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The Best Cat Water Fountains For Your New Cat

The Best Cat Water Fountains For Your New Cat

Aside from food, hydration is a must for pets. Drinking hygienic water is essential for pet health and wellbeing. New pet owners may look for ordinary devices, such as water bowls to provide their pets with drinking water. However, not all drinking bowls are safe and germ-free. Your feline friends may not welcome the habit of drinking water often in a day.


the thirsty cat is drinking water


Although cats have a low thirst drive, they love to drink from running water. Natural water in open habitats moves like a waterfall. Drinking from water fountains gives a natural instinctive feel to cats. That’s why putting cat fountains sets a higher standard for drinking pure water for cats. Fountains boost cats’ water drinking capacity, which keeps them in fine fettle and less prone to infections. The carbon water filter in cat fountains keeps your friendly cat’s H2O fresh. Here is what to look for when you shop cat fountains online.


Components To Look For In Cat Fountains

When choosing a cat water fountain, factors like design and cost may be on top of your mind. However, you need to check out the water fountain’s filter, materials used, and noise level too. Look for these key elements in your cat fountain purchase.

Noise: Filtered Cat Fountains with loud filters are not only disturbing to housemates, but they are also unsettling for cats. A noisy fountain might discourage the cats from glugging down water. Some cats are fond of water’s trickling sound. Pay attention to the noise description when buying a new drinking fountain. If your cat feels edgy on hearing water fountain noise, pick a fountain with a gentle, not vocal water flow.

Filter: A filter holds enormous importance in ensuring your cat gets access to pure drinking water. Choose water fountains with two or three filtration systems as they are more effective in removing debris and odors from drinking water. A carbon or charcoal filter is finding its way into many drinking fountains. You may have to buy frequent replacements for such filters.

Size: To crack the ideal size of your cat water fountain, find out the size of your cat and the setting up place. Also, keep your total cat count in mind before short-listing a fountain. If you have long outdoor work hours, install a cat fountain at home with a larger water capacity to keep your feline friend hydrated.

Material: Cat fountains come in ceramic, porcelain, and stainless-steel materials. Porcelain and stainless-steel drinking fountains are easier to clean than plastic. If you have a tight budget, you may consider a plastic cat fountain. However, ceramic and steel cat fountains have more excellent aesthetic value, so you may like to keep them in your kitchen or pantry.

Cat water fountains require regular cleaning. Pay attention to the water fountain material used and dishwasher-safe tag before cleaning.


Best Picks In Cat Water Fountain

Here are some Top Rated Cat Fountains that deliver the best hydration experience for your furry animal.


1. Pet Life ‘Moda-Pure’ Cat and Dog Fountain Waterer


pet life moda pure cat water fountain


This filtered cat water fountain removes chemicals, bacteria, and other impurities from drinking water and makes it pure for your chow puppy’s consumption. The easy-to-use design comes with a see-through water indicator that helps keep track of decreasing water levels. The built-in Sump Pump seamlessly pumps water throughout with a shut-off feature, conserving power and protecting the inner pump from wearing out.

This is one of the Top-Rated Cat Fountains that holds 84.6 ounces of water for fewer refill trips. It also has a filter cartridge to last 60 days of usage. Replacement filters are sold separately. This cat fountain is available in pink, white, and green colors.


2. Pet Life ‘Moda-Pure’ Filtered Dog And Cat Fountain–Replacement Filters


 pet life moda pure filtered dog and cat fountain replacement filters


The Pet Life ‘Moda-Pure’ Replacement Filters sold as a three-pack are used with the Moda-Pure’ Filtered Dog and Cat Fountain. Each replacement filter can last for 90 days of usage. This filtered dog and cat fountain is tailor-made to remove impurities and chemicals found in unfiltered drinking water. It has a filter screener that screens out harmful chemicals as water passes. The resin and charcoal mesh help in water purification and filtration. The filter cover is lightweight and reusable and allows proper water flow.


3. PETKIT ‘Eversweet’ Smart Pet Dog Cat Fountain Waterer Feeder


petkit ‘eversweet’ smart pet dog cat fountain waterer feeder


Enhance your cat and dog water filtration with PETKIT’s Eversweet 3-stage carbon filtration method. It enables you to take out harmful impurities and chemicals from your pet’s drinking water. Each carbon filter inside has mesh screens fortified with carbon and resins that can ion-exchange. The reminder of filter change will be flashing on the device front to remind pet owners of the need to change the filter unit. The LED Blue Light reminder automatically lights up when water purity reaches below the required threshold, reminding the user to refill the filter.

The PETKIT ‘Eversweet has smart and normal mode functions and provides an ultra-silent experience along with the powerful built-in water pump. The anti-skid grips at the bottom of the fountain device assure safety. This pet water fountain can hold 2 liters of water. Filter replacement units sold separately. Take your pick between two color choices - white and blue.


Wrapping Up

Cats have picky habits in eating and grooming. They need adequate hydration for their body to get the required nourishment and increased life expectancy. Active cats also need electrolyte balance to replenish the calories burned from physical movement.

Keep track of your cat’s daily water-drinking capacity. Consult a veterinarian if you are unsure how much water your kitty should be drinking. You can get a fair idea of your cat’s water intake by monitoring your cat’s age, lifestyle habits, and dietary restrictions.


People Often Ask:

Cats drink plenty of water to quench their thirst and for playful activity. Since cats get drawn to moving water, they find it fresher than water served in a bowl. Cat Water Fountains are active water bowls that encourage the feline animal to drink water, stay hydrated and healthy.

Place a cat water fountain in a separate room away from the living and dining space. Put it in a quiet and less noisy place where cats can drink water to their contentment. Avoid keeping the water fountain near cat food bowls.

Preferably do it once a week. If you have over one cat, change the water every 3-4 days.

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