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Is CBD Safe For Dogs

Is CBD Safe For Dogs

Is CBD safe for dogs?

Confused Dog

CBD is a new trend floating around for both humans and pets. CBD otherwise known as Cannabidiol oil is a substance that is found in cannabis. Unlike THC which can be a psychoactive stimulus CBD is purely for calming/pain relieving sensations without harmful chemicals since CBD is natural.

What Are The Benefits Of CBD?

Benefits Of CBD for Dog

We know that CBD is natural but what can it be used for? There are a variety of different uses for CBD from reducing anxiety, treat seizures & epilepsy, it can even boost appetite. These are just a few different things that CBD can do for you or your beloved pet. You can use CBD at anytime if your pet is having any of the previously mentioned issues. CBD is know for its calming effects so if you have an anxious dog CBD is perfect for anxiety.

Is CBD Regulated?

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There are a few concerns appearing since Dr. Oz & FOX 11 did a segment on CBD. The concerns that the current products that has been appearing on the market isn’t being regulated. Dr. Oz put a few different CBD companies to the test to see which tested for CBD or other chemicals. The results were shocking that some companies didn’t even have CBD to begin with and had high levels of ethanol. This is a huge concern which can decrease consumers purchasing confidence along with hurting companies that have good products.

view the full story here

What can you do?

Make sure you do some research on the different companies that have CBD available. Find a company and product that is reliable don’t just trust the reviews. If you are going to be purchasing CBD for your we recommend looking for a product specifically formulated for your pet. Buying CBD at your local grocery store and giving it to your pet shouldn’t be done.

Have any interesting news we are glad to hear it.

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