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How to Properly shop for Winter Dog Coats

How to Properly shop for Winter Dog Coats

How to shop for the right winter dog coats


It's that time of year again, the leaves are beginning to change color and the temperature slowly creeps into the mid 60's with night temperatures in the 50's and it's time to start investing in dog clothes designed for the winter or fall seasons. Many pet owners and especially if you're a first-timer might find it challenging as their are all types of jackets that exist on the market and although their are many reviews out there it's still quite a challenge non-the-less due to sizing, Breed Hair type and temperature-range frequencies that include snow and wind. For example in some parts of the world winter temperatures rarely drop under 40 degrees and if temperatures do dip it's very temporary and their are some areas such as Michigan where freezing temperatures seldomly reach below 0. Therefore, it's important to properly conduct research before gearing up.


Once you have a basic understanding of what you're looking for it's time to take that next step but before you do it's important to factor in your breeds rate of growth, if your dog is in its adolescent stages or still growing it might be wise to invest in a size that might be slightly larger to get more usage over a dog coat that's shorter in length. There are many styles that have expandable or elastic sleeves around the edges that give stretch for such added growth. Last and most importantly fabric or material is likely going to be the most essential aspect of making the right purchase. If you live in area's where rain is frequent along with the colder weather than look into shopping for a waterproof dog jacket or even a raincoat, and if it's cold where you live than pay close attention to the inner layers that lay against their fur that contain warming properties such as polar fleece, and the inner-lining between the both the outer and inner layer. There are also jackets that offer both sleeveless and full-body protection depending on the temperatures.


The bottom line is that with many purchases we make there are always a chance they'll come back since dogs find coats to be something they'll need to get used to or dislike the fit and comfort. However there are so many benefits to keeping warm that outweigh the occasional return, that's why it's always a great idea to shop where free returns are accepted and it doesn't hurt to look at shopping at retailers or manufacturers willing to back their quality with an added 1-year warranty. We provide that and we stand by our quality, no questions asked!  


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  • Joyce

    Hi I would love to know what kind of dog this is in the picture (the breed) I have the exact same dog and I have no idea what is is😢

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