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The importance of Hydration in both Dogs and Cats?

The importance of Hydration in both Dogs and Cats?

Why is hydration so vital to the health of your Cats and Dogs?


Do want to know about the most vital nutrient that is essentially needed for the health of your pet?

It is not protein, carbohydrates nor vitamins but it is water. Yes, water is the most critical nutrient required by Dogs and Cats and even among humans, and is often overlooked. While our body tells us we need water, the benefits of enforcing proper hydration is so vital to health. Just like us our pets need balanced electrolytes to keep them healthy, active and bright-eyed. Water is an indispensable element of blood which helps in circulation and aid in digestion of food and nutrients throughout the body. It also aids in the elimination of waste from the body. Besides sustaining and balancing proper function of the body, it maintains body temperatures and cools the body down, especially during the summer when dogs naturally use up more energy and are in need to properly replenish their bodies. Water increases energy levels and assists with bone structure and increases activity in elder dogs. In short, pets need to hydrate for their well-being, to decrease the risks of getting all sorts of diseases. Think about that for a second, your dog is replacing matter within the body with a constant substance of what can only provide a naturally hydrated substance.


How much water do pets need?

As a thumb rule, on average a pet requires approximately 60ml of water per kilogram per day though water requirements can vary from pet to pet due breed and weight. Dogs and Cats must always hydrate after playing or running due to any strenuous activities or when temperatures are excessively hot outside. Pets who are provided with canned food drink less water because the water in the canned or wet food keeps them hydrated than those which are fed with dry food diet. Water requirements can also vary due to other factors such as size, diet, weather, heat, lactation or activities. Diseases like constipation, diabetes or kidney disease can also be a factor for requiring water of your pet. Moreover, cats mostly drink less water because of their strong sense of strong odors. They are also picky in nature as compared to other pets. Cats prefer drinking running water as to still water. Today Pet Life offers Filtered Water Fountains such as the Eversweet and the Eversweet Travel as such Cats and Dogs can now enjoy carbonated water both home and on-the-go! You can increase the amount of water your pets drink by also constantly replacing the water in their bowls. The cleaner the better. Most water goes unchecked so we advise making an investment and buy your dog or cat a filtered fountain or any sort of water feeder.


Signs of dehydration

If your pet neglects water then you should make sure to remember the last time they've hydrated and keep a log. Common signs of dehydration include:


  • excessive panting
  • loss of energy
  • lethargy
  • sticky dry gums
  • sunken eyelids
  • loss of appetite
  • loss of skin elasticity
  • vomiting or constipation


If you suspect your pet isn't feeling well then pay attention to how much they drink, it's important to convey that bit of information to the vet. Either they're drinking too much or too little than their normal drinking habits. If you find any mild symptoms in your pet then look for others such as lethargy, sunken eyes or loss of appetite and get your pet checked by a veteran.


Tips and tricks for keeping your pet hydrated and cool

Consuming adequate water with food and other nutrients is essential for the well-being of pets. Here are some of the tricks and tips for keeping your pet hydrated and cool.


  • If the pet is not taking in enough water, then offer more wet or canned food as they can keep him hydrated then dry food diet such as kibbles. And Then introduce water thereafter and see what happens.
  • Make sure to offer fresh and clean water to your pets throughout the time to increase the chance of water intake. You should consider buying a filtered water device.
  • Start to create training habits that include your Dog or Cat drink water before going outside to play or outing especially in hot weather because it will vitalize him for the exercise and provide him with energy. Rewarding always works when training properly, however if your pet needs to alleviate outside than this method isn't recommended.
  • Take some water with you wherever you go. Check out the Eversweet travel device by PETKIT sold on our store or something similar.
  • Changing pet's water frequently can also be a useful trick
  • Try filtered watered to develop adequate water drinking habit because tape water can be salty due to the presence of minerals which affects the taste. Go out and buy a Filtered fountain, running water only promotes hydration.


If these tricks don't work please get in touch with your local vet, do not wait longer than 6 hours before you notice your pet hasn't hydrated. There might be other illnesses that we can't always detect and a qualified veterinarian should be able to pinpoint the issue and provide associated medicine.


If you know of any tricks, we'd love to hear from our readers. Feel free to reach out to us!

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