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Is Turkey Bad For Dogs?

Is Turkey Bad For Dogs?

While you may be thinking can dogs eat turkey, it is generally okay to give your dog turkey in moderation. There are different types of turkey that you may come across during Thanksgiving. From cold cuts, ground turkey and turkey breast we go over our extensive list of what types of turkey you can feed your dog this holiday season.

Is Turkey Bad For Dogs?

Having plain turkey is good for your dog and it is a common ingredient used in dog food and dog treats. Turkey is a good replacement for chicken since it contains more protein per gram than chicken while also containing less fat as well. The best type of turkey to feed your dog is white meat since it is lower in fat than dark meat. This can help promote weight loss and weight maintenance for your dog and you as well. Once the meat has been processed the chemicals used to keep the turkey "edible" can upset your dog’s digestive system. Processed meats aren’t recommended as it can cause distress in their bowels. Turkey can be as dangerous as processed when adding oil, butter, seasonings and stuffing. This can hurt your dog’s digestive system as much as the processed alternative. The rule is if it is on the table don’t give it to your dog.

Which Types of Turkey Can You Feed Your Dog?

Unseasoned Turkey: When it comes to feeding your dog unseasoned turkey that is acceptable in moderation. While turkey is a great source of protein and it’s a lean fat, turkey can cause drowsiness since it is packed with the nutrient known as tryptophan. Tryptophan is used by the body to make serotonin which contributes to the onset of sleep. Unseasoned turkey is the only type of turkey we consider as safe for your dogs to eat.

Turkey Breast: Turkey breast is safe for your dog when unseasoned. Using seasonings and sauces like butter, oil and cranberry sauce can hurt your dog’s sensitive digestion. This can lead to an upset stomach and in some cases pain in their intestinal tract. Dogs can eat turkey breast if your dog doesn’t have any allergies to turkey, and you are feeding to them in moderation.

Seasoned Turkey: We do not recommend feeding your dog turkey that has been seasoned with sauces and spices. These can directly impact your dog’s health and some might be toxic for your dog’s health. Therefore, we advise when feeding your dog give them unseasoned turkey or use ingredients that won't effect their health.

Ground Turkey: Ground turkey can be healthy for dog’s diet. However, you will need to avoid the ground turkey that has preservatives. Make sure you cook the ground meat before you give it to your dog. Giving your dog raw ground turkey can put your dog at risk of bacterial contamination such as salmonella. Make sure not to put anything else in the ground turkey! While you may think adding onion is safe it isn’t. While it might taste good onions have compounds called disulfides and thiosulphates which can be toxic for dogs when ingested.

Processed Turkey: Like we mentioned before we do not recommend giving your dog any processed meats. The list includes meats that have been salted, cured, smoked, jerked and canned meats. The processing turkey it can add harmful chemicals into the meat. While there isn’t anything toxic added to cold cuts dogs shouldn’t eat deli meat because it contains high levels of salt and nitrates which can cause digestive and kidney problems in the future. Avoid giving your dog processed meats.

Turkey Bones: Since cooked bones can splinter and cause severe intestinal damage to your dog turkey bones from table scrapes should be avoided at all costs. Raw uncooked bones still pose potential risks and if done should only be consumed under supervision. It is better to err on the side of caution, so we do not recommend feeding your dog turkey bones.

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