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Top 10 Dog Sweaters to Look Forward to in 2022- Reviews and Guide

Top 10 Dog Sweaters to Look Forward to in 2022- Reviews and Guide


two cute dogs wearing sweaters


A warm sweater is a must-have during the cold seasons. But when temperatures drop, we aren't the only ones affected. Pets like dogs are also affected, and the extreme cold can make them reluctant even to relieve themselves outside.

While some dog breeds are naturally built to endure unfavorable weather conditions, others are vulnerable to such bad weather. For instance, dogs with a thin layer of fur struggle to keep warm in low temperatures, and the condition soon turns uncomfortable.

Fortunately, dog sweaters are accessible more than ever. They offer a simple solution by making your canine look cute and protecting them from extreme cold weather. Some of the best dog sweaters that keep your dog comfortable and warm are readily available online.

With many dog sweaters on the market, which one should you go for? Well, there are crucial things to consider to keep your dog warm and get value for your money. This guide contains 2021's top dog sweaters and essential things to consider when buying a dog sweater.


Swivel-Swirl Heavy Cable Knitted Fashion Designer Dog Sweater


a white dog wearing a red dog sweater


Swivel-Swirl Heavy Cable Knitted Fashion Designer Dog Sweater is the perfect winter sweater for your pup. It has no unnecessary ornaments that serve nothing but annoy the dog. This sweater is manufactured with a plush soft cotton and acrylic blend that offers it an exceptional warmth.

It comes in many color variations and five sizes. The large armholes and open backs make it easier for the dog to walk and relieve himself.

Another nice feature is an ultra-cozy turtle neck along the top and a stylish woven design at the backside. The sweater is also fully machine-washable for quick removal of dirt. Once clean, you can put it into the dryer with the assurance that it won't shrink.

If you are okay with the dog's legs left uncovered, then this is the perfect vest sweater to go for.


Patriot Independence Star Heavy Knitted Fashion Ribbed Turtle Neck Dog Sweater


a black dog wearing a spotted blue sweater


Your pup can dress to impress when rocking the Patriot Independence Star Heavy Knitted Fashion Ribbed Turtle Neck Dog Sweater. This sweater features a super stylish and peppy design. It also has an American flag stitched onto the back, a perfect display of patriotism that makes it an excellent choice to rock on Veteran's Day.

Besides making your pet look his best, the sweater keeps him cozy and warm during the cold. It is made of a plush soft cotton and acrylic blend, hand-knitted to withstand tear and wear. The wool is super soft so that it won't irritate your dog's sensitive skin.

The sweater comes in different sizes- small, medium, and large. That means you can easily find the perfect fit for your pet, no matter the size. The only downside is that it is made of wool, and you have to handle it with care like handwashing it to avoid damaging the fibers.


Argyle Style Ribbed Knitted Fashion Designer Dog Sweater


a dog wearing a pink Argyle Style Ribbed Knitted Fashion Designer Dog Sweater


The Argyle Style Ribbed Knitted Fashion Designer Dog Sweater is a budget-friendly sweater that proves you don't have to sacrifice quality to save money on dog accessories. This sweater goes for an affordable price in most online retailers. It features a knitted fashion argyle pattern and a comfortable ribbed dog collar.

Its round neck collar makes it comfortable and easy to wear. The stretchy knitted fabric neatly fits the dog trapping warm air inside. This sweater also features a handy leash hole that makes it easy to walk the dog even if the sweater covers the collar or harness.

With no sleeves, it allows effortless movement like running, playing, and walking. Also, the open-back design enables the dog to go to the bathroom hassle-free with the sweater on.


Touchdog Designer Quilted Full-Body Hooded Dog Sweater


touchdog full body dog sweater


The Touchdog Designer Quilted Full-Body Hooded Dog Sweater is a highly rated sweater and one of the best winter dog sweaters. This dog hoodie is available in most well-established online vendors selling dog accessories for more adventurous canines to show their fashion sense. It is available in many different sizes and can fit any dog, no matter the size.

Made from quilted cotton and a polyester blended shell, the cozy sweater is soft and durable. The hoodie also features a lovely accented Pom-Pom at the top with accented embroidered along the back.

The coat has a flexible open-back design that makes it easy to take it on and off. It also allows the pet to use the bathroom efficiently.

In addition, the sweater has a leash hole making it easy to walk your dog with the sweater on. And, washing it is stress-free since it is machine washable and resistant to tear.


Classical True Blue Heavy Cable Knitted Ribbed Fashion Dog Sweater


 a white dog wearing a classical blue true heavy cable knitted sweater


The Classical True Blue Heavy Cable Knitted Ribbed Fashion Dog Sweater is a fabulous blue dog sweater that will make your favorite pet stand out among the pack. It has an ultra-cozy turtle neck along the top and a stylish weaved design at the backside.

This sweater comes in various sizes allowing you to pick the right size for your dog. On top of that, the sweater is machine washable.


Bow-Couture Polka-Dot Bowed Insulated Dog Sweater Jacket



The Couture-Bow Hooded Fashion Dog Sweater is a unique dog sweater made from ultra-plush cotton with faux fur surrounding the hood. The sweater features a cute polka dot design that has made it one of a kind. It also has a leash slit holder to attach the leash even if the collar is covered.

It features large armholes that make it easy to put on and take off. And an open-back design that allows your dog to relieve himself quickly.

