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New Puppy Supplies Checklist: 10 Must Have Puppy Products

Congratulations on getting your new puppy. Being a new dog parent is a wonderful feeling but without having everything you need for your new puppy you will be scrambling to get everything your need. Having a checklist of all the puppy products and supplies you will need will make having this wonderful new puppy and exhilarating experience. While having the checklist and going over it twice should be done before getting a puppy not everyone can do so. Here is our list of the best new puppy supplies checklist.

Dog Crates: While dog crates are a controversial topic, they are an essential tool when training your new puppy. This gives your dog their own place to call home when they are anxious or scared of their new surroundings. These crates are like the dens that their ancestors had when they needed to seclude themselves from others. Dog crates should have walls that they can’t dig through, but they should be able to see through the front gate and walls. These slits give your dog the ability to know who is coming and going in your home while letting you keep an eye on your puppy when they are inside their crate. Giving your dog too much room in their crates can cause them to have accidents, so when choosing a dog crate make sure its one that gives them enough room to stand, turn around and lie down comfortably. Anything larger can have your puppy to have accidents in their crate.

Dog Beds: Dog beds and Dog mats both provide the same function a comfortable place for your puppy to sleep. When looking for the best dog bed for your puppy you should have a bed that will mimic their sleeping patterns in the wild. Rounded dog beds will give your dog the comfort they are looking for while protecting their stomach. This gives your puppy the extra security when transitioning to their new home. After they learn your home is a safe and comfortable place, they will likely start to sprawl out making a rectangular dog bed better suited for them when they become more comfortable. If you are getting a new puppy during the wintertime having a heated dog bed can help keep them warm until they can regulate their heat naturally.

Dog Toys: Dog toys are an essential part of owning a dog. Dog toys are used for both social interactions and early development and coordination. With dog toys your dog will be more inclined to learn new dog tricks and non-destructive behaviors while having a great time. While dog toys are great for all ages there are certain types of toys that are great for both puppies and large dogs. Rope toys can be used by both small and large dogs. These along with plush dog toys can be used for your puppy and quality rope and plush dog toys can last until your dog hits adulthood.

Dog Collars & Leashes: Every dog will eventually need to walk outside. For the first 14-16 weeks of your dog’s life you won’t be able to take your newborn puppy outside. This is to prevent them from acquiring any diseases that can be a detriment to their health. Once they can walk outside you will need a collar and a leash to walk them with. Because of the hotly debated subject of which is better for your dog a collar or harness our stance is that you need all three collars, harnesses and leashes. Harnesses are a better alternative to collars for new dog owners when walking your dog while collars can show their id tags in case, they slip outside your home. Regardless if you choose a collar or harness a leash is mandatory since you can’t walk your dog outside your home without one. It is illegal in most states to walk your dog without a leash so having one for your new puppy is needed.

Dog Bowls: Your new puppy needs to eat and drink, so they need something to eat and drink out of. Dog food bowls and dog water bowls are both required to have when owning a dog. While some dog owners may use regular plastic bowls having a designated stainless-steel dog bowl or a ceramic dog bowl should be used. These are more durable than plastic while having a cleaner look to them. Having these types of bowls rather than the plastic alternative prevents your dog from chewing and breaking them.

Dog Food: Now that you have something to put the food in you will need their food. Dog food comes in a variety of different types from freeze-dried dog food to wet dog food picking the right food isn’t easy. While the tried and true kibble is the most common type of dog food it might not be the best option for your dog. If your dog has trouble or refuses to eat their kibble, try to mix it with wet dog food which makes it taste better and is easier for your dog to digest.  

Dog Stain Removers: Your new puppy will have an accident. Having the correct cleaning supplies for your new puppy should be used. Since puppies haven’t had the time to fully develop, they are more susceptible to toxins that can be found in standard cleaning supplies. Therefore, puppy stain removers should be used since they are puppy approved and will not harm your dog. These stain removers are also targeted to clean up after your dog while the other standard alternatives aren’t formulated to clean up dog urine and waste.

Dog Dental Care Products: Most dogs have some sign or periodontal disease by age 3. Making sure your dog’s teeth are clean is a necessity. Without proper brushing your dog can develop plaque and tartar along their gum line which can have a variety of health problems. This along with having dental dog treats can help prevent serious health risks. You should also make sure that you have a vet properly take care and clean your dog’s teeth as well keeping those chompers sparkling.

Dog Poop Bags: Your new puppy will let’s face it poop. Cleaning up after your dog is a multiple time a day occurrence and you will need to pick up after them. While you can use other alternative dog poop bags saves you time and effort since some of them are biodegradable and flushable. These bags outperform the competition by being environmentally safe while also making it more convenient and cheaper than the other alternatives.

Dog Potty Pads: In the beginning stages of your dog’s life they won’t be able to go outside. This is where dog potty pads should be used since they will need to use the potty inside the home. Dog potty pads will give your dog a spot to go to relieve themselves comfortably without the fear or being reprimanded. You can also use dog training aids to prevent your dog from using the potty in certain areas during their potty training.

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