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Rainy Day Activities For Dogs 2019

Rainy Day Activities For Dogs 2019

Owning a dog during a rainy day usually means shutting yourself indoors while watching TV. This doesn’t need to be the case so here are some rainy day activities for your dog.

Walking Your Dog In The Rain

This is a challenge for most pet owners trying to get their dogs outside while it’s raining. With new pet gear and accessories that are coming out it hasn’t been easier to take your dog on a walk in the rain. If you own a short hair dog, we advise you to search for a dog raincoat. Since short hair dogs lack an undercoat it is easier for them to get wet and potentially sick. For my own dog we also needed a pair of dog shoes for the rain since she doesn’t like her feet getting wet. The last product we recommend is a dog umbrella this saved me time putting on a raincoat every time I took my dog on a walk.

If your dog absolutely hates the rain and won’t go outside here are a few places that you can walk indoors with your pup.

Going shopping where pets are allowed like a large pet store and some grocery stores allow pets as well. There are also various malls that allow pets which is a great way for your dog to get some exercise. Your dog can meet new people and have interesting adventures even on a rainy day. Make sure that your dog goes to the bathroom before bringing your pet into any store. If there is a parking garage or lot that is covered walk them around there first making sure your dog goes potty. If you are picking up the mess no one should mind.

Dog Training

Teaching Fido how to fetch, sit, and stay can all be indoor activities for dogs. Since you will be inside most of the day there isn’t a better time for you to train your dog than during a rainy day. We wrote an article on dog training tips for the first time dog owner which covers a vast array of dog training tips and tricks for every situation. When training a dog for the first time keep it short under 15 minutes at a time and end off on a good note. If done properly your dog will be rolling over in no time.

Playing With Your Dog

If training is too demanding there are plenty of options to play with your pup on a rainy day. Most dogs like tug of war so having a few chew toys will keep your dog busy all day. Playing hide and go seek with your dog, using a laser pointer to make them chase after it, and brain games where once they solve it they get a treat are all great ideas that will keep you and your dog busy all day. If you’re a more artsy person you can mix cornstarch, flour, water, and food coloring to make paint for your dog’s paws. Just get a large sheet of art paper and let them go wild.

Dog Daycare

If you can’t take your dog with you on a rainy day a dog daycare is just what they need. Most daycare facilities have an indoor area for your dog to play. Some more advance doggie daycare facilities have cameras where you can watch your dog play all day long. Since dogs can suffer from separation anxiety by having lack of social interactions a dog daycare facility can help alleviate that by giving your dog attention.

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