You can also wrap this sweater snugly around your dog to act as a thunder jacket to help ease anxiety. This feature makes the hoodie a great choice, especially during thunderstorms, fireworks, or any situation that can put your pet on edge. It is also waterproof, protecting your canine from rain and snow.


Butterfly Stitched Heavy Cable Knitted Fashion Turtle Neck Dog Sweater



Butterfly Stitched Heavy Cable Knitted Fashion Turtle Neck Dog Sweater is a beautiful dog sweater with an eye-catching design. Its subtle knit design doesn't go unnoticed. It is available in different sizes and multiple color variations, offering an extensive selection to find a perfect fit for your dog.

The sweater is made from a plush soft cotton and acrylic blend popular for softness and durability. This material makes it waterproof, making it an ideal choice for snowy walks during the winter.

The sweater’s simple design makes it easy to put on your dog- not to mention that it's machine washable and dryer safe.


Touchdog Vogue Neck-Wrap Full Body Fashion Dog Sweater Outfit



Touchdog Vogue Neck-Wrap Full Body Fashion Dog Sweater Outfit is another good choice for something stylish. The sweater is an excellently crafted outfit with a fashion-forward ribbed collar overlay that makes it look trendy and modern and comes together with denim pant. Also, the 1-piece outfit is stitched together and comes in varied sizes, making it ideal for different dogs.

This sweater is also breathable and has double accented back pockets and elastic conformed tubing throughout the length of your dog's body that provides room for growth.

What makes this sweater a go-to option for many dog owners is that it is heavy and warm for dogs with scant hair. The coat also has sleeves that you can roll up in case you find them too long.

When it comes to cleaning, you'll have an easy time since you can throw it into the machine and wash it with cold water.


Oval Weaved Heavy Knitted Fashion Designer Dog Sweater



The Oval Weaved Heavy Knitted Fashion Designer Dog Sweater offers charm and uniqueness that is hard to replicate. This gives you more confidence about what you are wrapping over your pet's body. The sweater is soft and comfy, making it ideal for cold days and photoshoots.


Butterscotch Box Weaved Heavy Cable Knitted Designer Turtle Neck Dog Sweater



If you love your dog getting compliments during your evening walks, Butterscotch Box will perfectly fit the bill.  You can find this sweater in many different colors and sizes.

The sweater is made from a plush soft cotton and acrylic blend that gives it warmth and durability. It also has an easy pull-over design that slips on, making it easy to put it on and off the dog. This is the perfect go-to option to keep your pet warm and comfortable during winters.


Features to Look for in a Dog Sweater




The main reason you buy a dog sweater is to keep him warm and comfortable during cold weather. Therefore, it is essential to choose sweaters that are cozy and wrapped in warmth.

So, go for sweaters with an insulative fabric such as wool and polyester. It is also wise to select a sweater that covers most of your canine companions back. If you feel the dog needs extra warmth, consider a sweater with a hood or longer sleeves.



Durability is an essential factor to consider when purchasing anything. The sweater should be made of premium quality material that is water-resistant and exceptionally soft. Additionally, the fabric and design of the sweater should be easily washable. You wouldn't want to buy something that gets damaged easily, and you are back to the store within a few days of purchasing it.



Most people wouldn't walk into a clothing store and buy a too big or small pair of jeans. Similarly, your furry friend will require the right fit. Ensure to go for a sweater with the correct size; not too tight or too loose.

Measuring your dog is not difficult. Simply get essential materials such as paperpen, and measuring tape from the nearby store and measure from belothe collar to the base of the tail. You may also need plenty of treats to reward your dog during the process and keep it still.

Some of the critical parts to measure are:

  • Girth: Try to locate the widest part of her chest. The tape should go behind the dog's front legs and above the elbow joints.
  • Length: With your dog standing upright, measure its length from the neck up to the tail base.
  • Neck: Measure the dog's neck on the area the collar lies.

Once you have the measurements recorded on paper, compare them with your favorite sweater's sizing chart. If you can't find the exact measurements, always go for thnext size for a snug fit.



Comfort is a significant factor to consider when buying a dog sweater, especially if your pet will wear it for an extended period. Always choose a sweater with soft fabric and large armholes to ensure your canine is comfy in the new outfit. In short, it shouldn't hinder the dog from performing basic activities like attending to nature's call.



Style is another significant feature to consider when purchasing a sweater. Fortunately, many fashion dog sweaters have different sizes, shapes, and colors to suit your tastes and preferences.


Why Do Dogs Need Sweaters?

Just as humans wear a coat during winter, dogs need to protect themselves in uncomfortable weather conditions. Even if your pet has thick fur, he can only stay safe to some extent in extreme cold, but ultimately, the cold temperatures can become hazardous.

Here are the reasons why your dog may need a sweater:

  • You live in an area that experiences cold winters or cold climates.
  • Your dog is old.
  • Your pet suffers from arthritis.
  • You live with a toy breed.
  • Your dog has short hair like a Boxer or Dalmatian.

With these conditions, your pet friend can benefit from a sweater when the weather gets chilly or when the heating system is switched off in your home.



Dog sweaters aren't just fashionable accessories; they are essential in keeping your four-legged friend warm. With your dog needs in mind, any of these top dog sweaters will make a great choice. You can order one of them right away to keep your dog warm and happy.

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