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Thanksgiving Dog Traveling Tips & Food Safety

Thanksgiving Dog Traveling Tips & Food Safety

Its that time of the year where the leaves are changing colors and thanksgiving is around the corner. Thanksgiving is a special holiday where you are surrounded by both family, friends and some amazing food. Whether it comes to traveling with your dog or what food your dog can and can’t eat this holiday by following these rules your dog will be kept safe this thanksgiving.

Food Safety

When it comes to thanksgiving overindulging can be unhealthy for both you and your dog. In fact, overindulging can be worse for your pets. Since these holiday favorites are high in sugars and fats it can potentially be poisonous for your dog. We know that you will get those puppy eyes when sitting at the table however you shouldn’t give your dog anything off the table. These types of fatty food can harm your pet along with onions, raisins and grapes which are poisonous for dogs. If you are looking to have you dog join in on the thanksgiving meal you can purchase thanksgiving dog treats that are made just for them. Keeping up with what your dog can’t have desserts, pies, chocolate and candy should all be avoided. While dogs can find all these sweets delicious the artificial sweeteners can be deadly when consumed by both dogs and cats. You should also never give your dog any yeast dough because it can cause dangerous bloating. When you are done with the meal make sure that they garbage is put in a safe place away from your dogs. They will find the scent of the uneaten thanksgiving dinner delectable and will try to get it. Make sure to secure your trashcans and bags before hand to make sure that you dog doesn’t try to eat them. If you believe that your dog has eaten something that they shouldn’t have, calling your veterinarian is often the first line of defense. If your vet isn’t available calling the ASPCA poison control hotline (888) 426-4435 should be done.

Traveling Safety

When traveling with your pet making sure that they are secure and safe during their travels is the upmost priority. If you will be traveling by airplane during the holidays having a dog carrier that is airline approved will save you time going through security. These carriers are meant to withstand the bumps and can fit underneath your seat. Before traveling on any airline, you will need a certificate of health when you are traveling over state lines and crossing international borders. This is to prevent any potential outbreaks of diseases that dogs may carry. When traveling with your dog you should have a carrier that is spacious enough for your dog to stand up, spin around and lie down comfortably. It should also be noted that you should never leave your dogs unattended when traveling. This means that you shouldn’t let them out of your sight by leaving them in a car, leaving them when using the bathroom or any other scenario where they aren’t visible. When traveling make sure that your dog is restrained in the car. This can be done with a carrier or dog harness than can protect them if you have the need to stop short or swerve suddenly. Carriers and harnesses also give your dog enough freedom to move around safety without causing dangerous distractions for the driver. This is also to protect them if you get into an accident.

Party Safety

If you are the one hosting a thanksgiving banquet or hosting a party its best to plan ahead to keep your dog safe during the experience, making it less stressful for the dog. If you dog is shy around large crowd or new visitors in the home this can cause your dog anxiety. If you know that your dog or cat is nervous when meeting new people placing them in another room or their crate is a way to keep your dog from being anxious around new guests. This can also prevent your guests from injuring your dog or vice versa since an anxious dog may bite if they feel threatened. Since there will be people coming and going its best to have a sign or let your guest know when they leave to make sure your dog doesn’t follow them outside. If you are planning on making decorations for your party avoid any decorations that can harm your dog. Candles, wood chips and pine cones can harm your dog’s intestinal tract if eaten. When placing decoration place them above where your dog can reach to avoid any trauma.

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