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Smart Pet Supplies You Didn't Know You Needed

Smart Pet Supplies You Didn't Know You Needed

As a pet parent, it's good news to leverage technology to make your life easy. Whether it's grooming your pet, training, or keeping them as comfy as possible, there's a smart pet product to meet your needs. Products like self-cleaning litters, smart cameras, heating pads leave you wondering why you never thought of them before.


woman sitting on sofa while holding food for dog


The following pet supplies help you achieve your pet goals while maintaining a busy lifestyle:


1. Pet Dryer


dog bath, use of dog dryer



Bathing your dog at home has a lot of benefits, including more bonding with your pet and saving money on groomers. However, if you opt to go the home washing route, the drying part is one more task you have to tackle. You don't want your dog unleashing the mighty shake that sends water everywhere. And while you can use a towel, it might not get all the moisture out, and you have a wet dog running around.

It's best to invest in a blow dryer meant for dogs rather than using your hairdryer. Unlike hair dryers, dog-specific blow dryers don't generate heat but rather shoot air at high speed to blast water from the coat. A pet dryer is meant for home use to give your canine a professional and perfect grooming experience.

Here are some benefits of investing pet-specific dryer:

  • Cleaner: A wet fur will immediately pick up dirt if you allow your dog to run and play while it's still wet. Your dog's hair will be cleaner after a blow-dry.
  • Better Appearance: Blow-drying will leave your pet's hair fluffy, straight, and clean. Pets look their best when their coat is "bone dry."
  • Less Stinky: Blow drying reduces wet dog smell while keeping your pup's skin healthy as prolonged dampness or matted fur could result in fungus or infections.


2. Heated Pet Blankets


pet blankets, red pet blanket


Most dog owners want to keep their pets cozy and warm during the cold season by getting them heating pads or heated beds. In addition, veterinarians advise pet owners to provide an extra layer of warmth through heating, clothes, and blankets. And while you may have a heated blanket at home to keep you warm when you get cold, it's best to buy a pet-specific heated blanket for dogs due to the differences in our body temperature. A human heated pad could be much too warm and make the canine afraid of the heat source. Pet heated blankets work on low voltage, heating up safely and providing subtle heat for a pet's needs making them safe for canines.

Here are some incredible benefits of a heating pad or blanket for your pet pal:

  • A heating pad can soothe your canines pains and aches, which can be worse during the cold season.
  • It may serve as a form of heat therapy for comfort, anxiety reduction, and relaxation for senior pets.
  • Heat blankets help senior dogs with mobility issues by improving their range of motion during and after exercise.


3. Electric Dog Brush


electric dog brush



You are probably aware of how time-consuming brushing your pup can be. However, regular grooming helps prevent tangles and matting. Besides, removing by hand ensures less hair ends up on your floors, clothes, and furniture. In addition, frequent brushing is an excellent bonding opportunity.

An electric dog brush features a motor drive to gently remove excess undercoats and get rid of dead skin cells and let the skin breathe better. Some electric pet brush like the PetLife 2-in-1 Electronic Pet Dryer and Pin Brush comes with an air-pocketed cushion that's gentle and easier on the hair follicles. The fur becomes silky and looks well-groomed while your furry friend feels comfortable in its coat.

An electronically powered pet brush can offer you these benefits:

  • You save time
  • Automatic stop mechanism makes the brush safe and straightforward to use
  • Effortless brushing


4. Laser Cat Toy


laser cat toy of pets



Keep your cat active and busy with a laser pointer. This laser diode emits a laser beam of visible light powered by its battery. Reports show that many cats enjoy chasing after red dots. A laser toy is a quirky toy that can stimulate and keep pets from getting bored. Its beam bounces randomly off your kitten, the wall, or the floor, mimicking a fast-moving prey.

Cats are predators and like to hunt everything that moves back and forth. So, this boredom beater appeals to the natural hunting instinct of cats. It not only encourages your cat to play but also stimulates physical and mental activities.

Benefits of a laser pointer include:

  • Challenges your cat to get moving as it tries to catch the light.
  • Great for indoor cats who don't get enough exercise.
  • Improves the bond between you and your kitty
  • It fulfills your cat's natural prey hunting instinct.
  • It stimulates the mental part of your cat and keeps the boredom away.


5. Remote Training Collar


remote trainig collar of pets like cats and dogs


When it comes to training dogs, there are no one size fits. And some pet parents have great success teaching their dogs using training collars. Training collars provide some stimulation. It could be a vibration, beeping noise, or static pulse that's designed to capture your dog's attention. Even when your pet is far away from you, a long-range training collar is helpful for off-leash training or sporting.

A remote training collar sends a wide range of electronic haptic signals communicated to the dog through radio transmission. This ability allows you to touch your dog at a distance without being physically tethered to it.

Contrary to some people's beliefs, not all remote collars are shock collars. Most of these devices available for purchase feature the vibration mode. This is gentle enough to be paired with a treat as a "good dog" signal. You can also use it to get the attention of hearing-impaired dogs. The non-vibration modes can serve as a gentle warning to your dog to teach "never do that again."

Here are some reasons to include a training collar in your smart pet supplies:

  • Teach basic commands such as Sit, Stay, and Come.
  • Train off-leash from up to 10,000 yards away.
  • Caution your dog from engaging in destructive habits such as chewing, pulling, and digging
  • Caution your dog from engaging in destructive habits such as chewing, pulling, and digging



There are tons of smart pet accessories that can help improve your furry friend's quality of life. With these products, your pet is well taken care of in different capacities such as grooming, movement, and interaction without breaking your schedule.

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