naked Kitten Heath soft cat treats. The kitten stage is an exciting time in your feline’s life, so it’s crucial to provide them with the essential nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. These all-natural cat snacks are specially made for kittens, and the first ingredient is real chicken. The DHA omega-three content helps support your furry little friend’s cognitive development and overall health. It also contains vitamins and minerals, including taurine, that your kitten needs during this crucial growth and development phase.

In addition, Get Naked cat treats, purebites cat treats, fruitables cat treats are grain-free and contain no soy or wheat. Added taurine caters to kittens’ unique needs. These tasty treats are low-calorie for those concerned about their cat’s health. With only three calories per yummy treat, you can be sure your little friend will maintain a healthy weight while enjoying the nutritional benefits of these delicious kittens. These tasty rewards come in adorable heart shapes and are soft and easy on your kitten’s growing teeth to entice your kitten to eat.


  • Promotes your kitten's brain, skin, heart, and respiratory health
  • Rich source of Omega-3 fatty acid DHA
  • Free of added sugar, salt, and sweeteners
  • Contains no soy, corn, or wheat
  • Made with real chicken
  • 3 Calories per treat
  • Available in 2.5 oz bags


6. Purebites Shrimp Freeze-Dried Cat Treats - 0.38 oz Bag

Purebites freeze-dried cat treats feature only one simple human-grade ingredient: no grains, artificial flavors, or additives. If your cat has diabetes, allergies, or other sensitivities, these single-ingredient treats give you peace of mind. You are sure of what you're feeding your pet.

These Purebites cat treats contain 100% pure wild-caught shrimp and work as a real treat or food topper for your furry best friend. The shrimp has undergone the freeze-drying process when raw to lock in the aroma, texture, and freshness cats crave. And with only one calorie per average treat and high protein content, Purebites ensures your cat is getting 100% pure treats rich in nutrients for a healthy diet.


  • Only one calorie per treat
  • High in protein
  • Freeze-dried to preserve freshness and nutrition
  • Only one ingredient - 100% human grade shrimp
  • Available in 11g bags
  • Ideal for cats with health issues or kitties who are diabetic,overweight, allergic, or on a restricted diet.
  • No added preservatives
  • Made in the USA


7. Fruitables Wildly Natural Salmon Crunchy Cat Treats - 2.5 oz Bag

Get your furry friend excited by treating them to the tasty flavor of this Fruitables Wildly Natural cat treat. These salmon-flavored treats' crispy, crunchy exterior and flaky interior delight your kitty's senses. Wildly Naturals contains a blend of 14 ingredients, including fruits and vegetables, cutting down on a lot of the "junk" often found in cat treats. At less than 1.9 calories per treat, these Fruitables cat treats help ensure your cat will weigh in at its most lean and healthy self.

Another thing your pet will love is the six-petal flower shape that provides an interesting texture that appeals to cats and adds to the snacking experience. This Fruitables Wildly Naturals offers up to about 180 treats per bag and comes in 2.5 Oz bags you can take along anywhere.


  • All-natural, salmon flavored treats
  • The crispy, crunchy exterior and a flaky interior
  • Free from wheat, corn, soy, artificial flavors, and color
  • About 180 treats per bag
  • Six-petal flower shape appeals to cats
  • Only 1.9 calories per treat


Factors to Consider When Buying Cat Treats

You want to treat your cat as a reward for good behavior or special occasions, but treats need the same attention as food. Checking labels and checking out certain ingredients will help you distinguish healthy cat treats from toxic ones.

Here are some tips for choosing the best treats for your "paw-friend.”


Look for High-quality Ingredients

Avoid artificial preservatives and colors as they add no nutritional value. Brands that use more natural ingredients, such as Crumps Naturals, are your best bet. You should also eat wheat and other grains, especially if your pet is allergic. Experts advocate a grain-free diet as the best for cats. Cats are carnivores and need nutrients supplied by fats and proteins. So meat-based treats and protein sources, such as salmon and chicken, are a good start. Ensure the treats are made explicitly for cats.


Consider Your Cat's Unique Needs

A flavor different from your cat's regular food could be an extra special treat. If your kitten likes variety, choose a different taste. However, it would be best to go for a flavor similar to your pet's favorite food.

Additionally, your vet could recommend prescription diet treats, dental treats, or even low-calorie food, depending on your cat's unique needs. If your furry best friend is on a special or restricted diet, ask your vet if the treats' ingredients are compatible with what you're feeding it.


Avoid High-Calorie Treats

Saying no to your cat could be problematic when they're begging for a treat. As a result, you could feed your feline too many calories in the form of treats. One way to cut down your pet's calorie intake is to go for treats low in calories. Checking the calorie content on the label will help you manage your cat's weight.


In Conclusion

Cat treats add fun to your cat's life and help improve bonding with your furry friend. They also serve as motivation when you're training your pet. The best quality treats can also help boost your pet's nutrition. These top savory treats are a must to satisfy your feline's cravings while ensuring they maintain a healthy diet.

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